Human Resources Automation

HR online forms that make it easy to manage everything your team needs

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What is HR automation and why do I need it?

Whether you’re looking to manage holiday requests, kickoff employee assessments, conduct 360 degree feedback, or just collect data from your team, you’re going to need forms. They’re the best way to collect data and information with ease.

No more anecdotal myths from the guy in finance, or a bunch of rumors you heard at the water cooler. And isn’t it time to say goodbye to applications spread over huge email threads, because let’s face it: you’re not a robot and you don’t have time to read through that much 😞

HR Forms from 123 Form Builder are easy to set up, secure, and put your data exactly where you want it.

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Efficient, transparent and automated HR management tools

Whether you’re managing your collections of veterans, newbies, managers, employees, interns, and the C-suite or looking to add to the team as a recruiter, 123 Form Builder’s forms make managing every process easy. From setting up a form in seconds to collecting the data right where you want it in your existing tool, get ready for a new, easier life where every employee interaction runs smoothly. We’ve got a form for that! (Well, actually, we have all the online forms you need for that.)

Build HR forms in minutes

Whatever you’re setting up your HR form for, building it in 123 Form Builder is super easy. Well, we say that wouldn’t we? To prove just how easy it is, here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your HR form. It’s really as easy as 1-2-3.

Sing up

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Choose from one of our 1900+ templates, or start from scratch

Customize & Publish

Select your fields, add your text,
publish your form

Internal use

Need to collect requests for vacation? About to start the annual performance review cycle? Got some new positions open to internal applicants? Looking to gather suggestions from your employees? Then you need a form, you may even need more than one form, but with 123 Form Builder that’s not an issue because creating a form here takes two minutes (three at most if you want to make them fancy, we promise)

External use

Collecting job applications? Need an easy way to collect resumes? Chasing hiring managers to leave feedback? Need to build an employee termination checklist? You’re going to find all of this much easier if you have the right form.

External form templates

Templates help you get started quickly because everything is already built and you just need to tweak your options. Luckily for you, we’ve got a whole collection of templates built for external HR use cases:

Internal & External Benefits

Whether you’re making a form for an external or internal reason, 123 Form Builder brings all HR Professionals key benefits that will make your whole life easier.

All the Features that Make Great HR Forms

We’re not just any form builder, but the form builder that will provide you with literally every single feature you’re looking for:

  • Conditional logic rules to make your HR surveys and quizzes easy to navigate by respondents
  • Email notification system to make sure your respondents are up to date on everything
  • User-friendly design customization options to match your forms with your company’s employer brand and values

Everything you need to build forms that make everyone’s lives easier, smoother, and more efficient.

Your HR data where you need it

No one wants data spread all over the place. It’s annoying to have to check your email, messages, spreadsheets, just for the details on one employee’s answer to a survey. Why can’t it all just be in ONE PLACE? Relax, it can, thanks to 123 Form Builder. How?

Well, 123 connects to more than 80 of your favorite tools including Google Docs, Dropbox, and even Salesforce.

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Build HR reports that people will actually read

Every good report needs a good amount of information, and with 123 Form Builder, all your data from your employee surveys, 360 reviews, and feedback requests is at your fingertips in one single, beautiful, easy-to-use dashboard.

Sort your answers and extract the key information you need in seconds. And you can export all of it into a CSV or PDF for easy distribution.

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“123 Form Builder helped us add
200 volunteers to our team.”

We managed to hire 80 firefighters and paramedics thanks to 123 Form Builder. It was an easy task due to the user-friendly interface.

Jyoti Agrawal
Project Manager at D.C. Fire Department
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