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Feed data into any Salesforce object

Build forms that can automatically create or update records in Salesforce. Whether it’s a lead, contact, case, or opportunity, you can map the data you collect with 123FormBuilder to any object (standard or custom), regardless of data hierarchy or structure in Salesforce. Moreover, the 123FormBuilder Salesforce integration sends data both ways, meaning the user can move form data to Salesforce and bring data from Salesforce to online forms.

Image showing Salesforce field mapping

Object Mapping & Dynamic Prefill

Make your Salesforce forms unique to your customers with 123FormBuilder’s dynamic prefillfunction. The dynamic prefill feature lets you retrieve Salesforce data with an object lookup and automatically prefill the forms. You can quickly access accurate data as one form can communicate simultaneously with several records. To increase the Salesforce dynamic form completion rate, use the multiple prefill options: URL and real-time prefill triggered by user input.

Image showing Salesforce lookup

Intuitive Forms with Excellent Support

Build online forms and integrate them with Salesforce without any coding, just drag & drop. Start from scratch, or skip the hassle and use a template. We have +3,000 ready-to-use form templates for an extensive array of use cases waiting to be put to work. What’s more, you can generate custom PDFs and turn on notifications. Our dedicated support team will help set you up and continuously show you the best ways to use the platform.

Image showing an Event Registration Form template with different customization options

Optimize User Experience

Use form branching to show relevant questions based on users’ input and trigger specific actions. This robust functionality ensures a tailored experience for respondents, guiding them through a structured form-filling process. Conditional logic refines the user experience and ensures that the data channeled into Salesforce accurately aligns with specific criteria, enabling more informed and strategic decision-making within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Image showing 123FormBuilder conditional logic settings

Streamline Digital Document Signing

Enable users to sign documents directly within the digital online form. With the E-signature capability, businesses leveraging Salesforce can expedite approval processes, enhance document authenticity, and foster a paperless workflow. Whether finalizing contracts, authorizing orders, or approving quotes, this feature within 123FormBuilder ensures seamless integration with Salesforce while maintaining documentation integrity and legality.

Image showing a 123FormBuilder form template using an e-signature feature

Payment Integrations

Embedding payment options in forms streamlines transactions. It enhances user experience and expedites revenue collection, improving cash flow management. Within Salesforce, this integration ensures seamless syncing and organization of financial data, offering a comprehensive view of client interactions and transactions. Users can add their favorite payment processors, such as PayPal, Square, Stripe,, on forms for Salesforce.

Image showing a few of the Payment processors integrated with 123Formuilder

Complete Security

Stringent security measures, including GDPR and HIPAA compliance, fortify online forms integrated with Salesforce, assuring data protection and regulatory adherence. Advanced security features, like SSL encryption, DKIM, SPF, and anti-spam measures, activate extra layers of data protection for peace of mind. They guarantee the protection of sensitive data and the compliance of Salesforce-integrated forms with legal standards. 

Image showing online form security measures like GDPR, Hipaa compliance, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Captcha verification.

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Send customized feedback surveys. Allow your clients to review their data, files, or orders.

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Capture new cases, update existing ones, and keep everybody in the loop from the comfort of the web.

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Document Generation

Generate custom PDF applications, contracts, or invoices. Receive file uploads and attachments in Salesforce.

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Experience Cloud Forms

Publish online forms inside your Salesforce community and personalize them with members’ data.

Integrate with 3K + Popular Tools to Handle Data without Interruptions

Effortlessly link your online forms to popular platforms, enhancing your workflow and data management.

Whether it’s integrating with email marketing services, CRM systems, or project management tools, our intuitive setup ensures a hassle-free experience.

Elevate your form’s functionality and gather valuable data efficiently by harnessing the power of 123FormBuilder’s extensive third-party tool integrations.

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