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With 123 Form Builder you can collect data safely, with secure forms, without taking any risks.

Say hello to a secure and compliant digital transformation

Full security feature set:

  • HIPPA Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certifications, which vouch for our quality and security management systems at all times.
  • Backup & Data Recovery 30 Day Guarantee
  • Secure SSL Connection
  • Virus & Malware Protection
  • Password Protection Forms
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • SQL Injection & Cross-Site Scripting protection
  • Spam protection

What is a secure form anyway?

What is a secure form

What is a secure form anyway?

Secure forms use SSL, Captcha, or other encryption technology to encrypt data from end to end.

So, how do I make a secure online form with 123 Form Builder?

how to make a secure form

So, how do I make a secure online form with 123 Form Builder?

123 Form Builder makes it easy to build beautiful and secure online forms:

  • Drag-and-drop the fields you need, like Name, Email, File Upload and Message.
  • Dive intro the Security section and enable the protection measure that works for your form.
  • Publish your form and collect data securely.

Is my data in danger?

data threats

Is my data in danger?

There are various security threats out there, such as data collected over insecure connections, non-compliance with security regulations, and improper access.

But with 123 Form Builder, you get encryption, virus, malware, and spam protection – even when uploading files through your form.

How can I be sure my form is secure?

secure forms

How can I be sure my form is secure?

123 Form Builder allows you to enable a number of secure form features, including:

  • SSL encryption (‘https’ URLs)
  • CAPTCHA authentication (Smart Captcha or reCaptcha)
  • Limiting the number of submissions you accept from the same URL
  • Restricting the types of file extensions you accept for upload
  • Form submission encryption

Connect forms to your favorite tools

Connect forms to your favorite tools

Connect forms to your favorite tools

No more exporting and importing data! With 123 Form Builder, you’ll be able to connect your forms with your favorite platforms and streamline your data securely.

From adding contacts to your Mailchimp list to getting paid via PayPal and nurturing your prospects in Salesforce, 123 Form Builder has got you covered.

Rely on bank-level data security

Rely on bank-level data security

Rely on bank-level data security

Your data is protected by up to 256-bit SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). This means your information is encrypted and protected using the same industry-leading technology that banks use!

This type of protection will display each form as a https:// address, reducing the risk of phishing, hacking, and skimming, and ensuring your users that their data is transferred and stored in a secure format no one else can read.

Does 123 Form Builder have security certifications?

123 Form Builder takes data collection and form security very seriously. Here are some of the security certifications included with our product:

Our data centers 

123 Form Builder is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and stores everything in data centers across the US and the EU on a 256-bit SSL connection. All servers are scanned on a daily basis by AWS and McAfee Security, preventing any kind of security threat.

GDPR-Friendly secure forms

We don’t only ensure the protection of the personal data flowing through our forms. We also decided to make your life easier when it comes to GDPR adherence: upon request, we can store your form data on EU servers exclusively.

HIPAA certified

If you’re a healthcare professional in the US, you know that working with PHI data can be tricky. With 123 Form Builder, you can build HIPAA-compliant forms, secure medical workflows and collect PHI safely. Always.

Backup & data recovery

Your data is never going to waste. 123 Form Builder offers Backup & Data Recovery 30 Day Guarantee. Even if you delete it by accident, we can recover it for you within 30 days. We can even transfer forms from one account to another.

Beyond keeping sensitive information safe

Data collection is also about where your surveys end up in your customer’s inbox. Or who fills out your forms. Bots or humans? 123 Form Builder uses authentication that prevents fake bot submissions and limits submissions from the same URL.

So, is 123 Form Builder secure?
How good is it?

Where are your servers located? 

123 Form Builder is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) aWe host our data on AWS (Amazon Web Services). This means that, upon request, we can ensure your data is stored exclusively in the European Union (for GDPR purposes). Furthermore, customers can also opt for single tenants in any location where AWS provides servers.

Are you really HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, we are. Not only are our systems HIPAA-compliant, but every single new employee joining the company is required to sit a HIPAA-compliance assessment test to ensure we are all aligned in terms of medical data security.

What is the ISO 27001 certification?

123 Form Builder holds ISO 27001 certification. This is issued by the International Organization for Standardization – yes it’s real, and yes it’s based in Switzerland. The certification means that our company meets all the necessary requirements to be considered as having a management system that brings information security under management control.

How about the ISO 9001 certification, what’s that?

Our ISO 9001 certification attests to our quality control processes.

Can you ensure a secure SSL connection?

Yes. Our form builder can ensure a secure 256-bit SSL connection (which will display each form as a https:// address, ensuring your users that all the bits of data they submit via our forms are handled securely).

Do you offer virus and malware protection?

Yes, we do offer virus and malware protection, even for forms that include file attachments.

How about backup and data recovery? How is that handled?

All your form data is securely stored and backed up. Likewise, all your form data can be recovered as well (even if it is deleted, within 30 days from the moment this happened).

Can I add country filters to my forms?

Yes, absolutely. If you only want to receive form submissions from certain countries, you can definitely choose to do this.

Can I include CAPTCHA in my forms in 123 Form Builder?

Yes, you can prevent bot submissions by including a CAPTCHA (either Smart Captcha or Re-Captcha) field to your forms.

Can I limit submissions for an IP address?

Yes, of course. We understand you want to prevent spammy submissions, so you can set your form to only receive a certain number of submissions from a certain IP address.

Can I enable or disable form activity whenever I want?

Yes, you can disable form activity. Whenever you want, without any kind of hassle.

Do you offer Service Level Agreements?

We offer different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to our enterprise customers, all of which can be extensively (or quickly) discussed with our Sales Team when you sign up for an enterprise account.

Is Single Sign-On (SSO) an option?

Yes, you can protect who logs into your 123 Form Builder account using a SSO option through Microsoft Azure or Google.

Are you protected against SQL injection & cross-site scripting?

Absolutely! We are protected against SQL injection and cross-site scripting through AWS WAS. Every year, a security company runs a penetration test to make sure we’re secure from this point of view as well.

How do employees access the company systems?

All of our employees have to use our VPN when signing into work. As such, all of the company systems and data they handle are thoroughly protected against potential leaks.

Avoid a data breach. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Avoid a data breach.

Avoid a data breach. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The cost of a data breach hit record highs during the pandemic. In fact, data breaches alone cost companies $4.24 million per incident on average – the highest in 17 years. You can read more about it here, but if you’re already keen to avoid it happening to you, 123 Form Builder can help.

123 Form Builder is a secure solution for all your data collection needs. Like double padlock, deadbolt, weighted box at the bottom of the ocean secure. You can sleep tight (or loose) knowing your company data and your users’ data is carefully collected, stored, handled, and transported.

We make sure data privacy is at the core of our business model. Do you?

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