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HR Workflow Automation for Internal Use

Internal use

Processes ranging from onboarding new employees performance management and enablement can be automated and streamlined, saving valuable time and resources.

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HR Workflow Automation for External Use


Automate recruitment process and simplify large volumes of application data. Include multiple step applications for a faster and more streamlined recruitment process.

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HR Workflow Automation - employee onboarding


  • Onboarding employeesAutomate the onboarding process so that all the involved managers, peers and department heads are informed of the new hire. IT Equipment, Access Cards, Training Sessions and Financials are automatically set up and ordered ensuring both flexibility and effectiveness.

  • Leave RequestsRequesting Holidays and other types of leave requests becomes as easy as booking a flight. All involved peers and managers are automatically notified and approvals are handled by a one click process.

  • Training and DevelopmentStreamlining Registration processes ensures participants’ transparency over all development opportunities within the company. Adding a survey or a test at the end of all sessions guarantees that the quality of the trainings stays high and the trainees involved.

  • Performance ManagementTracking and reporting on team efforts can be as simple as filling out a digital form. Create 360-degree employee reviews and get a full picture of how to best manage your team.


  • RecruitingSimplify the handling of large volumes of applicants, manage application validation and automate internal notifications for a fast and efficient recruitment process.

  • SourcingIdentify, assess and engage large numbers of potential candidates by creating automated sourcing forms. Share or embed application forms on all your online outlets and social media channels for better results.

  • Candidate EvaluationCreate multi-step application processes to better evaluate candidates. Implement a quiz and even request uploads of relevant samples directly within application forms.

HR Workflow Automation - online recruitment forms

“We increased our team by 200 volunteers and the only way we were able to review 500+ applications per day was by automating the entire recruitment process.”

HR Manager, British NPO

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Use Case - Streamlining The Recruitment Process

A British NPO that focuses on education for people with special educational needs and disabilities increases their team by 200 additional professionals. Handling such a large number of applications, interviews, and potential candidates is streamlined through an automated online process.

Case Study Government D.C. Fire Department

Learn how employees at the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department digitized workflows, generated reports and made data more accessible with forms.