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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a survey form?

Start with a template on 123FormBuilder or create your survey from scratch. You can type in the survey questions you want to use, add your branding elements like color and logo, customize your reports, etc. Once you create an account, you can pick up a template or choose the blank option to start building your survey form.

How can I design my questionnaire?

All of our questionnaires on 123FormBuilder are carefully designed with our form designer. Still, we also provide various design options for you to use, even a CSS editor for complex needs.

What is a good questionnaire design?

A good design for a questionnaire varies from case to case. It’s best to test your questionnaire design by the number of drop-offs compared to the number of visitors your questionnaire has. At 123FormBuilder, you can use our Google Analytics integration to monitor your questionnaire’s traffic and gauge its performance. Tip: Pay close attention to your questionnaire’s bounce rate and average session duration. These metrics will tell you if the design of your questionnaire is good or bad.

What are the requirements needed in creating an online survey form?

Start by defining your scope. What you want to accomplish with the survey is essential. Only then can you focus on the requirements of your online survey form. The basics are the same. Your survey form needs a headline so your respondents know what the survey is about. Next, you need an introduction that works as an extension to the headline where you can thank your respondents for taking the survey and letting them know how long will it take them to answer all of your questions.

How many questions should I add to an online survey form?

It depends on the survey you are running, but usually, the survey should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to fill in. So, calculate that by the number of questions you have prepared for the study. If you have many questions that you need to use in your survey, consider creating a multi-page survey with one question per page. As long as your survey is interactive or engaging, you shouldn’t worry.

With our survey maker, you can separate your questions into multiple pages of your survey form using our page break element.

What makes a good online survey?

A good online survey is the one that does its job. But how can you know that? Well, if you’ve defined your target audience, you’ll have to calculate the significance of your survey results. If you’ve identified a trend, it means the survey is a success, and you can head on to the next step of your research.

How do you collect data from online surveys?

123FormBuilder is hosted on AWS with data centers across the US and Europe and runs 24/7, powering up your online surveys and collecting your survey responses all day long directly into your account. You can even integrate your survey forms with any favorite third-party platform you use, like Google Drive or Smartsheet. As you read in our security measures, all responses are encrypted and secure. GDPR & HIPAA-compliant surveys are available.

How long should I leave a survey open?

It depends on the number of responses you’ve received on your survey. If you’re calculating the significance of your survey responses, you should leave the survey open as long as there’s no significance. You can close your survey once you’ve reached a significance that doesn’t fluctuate to a high degree. However, there are cases with certain surveys when you want to leave a survey open for a fixed period, regardless of the significance. That usually happens with employee surveys when your employees need to complete the survey by a predefined date that you’ll use to organize the next team building or anything like that.

With 123FormBuilder, you can set up the availability of a survey and automatically close it on certain days of the week or on a specific date.