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Launch as fast as 1,2,3

123FormBuilder is intuitive and easy to implement. So while you’re saving time, you’re also delighting your customers with a flexible, trustworthy form builder.

customer support

Enjoy stellar support

You have our support every step of the way and unlimited access to our expertise to ensure your clients experience a flawless Salesforce integration.

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Get unmatched pricing

Stay competitive by allowing your customers to enjoy full Salesforce data collection capabilities without going over their budgets.

You Work Agile? So Do We!

We use the agile methodology when implementing projects. So you can rest assured that your customers will get the same level of professionalism and know-how they’re used to getting from you. From the initial discussions to the final form, we’ll be working side by side.

  • Understand

    When you assess – we help you understand. We turn our detective mode on and try to walk a mile in the customer’s shoes so we can fully understand their challenges and where they’re heading in the future. That helps us map our product to their data collection needs and come up with the most well-suited solution. If security is a crucial point, we highlight our safety measures. If lead generation is the main focus – we focus on creating an automated workflow that attracts leads. We do some of the heavy lifting, so you have time to focus on other strategic initiatives.

  • Shape

    Once we’re on the same page, we offer the customer our guidance for striking the right balance between branding and functionality. Our no-code, drag & drop forms have the power to mirror the customer’s visual needs into the style of the form and create a hard-to-ignore impact. And we make sure they’re aware of all the possibilities. Whether it’s integration with 3rd party apps such as Shopify, Marketo, or PayPal, file upload, digital signature, or other custom requests, our platform’s flexibility can accommodate them all without sacrificing the looks.

  • Create

    When it’s time to roll our sleeves and move into development, we’re here to help you ensure the smooth integration of 123FormBuilder with Salesforce. With 14 years of experience on our hands implementing over 10.000+ workflows for our clients, you’ll rely on a knowledgeable team and a mature form-building solution that’s easy to set up and already packed with pre-built resources (a gallery of 2000+ templates) ready to be instantly plugged into Salesforce. We get the data collection process up and running in just a couple of minutes.

  • Check

    We’re on a mission to help you deliver a foolproof data collection solution to your clients. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, so we probably already ran a couple of tests by the time you get around the review step. And while 123FormBuilder’s integration with Salesforce works like a charm, we check every single functionality, from the name and signature fields, to how the object mapping works and if the prefill option does its job.

  • Test

    When it’s the client’s turn to test how their 123FormBuilder online forms work in Salesforce, we’re actually running some of the tests together. This way, we can observe their interaction in real-time and jump in with suggestions to ensure the initial requirements match what the form has to offer. Our support team is committed to answering any client questions and developing personalized solutions that yield the best results.

  • Improve

    Our goal is to help you reduce the deployment time, remain cost-effective, and become your customer’s trusted go-to partner. So when you ask your clients for feedback, we’re also collecting their opinion, taking notes, and finetuning so we can hit the sweet spot and ensure a reliable and secure 123FormBuilder and Salesforce integration.

Enjoy Access to Our Special Partner Program Perks

dedicated partner manager

Dedicated Partner Manager

Get hands-on guidance from a dedicated partner manager who will be your membership’s driving force. They’ll help you get to know the 123FormBuilder platform and assist you with any product resources or sales materials.

partner license

Free Partner License

Feel free to use our product for customer demos or try it in your own company. You can have a taste of the impact an intuitive data collection tool like 123FormBuilder can have on your workflow automation and the quality of your data.

revenue graph

Extra Revenue Streams

You have NO targets to hit here. We’re more interested in rewarding commitment and value. So, you’ll receive a revenue share for every customer you refer 123FormBuilder to and even for renewals. Use the commission for your growth or surprise your customers with an extra discount.

technical support representative icon

Free Technical Training & Support

Get assistance, priority support, and access to tailored onboarding and training for your technical team so you can maximize productivity. We make ourselves available whenever you need a hand with the client’s use case.

account manager icon

Client Dedicated Account Manager

Each one of your clients that use 123FormBuilder gets a Dedicated Account Manager that’s 100% focused on helping them succeed. They know the client’s business inside out, ensure the project runs smoothly, and shorten the path to finding solutions.

lightbulb icon

Joint Marketing Activities

We join efforts to drive demand through marketing campaigns or events that bring you more business and, at the same time, help establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your domain of expertise. You’ll access our network and have the chance to increase your exposure.

You’re in good hands!

Get assistance, priority support, and access to tailored onboarding and training for your technical team so you can maximize productivity.

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What It’s Like to Work with Us

The team there has worked with me one on one to help the end customer achieve their end goal. There’s always someone on the other end of the line when you reach out. The personal service really stands out.

Mark Wheeler

CEO  at Stratiform

What It’s Like to Work with Us

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