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Find online solutions for data collection and processing. 123FormBuilder is a solution for you whether you require a large capacity, robust security, or complex form workflow. Increase productivity in all areas of your business with our adaptable, extensive, all-in-one web form solution and automate your work processes.

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Easy Data Management

Data automation tools make it easy for you to reimagine cumbersome work processes and optimize them using a custom web form builder like 123FormBuilder with no coding knowledge to increase productivity.


123FormBuilder helps you digitize the information collected through forms, automate workflows, and optimize work processes, no matter your industry.

Business Needs

Increase productivity, eliminate data entry, and optimize your document creation and workflow management with 123FormBuilder as easily as 1-2-3!


Are you an HR manager working on streamlining hires or a marketer aiming to improve lead generation? Our web form solution can aid you in collecting and managing data quickly.

Web Form Solution for Every Industry


Digitize healthcare workflows with online forms meant for healthcare. Use HIPAA-compliant forms with features like eSignature to cover patient onboarding and checkout, screening, appointments, or consent. Focus on securely collecting and managing healthcare information with 123FormBuilder, your HIPAA-compliant web form solution.

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Medical Form Template


Automate student and staff communication, simplify internal processes, improve student enrollment rates, and streamline work across departments. Our solution lets you take care of administrative work and student communication digitally and securely, allowing you to enroll students, schedule and run online classes, or approve requests and scholarships.

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Education Form Template


Run events, recruit volunteers, accept donations, and collect data online using well-defined automated workflows. Raise awareness for your cause using a digital tool that integrates with thousands of apps, such as Hubspot, PayPal, Salesforce, or Zapier, and raise money for your nonprofit from the comfort of your online form.

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Non Profit Form Template


Create custom forms that fit your specific needs and seamlessly integrate them into your workflow. Collect eSignatures, financial data, and populate documents with info easily with a secure form solution. Whether you need to sign contracts, gather customer information, or process payments, 123FormBuilder streamlines the process and ensures that all data is collected securely and accurately.

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Financial Form Template


Create paperless government operations to help you stay organized, be more productive, and better serve your citizens. Use online forms to collect citizen data and eSignatures and store them in secure databases by connecting with a third-party app like Salesforce. Use GDPR and HIPAA-compliant forms to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your citizens.

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Government Form Template


Simplify supply chain management with our forms for quality control, inventory tracking, and communication with partners, suppliers, and distributors. Keep production lines in top shape with 123FormBuilder’s digital data collection capabilities. To enhance manufacturing operations and keep your production flow efficient, gather, track, and analyze real-time data.

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Manufacturing Form Template

Web Form Solution for Your Every Need

Calculation Forms

Take the guesswork out of your financial, planning, or investment decisions. Our intuitive forms with built-in calculations are your secret weapon, whether you’re budgeting, saving, or investing.

Easily compute budgets, savings, payments, investments, and more. Use this 123FormBuilder key feature with data-driven insights to get accurate calculations in seconds.

Discover Forms with Calculations

Email Notifications

Are you tired of missing critical updates, leads, or opportunities? Our forms with email notifications are your solution. Experience efficiency and optimize lead capture efforts. 

Set up notifications for every need, personalize email messages with rules, and receive real-time notifications straight into your inbox with our secure web form solution.

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Forms with Conditional Logic

Unlock next-level engagement with our web form solution with conditional logic. Set up personalized experiences for users, showing them relevant questions based on responses. 

Guide users through complex forms, collect more data by asking the right questions and maximize form submission rates with tailored interactions.

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Forms with Online Payments

Make transactions seamless and hassle-free with 123FormBuilder web forms with integrated payment options to simplify your payment process.

Experience the convenience of an easy checkout system, secure transactions with your favorite payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.), and get instant confirmation.

Discover Online Payment Forms

Forms with Product Field

Design secure web forms with product fields that allow users to pick and pay for goods and services without leaving the form, optimizing the purchasing process and increasing sales.

Customize your forms, streamline the buying process, simplify order management, and integrate your secure web forms with payment processes to simplify purchases.

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Online Form Analytics

Are you interested in knowing more about your web form performance? 123FormBuilder’s form analysis solution allows you to check your form’s performance.

Compare form performances, identify trends and patterns, make tweaks to improve form response, and download form statistics from our form builder solution.

Discover Form Insights

Integration with your digital tools

Effortlessly link your online forms to 80+ popular platforms, enhancing your workflow and data management.

Whether it’s integrating with email marketing services, CRM systems, or project management tools, our intuitive setup ensures a hassle-free experience.

Elevate your form’s functionality and gather valuable data efficiently by harnessing the power of 123FormBuilder’s extensive third-party tool integrations.

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Web Form Solutions for Every Role

Salesforce Admins

Digitize work processes, collect information automatically, and manage databases with powerful Salesforce and web form automation tools.


Improve lead capture efforts, close more deals, and create seamless workflows that simplify and streamline team collaboration.


Automate recruitment and onboarding processes and intuitively streamline performance reviews and other HR workflows.


Work on creating streamlined processes that simplify your company’s tracking and productivity workflows.


Collect, track, and process organizational information with online form solutions for secure and trustworthy results.


Organize your client portfolio and database, stay connected with your audience, and build client relationship profiles.


Streamline every aspect of your business with the right form or form template, automating many internal processes.

Meeting Industry Standards


Built-In Security

Protect your form data with modern and secure measures, such as 256-bit SSL encryption, data and form encryption, retention, backup and recovery options, antispam protection, and authentication security measures.



123FormBuilder is HIPAA-compliant. Safely collect, store, and transmit healthcare-related information adhering to the strict data protection standards mandated by HIPAA.



Our GDPR-compliant forms ensure all technical and organizational security measures are implemented to guarantee the privacy, safety, and integrity of collected and processed data.


Advanced Security Protocol

Our forms hosted on AWS have additional security protocols in place to ensure data confidentiality, including SSO, setting up custom roles and permissions, audit trail, security audits, SLA, and email authentication protocols (SPF and DKIM).

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