Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit this Questionnaire template?

You’ll need a 123FormBuilder account, but you can get it free. Once inside, import this online questionnaire template (you can start the signup process by using the button above). Afterward, customize the fields, adjust the design, and send your responses to your favorite tools. Just type in the right questions and answer options, drag and drop additional form fields, use Likert scales or other specific field types, opt for a design theme of your liking, and use multiple email recipients. Do it all by yourself; no technical skills are required. 

How can I share my Questionnaire?

123FormBuilder provides a variety of publishing options from which to choose. Select the one you like, and the rest is just a copy-and-paste effort. You’ll be able to collect responses in no time. If you are running a study, you can enable automatic reports that aggregate your online questionnaire responses into visual graphs like pie charts.

How can I collect & manage data?

Hold on tight – we’re turning data collection into a high-speed, secure adventure! As respondents pour in their thoughts, your data is locked up tighter than a vault. Our encrypted servers stand guard, ensuring your information stays as confidential as a secret handshake. Managing the treasure trove of responses is a breeze. Filter, sort, and organize like a digital maestro, making finding that needle in the haystack a piece of cake!


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