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Create a Secure Logistics Form Template with 123FormBuilder

If you own or work in a logistics company, you’ve probably dealt with a logistics request form or a transportation order sheet. Where fillable PDF documents and countless hours wasted on paper sheets fail, online forms prevail. Get the best out of your services with customizable online logistics forms that you can edit and share through 123FormBuilder.

How does it work? Search for a logistics form in our form templates, modify it in our free online form builder, and share it with your clients or within your company with a simple copy-and-paste effort. It’s that simple:

  • Choose a template on 123FormBuilder
  • Find the form template your logistics company needs
  • Duplicate the template in your 123FormBuilder account
  • Modify the template with your business information, shipping requirements, etc.
  • Generate the form’s shareable publish code or link
  • Share the form with others online and have them fill it in within minutes
  • Manage and track logistics requests in a secure data table

You can also create your logistics form from scratch using our visual editor.

And because we take security seriously, none of the information your customers provide in your request forms will ever end up in the wrong hands. So, sign up into 123FormBuilder and create your logistics forms now!

What are the Benefits of Using the 123FormBuilder Tool?

123FormBuilder is a user-friendly form maker users from logistics companies worldwide use to create forms and surveys that help process delivery and transport operations.

Here are some of the perks that 123FormBuilder provides:

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface to modify your form as you see fit
  • Complete customer service for free and paid users
  • 30+ fields type including name, email, phone, radio buttons, and Google maps
  • Customizable form design options
  • Payment gateway processors
  • Electronic signatures
  • Access to reports and client requests
  • File uploads
  • Geolocation identification by IP within Google maps & Address fields
  • Third-party app connections
  • In-form calculations
  • Payment summaries
  • Multiple device support on desktop and mobile

To learn more about 123FormBuilder’s powers, see our Features Matrix.

How do I Create a Logistics Form Template?

You can either create a logistics form from scratch or modify one of 123FormBuilder’s logistics forms examples to your liking. No technical knowledge is necessary. Just search for the form you need in our list of available logistics forms, click the “Use this template” button, and you can edit it within our drag-and-drop form builder.

How Can I Customize my Form Template?

You can customize a 123FormBuilder’s logistics form template in any way you need from the design to its functionality. Customization options include:

  • Branding & logo
  • Font-family and character encoding
  • Label placement
  • Text direction (left-right or right-left)
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript
  • Field logic & branching
  • Multilingual translations
  • Image choices
  • Custom thank you messages
  • Multiple email recipients (with rules)

Simply use the “Use this template” button under the template you like on 123FormBuilder, and you’ll be able to modify it within the form builder. If you don’t yet have an account, create one for free!

Who Needs a Logistics Form Template?

Companies that handle logistics like the shipment of goods need logistics forms to ensure the quality of their services. For example, big shipping companies use forms to receive transportation requests from businesses that send sold goods to their clients.

If you’re dealing with shipping contracts, our logistics form templates can help you collect the right amount of data from the office or on the field. All you need is an Internet connection on your phone or tablet before filling in the form.

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

Connect either of 123FormBuilder’s logistics forms with your preferred tool using the available third-party apps in our form builder or Zapier.

salesforce forms integration google sheets integration getresponse integration campaignmonitor integration

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Logistics Forms – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a logistics form?

A logistics form is a document that collects information about shipments and delivery requests. The client fills in the form with details about the shipping items and the logistics operator uses the information to arrange and execute the delivery.

What forms are used in logistics?

There are a variety of forms that logistics companies use to optimize workflows and delivery operations. The most commonly used are:

  • Logistics request form
  • Delivery confirmation form
  • Equipment inventory form
  • Transport feedback form
  • Transportation request form
  • Goods declaration form
  • International shipping form
  • Shipping request form