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123FormBuilder is a powerful form builder for creating, deploying, and processing data, surveys, and payments. It has a friendly user interface and all the features you need for any lead, customer, or appointment-based business to run smoothly on your website, app, or cloud.

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Features built for productivity

Email notification

Automated communication with your respondents

Email notification

Automated communication with your respondents
We know how important it is to know when your submissions are received – hence payments are confirmed – and to have a smooth process when sorting all the data.
Setting up Email notifications in our form builder is easy, and we offer multiple customization options. From Who should receive the email to When to receive the email and What to receive in the email based upon how a respondent completes the form, it’s just a matter of clicks.
Simply add Rules, and you can create conditional logic for your email templates that will do wonders for your Sales.
Learn how to set up notifications

Save for later

Reliable form solution that works as expected

Save for later

Reliable form solution that works as expected
What relief it is for you and your respondent both when an online form displays the message: “Save the submission and resume later.” Yes, this implies you can have an overview of your forms’ completion status and set reminder automation. With this advanced feature and many more, you can be sure that 123FormBuilder is a tool that will perform as expected and drastically improve your data collection process by increasing productivity.
Learn how to save for later

Payment integration

Save time & money with secure payment workflows

Payment integration

Save time & money with secure payment workflows
Online forms were primarily created with workflow optimization in mind by saving time in collecting data. But that translates into saving money too. And today, you are not only getting your data more efficiently, but you can also collect money. To do that, you need a form that integrates directly with your preferred payment provider. Fortunately, 123FormBuilder works with more payment providers than any other online form builder. Just sign up and start collecting.
How to set a payment integration

3rd party integrations

Works with your setup

3rd party integrations

Works with your setup
123FormBuilder provides several third-party applications that you can integrate with your web forms & surveys, and some of them are brilliant in automation. But as you can imagine, the most used are the classics: Google Sheets and Google Calendar. Automate your workflow by sending the form data to Google Sheets or automatically create an event in Google Calendar when the form is submitted.
Link your form to Google Calendar with a simple click

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Templates you can start with

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic and question branching.

Membership Form

This application verification form is very complex, and you can further adapt it to match your needs.

Lead Generation Survey

This form template can be used by any business to collect specific customer information.

Booking Request Form

Gather bookings on your website quickly and easily with the help of this template.

Contact Form

A simple contact form that you can publish on your website and receive messages in your inbox.

Event Registration Form

Event planners can use this attendance form to collect potential attendees’ confirmation.

Purchase Order Form

Using our digital form, you can increase efficiency and save time by automating repetitive tasks.

Customer Inquiry Form

Collect accurate customer inquiries with user-friendly online forms ready in minutes.

Order Tracking Form

Your customers can keep track of their orders by simply filling in the details needed in this form template.

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How it works

Create your payment integration online form by simply following these steps

Step 1

Sign in to your 123FormBuilder account and add your product or service.

Step 2

Assign prices to your product/service (even with a custom-made formula).

Step 3

Select your preferred payment processor from our list of payment integrations.

Step 4

Introduce your payment credentials and select your preferred total price view.

More ways to use 123FormBuilder

Securely collect data

Boost productivity with timely collected payments and integrations using secure and trustworthy forms.

Generate Leads

Discover how easily you can create professional-looking forms that convert and integrate with all your marketing tools.

Mobile Forms

Facilitate data collection from respondents with multi-page online forms optimized for  mobile devices.

Frequently asked questions

To collect online and offline payments with your form, you will need RULES applied. Follow the steps from this article to set up your preferred payment collection method.

The Google Drive integration allows you to send form submissions to spreadsheets. Read more details about it here.

Yes. Our customer support team will be there for you every step of the way, on our live chat (with actual humans on the other side) and via email. Check all our support options available.

Gain productivity while collecting orders, registrations or payments.