Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit this form?

This type of web form is typically used in B2B commercial transactions for goods or services. We designed our purchase order template with small businesses in mind, as they rely on cost-effective purchase order processing solutions. No coding needed in order to set up and have the form working for you. You can add your brand identity to the layout, take advantage of conditional logic, add the items you sell, and connect with various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and many more. Keep your buyers in the loop by enabling email alerts so that they are notified of every step of the ordering and delivering process. Learn more about our online order forms and how 123 Form Builder can help you streamline orders.

How can I publish this purchase order form?

Just copy the Javascript code of the form and paste it on your online store – this way future edits to the form will apply automatically and you won’t need to publish it again. There are other publishing options available on 123 Form Builder.

What happens with the registered orders?

All orders are stored in a private repository that you can access at any time. Having an online purchase order form helps you keep detailed records of purchases and collect payments in an effortless way. Our product is evidently equipped with everything it takes to protect user information at the strictest security standards. Our order forms are as mobile as you and your users are and they fit any device. Furthermore, generating sales reports and exporting them to PDF files can be done in no time.