March Product Releases

Introducing our latest March product updates, designed to elevate your experience and streamline your workflow.

Image showing a 123formBuilder contact form template

New form modal

When you initiate the creation of a new form—be it from scratch, using a template, or making a duplicate—an interactive modal will pop up in the Editor. This modal offers two main features for your convenience:

  • Editable Form Name: You can promptly personalize the name of your form.
  • Location Selector: A dropdown menu displays all your folders from the “My Forms” sidebar, allowing you to easily categorize your new form. The form will be automatically sorted into the folder you select at the start of the creation process.

Favorite Folder Feature

You’ll find a star icon next to the name or dotted menu of each folder (excluding the “All Forms” folder). A tooltip appears when you hover over this star, prompting you to “Mark as favorite.” By selecting the star icon on a folder, you add it to a newly created “FAVORITES” category, which appears on the left sidebar, showcasing all your marked favorite folders.

What’s new modal update

Explore the latest enhancements in our form builder app with our redesigned ‘What’s New‘ modal, your go-to for all recent updates and improvements.

Move page up and down

Now, users can change the position of a page by clicking on the up or down icon represented by two arrows when using multi-page forms.

Order summary design improvements

Enhanced order summary design for improved visibility within the form.

Improved approval flow

Our approval feature has been moved to the editor stage, enhancing the workflow for an even smoother experience.  

Logic in Lookup filters – is not empty

We have added new logic operators in Lookup filters:  is null, is true, is false. Whenever one of these logic operators is selected, we are hiding the dropdown for the Form field.

New triggers for prefill in Salesforce

Salesforce users can now enhance their prefill capabilities by using first/last name, date, or single choice fields as triggers for prefilling forms.

This improvement allows for more personalized and efficient data collection processes, streamlining user interactions with forms by dynamically populating them based on specific field inputs.

Discover March’s enhancements for a seamless form-building experience!

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