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Gather valuable feedback with our evaluation form templates

Evaluation forms are the easiest way to learn more about the performance and evolution of your employees, customer experience, students, or anything else that improves over time. Evaluation forms function as feedback forms placed against a judgment of some sort (such as comparing the evolution of a student or employee’s performance from one evaluation to another, based on predetermined criteria or KPIs).

Creating an evaluation form is smooth when you use 123FormBuilder

  1. Pick from the wide range of evaluation form templates we have for you, or create your evaluation form from scratch (no worries, you only need to drag and drop fields into the online form).
  2. Customize your assessment form with your design, personalize the survey questions, add logic jumps that display specific fields only when necessary, include images, and create an email notification system to stay in touch with your respondents.
  3. Publish your evaluation survey online: on your website, social media feed, or send it out via email or WhatsApp.
  4. Collect responses in a secure database with records that help shape strategic decisions in your organization.

Evaluation form templates & examples for all review processes

You can use our customizable evaluation form templates in any review or assessment process you are planning in your organization. Below are only some of the evaluations you can conduct using our online forms.

Employee evaluation

Use 123FormBuilder’s employee evaluation forms to rate employees, improve employee engagement, collect employee feedback, conduct performance reviews, determine professional development paths, review management achievements, and how colleagues get along in your organization.

Our free online evaluation forms assist HR and management measure employee performance, encouraging performers, and finding ways to train employees in their roles and responsibilities. Performance reviews have never been more accessible and impactful on business growth.

Customer satisfaction

Use our online evaluation forms to learn about the experiences your customers have when dealing with your services and the mistakes you make that send them to your competitors. Create a thorough evaluation process and examine the good and bad of your products and services with our online form templates.

Student progress

Keep in touch with your students and build a constructive conversation through student satisfaction studies and teaching evaluations. 123FormBuilder helps schools and educational institutions customize pre-made evaluation form templates that cover student demands, academic deficiencies, and teacher assessments. You can also use evaluation forms to examine the knowledge level of your students on specific topics.

Event performance

Host events and gather comments from guests and attendees once they are over. Build an evaluation form that encourages attendees to rate speakers, entertainers, venue, accommodations, and the overall event. 123FormBuilder’s event evaluation form templates are the recipe for developing and improving your conference, concert, or webinar. 

No information is lost. Just plan the assessment criteria, write down your questions, and add them to an evaluation form on 123FormBuilder to get feedback and generate success.

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

You can always integrate your evaluation form with over 80 platforms through 123FormBuilder, including (but not limited to): 

You can connect over 4,000 tools with our evaluation form templates using Zapier.

Evaluation Forms – Frequently Asked Questions

What are evaluation forms?

An evaluation form is a document with open-ended questions and numeric scales that organizations use to gather feedback and evaluate a service, individual work performance, workplace, products, or business services in a given period.

How do I customize an online evaluation form template?

Our online evaluation form templates are customizable on 123FormBuilder. Select the form template you need and edit its questions and rating scales in our form builder tool through drag-and-drop, typing, and clicks. Numerous field types await you in our tool like Likert scales, open-ended questions, rating stars, choice fields, checkboxes, etc. Sign up for free and create your evaluation form without coding!

How do you write an employee evaluation form?

You can write an evaluation form on paper, but an online evaluation form is more desirable in today’s remote work environment. For one, it’s easier to build, especially with 123FormBuilder, if you select a template or decide to develop your evaluation form by scratch using drag-and-drop. And secondly, the online evaluation form is easier to fill in from any location in complete comfort. Try our online free evaluation form templates now!

What do you put in an evaluation form?

Depending on the purpose of your assessment process, an evaluation form will contain contact information, survey questions, instructions, and a signature on occasion.

What is the purpose of an evaluation form?

The purpose of an evaluation form is to collect information on a specific person, environment, service, or item to measure performance, sentiments, or quality. An evaluation form helps identify weaknesses and strengths that you can add to a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).