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Are you selling products and services online? Create an online order form with payment integration to receive orders and collect money, as easy as 1-2-3.

With 123FormBuilder, you can easily create online order forms, sell products and services, give discount coupons, collect taxes and fees, and do all of it securely. 123FormBuilder integrates with payment processors such as PayPal, Square, Stripe, and many others. Build a smooth and engaging experience for your customers!

t shirt order form template
create an order form

How to make an online order form?

create an order form

Online order forms are the easiest and most efficient way to collect orders and online payments from your clients.

With the 123FormBuilder online order form creator, you can set up your order form quickly, with no coding skills, in three easy steps:

build order form
build order form

Easily build order forms by choosing an order form template or by starting from scratch. Specify the products and services you sell, add images, and assign one-time or recurring prices

customize order form
customize order form

Integrate your order form with one or more payment processors. Set up email notifications and confirmation messages. Protect your form through various security features.

generate order form code
generate order form code

Go live! Publish the order form on your website or share the direct form link with your customers. Start receiving orders and collecting credit card online payments instantly!

Custom Order Forms as Easy as 1-2-3!

drag and drop order form builder

Order forms with advanced customization

123FormBuilder provides highly flexible building and customization options. In terms of form fields, you can ask for any type of information from your customers: identification data, contact details, product selection, payment preferences, shipping address.

In terms of styling and design, you can fully customize your order form with your own brand specifications, from your logo to your colors and fonts, with our real-time form designer. You can also use your own custom CSS if needed.

Explore many other customization options, from taking one-time payments or selling subscriptions with recurring payments, to setting up your order form in multiple languages.

drag and drop order form builder
person completing an order form on mobile
person completing an order form on mobile

A beautiful and secure customer experience

Your customers will enjoy browsing your catalog of products or services, viewing details about them (with photos, where applicable), selecting their favorites and proceeding to check-out.

Forms are responsive and work well on any browser and device.

When it comes to secure forms, your order form and your clients are protected in various ways. Anti-spam verification ensures that only real clients make orders. SSL encryption in transit and data encryption at rest guarantee the integrity of your data. All forms are GDPR-ready.

conditional logic interface for online order forms

Smart order forms that self-customize

Conditional logic can be set up in order to provide a straightforward end-to-end purchasing experience. Form branching allows you to show or hide fields based on previous answers. This way, only the relevant information is requested. For example, you can ask for a delivery address only when it differs from the billing one.

The post-order behavior can also be customized. Redirect to a specific thank-you page or send a tailored confirmation message depending on the products that were ordered.

conditional logic interface for online order forms

Order forms with payment integration

123FormBuilder integrates with many payment gateways. You can use any of the following processors when you create your online order forms.

order forms with multiple payment methods

Activate any of these providers with just a few clicks. You can enable multiple processors for each order form, giving your customers more flexibility! In case you want to take payments offline, that is also an option. As a side note, if you do not need to take any payments online, you can create a free online order form.

123FormBuilder connects not only to the most popular payment gateways, but also to other tools, such as MailChimp, Google Workspace, Wix, Salesforce, Hubspot. Check out our App Gallery.

order forms with multiple payment methods
collection of order form templates

Start from scratch or pick one of our many online order form templates:

collection of order form templates
secure order forms

Secure order forms

secure order forms

We take data security very seriously and ensure it in various ways. To mention some of them:

  • We use Amazon Web Services for data storage, which is one of the most reputable solutions today.
  • Data is protected through SSL encryption in transit and data encryption at rest.
  • The way collected data is handled complies with GDPR regulations.
  • We provide data residency options and you can choose between having data stored in the EU or in the US.
  • Anti-spam features are available, such as reCAPTACHA, filtering by location or IP limitation.

Create secure order forms and start receiving credit card payments with confidence and peace of mind.

123FormBuilder customers have received more than 200 million form submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the 123FormBuilder order form maker? Find some of the answers below.

What is an order form?

An order form is a form used to request merchandise or a service from a vendor, be it a manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler. The buyer (customer) fills in the form with the needed information and sends it to the vendor before paying. With 123FormBuilder, you can build online order forms that simplify the payments process.

What is a customer order form?

A customer order form is a form filled by customers that require merchandise or a particular service from the vendor. The customer order form is usually prepaid, depending on how the vendor does business. The customers can opt to pay an advance, pay in advance, or only at the end of the transaction, once the merchandise or service has been obtained.

How can I make an order form?

Sign up for 123FormBuilder to get started. Next, create a new form and select the order form sample from the list of available samples. You can even build it from the ground up if you don’t want to use the sample. Afterward, use the left-panel within the form editor to add fields and the form layout to adjust the form. Finally, complete the remaining order form settings, where needed, and copy the embed order form code to paste it into the source code of your web page. 123FormBuilder provides multiple publishing options to choose from.

What does “customizing” a simple order form template mean, more exactly?

Customizing an order form template means you can add or remove fields (like Name, Delivery Address, Phone Number, Dropdown fields, Discount codes, and so on), you can add conditional logic to them, create an email notification workflow (so that your shoppers are informed about their order, for example), and choose from a range of payment processors.

All of this with just a few clicks, in minutes. Or seconds if you’re a really quick clicker.

How can I export orders in Google sheets?

With 123FormBuilder, you can create order forms and use the built-in Google Drive integration to send all of your orders in a spreadsheet from your Google account. Just enable the integration and provide your credentials in the app. All incoming orders will be sent to the same spreadsheet from where you can do as you please.

Can I export my orders in Excel?

Yes, in 123FormBuilder, you’ll find options to export your entire orders list in PDF, CSV, and even Excel. Just access the Submissions section of your order form within the platform and use the export to Excel option.

Can I add PayPal to my order form?

Yes, 123FormBuilder provides multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, Authorize.Net, Square, and Stripe. You can add multiple payment gateways to the same order form and have your customers select the desired payment method. Learn about our PayPal forms for more information.

What should an order form include?

What to include in your order form depends a lot on your business model and needs. However, some of the most common elements to consider include the following: 

  • Name, email, delivery address, and phone number (buyers’ contact information) 
  • Payment options 
  • Product catalog (which is where you can use conditional formatting for fields) 

As a general rule, you should make sure that ordering products or services from your website is as easy as possible. Customers don’t like to fuss about this too much — they have made their decision and they want to give you their money. You should definitely make it super-easy for them to do that, and our order form builder can make that happen.

Can I collect payments for free?

Yes, you can try our order form maker for free, but keep in mind that the free account is limited. You can still use a custom order form template to gather information and payments, but it will be limited in terms of how many payments you can collect in a given amount of time. To get more submissions, you can subscribe to one of the plans on our Pricing page. For more details, check out our Terms of Service.