Plug-and-Play Insurance Forms

Collecting data for your insurance business has never been this easy. It’s a promise.
(No, really. A real promise, not like the ones you see on late night TV commercials.)

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Insurance Forms Made Easy

You know what? You’re a financial pro, not a coding guru able to whip up HTML forms in a few hours. Luckily for you, there’s a better option than asking your in-house developers to find space on their roadmap to help you collect some data: 123 Form Builder, the drag & drop form building software even a child could use.

Be kind to yourself. Save time and energy by using 123 Form Builder to create insurance forms and automate your insurance business workflows. So that you can go back to doing what you do best: financial services.

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Build Insurance Forms in Minutes

Your time is precious. Fact. And that’s why, we created a smart form builder that enables you to build insurance forms and surveys in literally minutes.

No coding, not even one line — all drag & drop from start to finish. Because building forms should be a quick task on your list of to-do’s, regardless of whether you work in Sales, Marketing, or HR.

Your Forms, Online and Offline

123 Form Builder enables you to create insurance surveys and forms that work offline too. So, if someone is on the road or in the field with no internet connection, they can still gather data to send back to your database.

We made it easy for you to collect data no matter where your respondents or your team may be — and offline forms are just the tip of the iceberg.

Conditional Logic for a Custom Experience

Adding conditional logic rules in 123 Form Builder is really easy. We have made sure this feature is super intuitive and easy for you to use. You only need to select the field where you want your conditional logic to be applied and then follow the steps on screen. It takes less than two minutes to set up a rule — and that’s a promise too!

Why should you care about this? Because conditional logic makes filling out forms easy for your customers and your team. It allows you to create forms that only display what respondents need to see — like specific fields, special thank you pages, or even instructions.

We made a complex thing simple — so that you can do the same.

Insurance Forms, Surveys & Workflows, All in One Place

Yes, we’re called 123 Form Builder. But we might as well have called ourselves 123 Survey Builder or 123 Workflow Builder, because the tool we have here is more than just forms.

Surveys, quizzes, polls, forms, workflows — you can create them all in one place: your 123 Form Builder dashboard. We have the features you need to support your data collection, like being able to calculate results on quizzes or display custom thank you pages on surveys. We have every little thing you need to make your form builder your best friend in learning more about your customers — so that you can make them your best friends.

What kind of Insurance forms and workflows can you create?

Well, stuff like:

Auto-generating Quote & Proposal Forms.

Allow your customers to generate their own quotes by using a form with integrated calculations on it, your agents can use the same form to help them create quotes for customers.

Claim Reports.

Allow your customers to generate their own quotes by using a form with integrated calculations on it, your agents can use the same form to help them create quotes for customers.

Agent & Broker Management.

Allow your customers to generate their own quotes by using a form with integrated calculations on it, your agents can use the same form to help them create quotes for customers.

Back Office Management.

Allow your customers to generate their own quotes by using a form with integrated calculations on it, your agents can use the same form to help them create quotes for customers.

Virtual Databases and Dynamic Prefills

What if we told you your forms can automatically pull data from your database and prefill specific fields to make sure your forms are easier to fill in? And that we can empower you to do this in real-time? No more misunderstandings, no more excuses for not having updated the forms according to the latest info — just easy forms that are easy for everyone.

Forms for Everyone in Your Company

From the CEO to the latest recruit in your army of insurance agents, everyone in your company can access 123 Form Builder. We enable Enterprise customers to add seats to their accounts and set up the levels of access for everyone (admin or standard).

Because we all should have access to great tools that make their lives easier and their jobs more efficient.

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Everything in Your Control

Want to make sure you can track every form and submission down to the smallest detail?

Data-logging and audit trail reporting are features we built for our Enterprise customers so that you are in control of the data that moves through your business. No more question marks, no more mysteries — everything is out in the open for you, your stakeholders, and any regulatory audit that may come your way.

Dedicated Account Manager & Round the Clock Support

We’re here for you. All our Enterprise customers are assigned a dedicated account manager to help you get the most out of your forms. So, whatever your question, rest assured that our brilliant account managers will be able to help you out in the time it takes to write an email.

And if you want instant help building your forms, you can always contact our stellar Customer Care team. They’re online 24/5, so whenever you’re at work, they’ll be there to jump in with their expertise and skills and fix your issue ASAP.

Your time is our concern, that’s why we have an entire team of amazing people ready to make sure you don’t waste a single minute.

as Easy as 1, 2, 3

In case that wasn’t obvious, we’re not big fans of paper here. We love digital and we fight for it with every form field and submission we create.

If you too are tired of paper (not to mention time and energy), rest assured that your 123 Forms can be signed online. Contracts, quotes, statements — you can embed them all easily.

Oh, and just as a side note, you can also send signed forms as PDFs via email. You just need to set up a quick email notification system with a PDF attachment and your respondents will automatically receive their signed contracts and statements via email.

Because it’s the 21st century and if we keep wasting paper, we’ll have to move to Mars, and it looks really hot up there (but plot twist: it’s actually a lot colder than it is here).

Ready-to-Use Insurance Form Templates

It takes just three easy steps to create an insurance form in 123 Form Builder (that’s why we’re called 1, 2, 3, just in case it wasn’t clear).


Get a form template (we’ve got 1,900+ of them) or create your form from scratch.


Customize it with your own text, questions, fields, conditional logic, email notifications, and design.


Publish it wherever you need: your site, your social media, or just send it out via email.

Connect Your Insurance Forms and Your Tools

Our biggest pride? We’re integrated with more than 80 tools in a vast array of fields, from project management to marketing, from development to payment processing. Basically, whatever tools your company uses, there’s a pretty big chance we’re integrated with it (and for everything else we integrate with Zapier). What does this mean for you?

It means the data you collect in your forms can be automatically transferred to any other tool you may use. No more copy-pasting, no more wasted time, no more human error. Just an endless supply of information for the tools that make your business run.

And it takes just a couple of clicks to connect your forms and your tools, such as:

Over 80 more…

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Collect Client Data Securely

We don’t just cover data in a security blanket. It’s more like an ultra-thick layer of whatever material it is they’re using to drop nuclear waste at the bottom of the ocean. That means we’re extreeeeeemly secure — and more than that, we continuously work on making sure all our security standards are up to date.

What does “being ultra-secure” mean, more specifically?

  • Encrypt all data going through our AWS-based databases
  • Offer password protection options on forms
  • Offer spam protection for our forms
  • Use Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Provide SQL Injection & Cross-Site Scripting protection
  • Enable customers for a 30-day guarantee on data backup and recovery
  • Offer secure SSL connections on our forms
  • Have virus and malware protection safeguards in place
  • Regularly train all employees to uphold high-security standards

In other words, we do everything possible to protect the data flowing through our system. You can learn more about all the safety measures we take to uphold our security standards by looking at our Security page right here.

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