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Simplify your business processes with e-forms that capture, validate and format the information you need automatically. Use the 123FormBuilder electronic forms software to build any type of form in the cloud for free and share it online. Collect as many submissions as you need.

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Convert paper forms to e-forms

Paper documents are a big part of any business when it comes to input, distribute and process data. The problem that comes when using paper forms is the amount of time it takes to process them, and let’s not mention the printing costs. Because what matters is not the process itself, but the data you are collecting.

That’s where technology comes in handy with a nifty solution – electronic forms. Leave the processing to machines!

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Electronic forms: Smarter forms

Electronic forms are easy to handle and capture the data you need much faster than having to look through mounds of paper.

The e-form is the computer programmed version of your day-to-day paper form, but much smarter. And that’s because once the electronic form has been filled in, it’s not up to you to check the information and point out errors. No! The e-form does it by itself in the way it was taught by its creator.

E-forms might seem hard and scary to build, but with today’s technology, it’s easier than you think. You can build your very own e-form without the need for any programming know-how. Working hours, just to have the form work, is silly. Time is of the essence when you have to get your paperwork going the right away.

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Simplify your workflows with e-forms

Electronic forms can be used to automate a variety of workflows in your company. To name just a few, here’s how your departments can benefit from using these forms:


In Accounting, you can process purchase orders, mileage reimbursements, and expenditure requests.


In Human Resources, you can process holiday leave requests, job applications, incident reporting, and employee evaluations.


In Customer Service, you can receive customer inquiries and gauge customer satisfaction.


In Marketing, you can run online surveys, generate leads, and automate your event registration process.

And there’s more you can do with electronic forms that will get your business on the right track with minimum costs

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Leverage results and secure your e-form data

  • Reduced risk of data lossCapturing data on a paper document is a sensitive deal when it comes to private information. You don’t want the paper lying around someone who shouldn’t have access to that kind of info. And if it’s not about that, what happens if the document gets lost? If you didn’t stash a copy in another drawer, you’re done for. E-forms can prevent all the above-mentioned cases. And with 123FormBuilder, you will learn that we take data collection seriously by providing the smartest way of building electronic digital forms for your business.
  • The perks of getting started with 123FormBuilder:
  • You can create electronic forms for free without using code
  • You can set up the format of the data you are collecting
  • You can set up required fields, so your customers or employees will not be able to submit the form unless they provide the required info
  • You can add electronic signatures to the form
  • You can upload documents and other files on the e-form (e.g. resumes, photos)
  • You can add conditional logic that displays certain fields on the form based on the user’s action
  • You can trigger confirmation messages on submit
  • You can collect fees for online purchases
  • You can store your data in a secure repository and build backups

And that’s not all you can do with our electronic forms software

More than 700,000 businesses worldwide can confirm it. So stop wasting time processing documents on paper and convert your paper forms to smart e-forms with 123FormBuilder. Reduce your costs and save some trees. Are you ready?

Ready to use e-form templates

Electronic forms come in different shades, that’s why we provide a large chunk of them in our form templates gallery. So you don’t have to start from scratch.

Contact Form

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Contact e-Form

Add this contact form template to your website and get messages sent directly to your inbox. Modify this contact form template easily, no programming skills needed.

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Sales Lead Form

Use this template

Sales Lead e-Form

Use the sales lead form to generate leads and prospects for your business. Modify this lead form template with ease and publish it on your website.

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Support Request Form

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Support Request e-Form

Simplify the communication between your customers and your support team by sharing this support request form on your website.

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