Likert Scale Surveys & Questionnaires

Create Likert scale surveys as easy as 1-2-3! With 123FormBuilder, you can scale responses in your questionnaire and build well-designed reports. Gauge responder sentiment and make data-driven decisions when planning your next campaign. With 123FormBuilder’s intuitive interface and robust features, creating web forms with Likert scales has never been more straightforward and effective.

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What Exactly Is a Likert Scale?

A Likert scale is made up of a question (or statement) and a series of answer possibilities for respondents to choose from (usually five or seven). It aids in the scaling of replies in surveys when used in questionnaires.

The answers are connected in the form of a sequence. The most prevalent Likert scales are those that scale the degree of agreement or satisfaction with the message. You can, of course, choose the type of Likert scale you like best and edit the number of answers as you see fit. 

Use 123FormBuilder to create an online questionnaire with Likert scale questions. Simply create an account and measure user perceptions and sentiments in your survey. You can gather precise input while relying on an appropriate data collection method.

Image showing a 123 form with a likert scale field in use

Create Your Likert Scale Questionnaire with 123FormBuilder

Creating forms with the Likert scale is easy when working with 123FormBuilder web forms! Find your preferred scale and start running your online survey. Add the first statement or question, then duplicate it and edit further.

Use our free survey maker to build up Likert scale questions using the drag & drop editor. Optimize your survey questions and follow the insights you’re getting to improve your business and goals further.

Measure sentiments or behavior with greater nuance by giving your respondents a rating scale that fits their opinions on the subject. No other field type does it better!

Turn the tides of insufficient data with invaluable insights. Using Likert scales in surveys results in more accurate statistics. And where there are numbers to view, 123FormBuilder can channel them into custom charts & graphs. Adopt a visual look at responder choices for a streamlined view of their thoughts and feelings and obtain rich, actionable data. 

Image showing a Customer Satisfaction Survey with likert scale fields in use

Likert Scale Survey Maker Features

Take your survey-making game to the next level with 123FormBuilder and its intuitive editor. Streamline the process of incorporating Likert scales into your online forms. Users can effortlessly design, customize, and deploy surveys or questionnaires tailored to their unique needs. 

123FormBuilder offers an array of question types, allowing you to create Likert scale questions and customize response options, making it adaptable to various industries and purposes. Let’s overview the most important features:

  • Enable conditional logic to show/hide form fields based on user choices
  • Change the alignment and disposition of answers
  • Use drag & drop to change the overall appearance of your survey
  • Customize thank-you messages to reward responders for taking the time to complete your surveys
  • Access Form Insights to see how your form is performing and make changes to further improve response rates
  • Enjoy form security measures (SPFDKIMCAPTCHA, SSL encryption) and effective data collection processes, keeping sensitive info safe at all times with HIPAA and GDPR compliance for you and your responder’s peace of mind
Image showing 123FormBuilder online forms with features like conditional logic, e-signature, product field, custom thank you messages, form insights and branding.

Where Can You Use Likert Scale Questionnaires?

Likert scale questions have many applications, making them an ideal option for various industries and use cases. Let’s go through a few pertinent examples:

  • New product surveys – Consider using a mobile-responsive Likert scale questionnaire from 123FormBuilder to evaluate your new product’s impact on customers. Capture accurate feedback data using degrees of quality, satisfaction, and importance.
  • Post-event evaluations – Planning events is hard work. And it doesn’t end with the last guest leaving. To improve future events, gathering precise feedback from attendees is essential. Keep the number of questions limited for best results.
  • Employee engagement surveys – Use Likert scale questions in surveys to gauge team satisfaction, pride in working with you, and likelihood to recommend the company. Gain valuable insights to improve staff engagement and overall job fulfillment.
  • Customer service surveys – Create a customer service questionnaire with Likert scale questions to gather data about your agents. Use the responses to create charts that give you an overview. Good questions nurture loyalty and reinforce your brand. Choose degrees of agreement, quality, satisfaction, probability, and quality.
  • Sociological & psychological research – Easily build custom Likert scale questionnaires with 123FormBuilder to accurately unveil personality traits or behaviors from your respondents.
Image showing a form bundle with the first form being an event feedback form template with a likert scale field in use

Ready-to-use Form Templates

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic, and question branching.

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