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form builder editor

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Discover Enterprise Features

All of the features an online form builder should have

Easy-to-use form editor

Drag and drop the form fields that you need, configure their settings, customize the form layout – all within a friendly and intuitive interface, with no coding skills required. See the updates that you make take effect in real time.

Choose from more than 30 form elements, including: name, email, phone, address, date and time, short and long input fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes, Likert scales, star rating, signatures, media fields, file uploads, content blocks and more.

Fully customizable form design

Style your form so that it matches your brand entirely. From your company logo, brand colors and font type to the more in-depth design elements, you have control over everything concerning the look of your form using our form designer.

The form themes that you create can be saved and reused for other forms. You can also add your own CSS, either by importing a stylesheet or by providing the CSS code directly in the form designer and tweaking it in real time.

Every kind of form template

Our form templates gallery contains 2,000+ templates that you can use to kick-start your form creation process. Whether you’re looking to create an application form, event registration form, order form, customer sign-up form, client feedback form, or any other type of form, we have a template for you to start with.

Our collection of form templates is ever-growing, thanks to the inspiration we gather from those putting our product to good use. But, if you prefer, you can also choose to start from scratch.

Conditional logic

Conditional logic allows you to branch your form however it makes the most sense. Show and hide form fields based on previous answers, so that the right questions reach the right person. This keeps forms as short as possible and raises the completion rate significantly.

Conditional logic applies not only to form fields, but also to autoresponders and Thank You pages, so that you can customize the confirmation messages that your form users see.

Order forms with payment integration

Online order forms with payment integration allow you to easily sell your products and services online. You can list the items that you are selling, add product images where applicable, assign prices, set up discounts and taxes, generate coupon codes, and more.

123FormBuilder is integrated with 10+ payment processors, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square or Each payment gateway comes with specific advantages and you can choose to enable one or more at the same time.

Email notifications

When a form submission is made, you will instantly receive an email notification with its content. Email notifications are highly customizable and you can trigger multiple, custom notifications to each of the parties involved in a process, including requests for approval or payment confirmations.

Notifications can use dynamic variables and custom templates, and they can also be sent in PDF format. Documents can be attached and delays can be set.

Actionable data insights

The data that you collect through your forms is available in a central dashboard, from where you can filter it, export it, make edits, and manage it in other ways. You can generate visual representations of data in the Reports section, using pie charts, bar charts, and other types of widgets.

The Insights section gives you access to form analytics, such as the conversion rate from a form view to submission or the average completion time per submission.

Responsive forms and surveys

In this day and age, your forms are surely accessed from a myriad of devices, operating systems and browsers. 123FormBuilder has got you covered – forms are fully responsive and will look and work great on any desktop, laptop and mobile screen. All of the fields will scale to fit the available space and the device particularities.

When you build your form, you can see in real time how it will look like and, before publishing it, you can preview the final versions in both desktop and mobile mode.

Forms in any and all languages

When you target speakers of different languages at the same time, multi-language forms come in very handy. With our online form maker, it is easy to create different versions of your form, one for each language that will be needed.

Form visitors can use the language selector to choose the language that they prefer. Alternatively, you can link the different variants to the language parameters on your website or send custom form links, so that the right version loads from the start.

All of this form building & data collection is safe, right?

That’s a smart question.

secure invoice request form

123FormBuilder offers you smart CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, SSL, password protection, country filters, and data encryption. Everything you need to keep your customers’ data safe.

123 Form Builder security compliances - GDPR and HIPAA

123FormBuilder is a secure GDPR and HIPAA-compliant web form builder.

Our web form creator connects to your database to ensure the security and hygiene of the data your business relies on. We come with our own cloud repository, but, if for any reason you need to bring all the data to your backyard, you can absolutely do it. And seamlessly so.

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In other words, yes, we are really safe. And we work hard to be safer every day.

Your data and your users’ data will always be secure with us.

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How do I know 123FormBuilder is legit?

Listen to what our customers are saying.

Neil leyden RTE

123FormBuilder is really great, setting up a form takes seconds.

Neil Leyden Head of
Ron Finegan HSE

123FormBuilder has been incredibly successful for us.

Ron Finegan Program Manager, HSE
Peter Rudd European PGA Tour

With 123, it is easy to build beautiful forms.

Peter Rudd CRM Admin, European PGA Tour

Almost 200 million submissions have been sent through 123FormBuilder already.

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