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to Automate Data Collection Processes

Digitize all your data-related workflows with our no-code enterprise form builder.

Integrated with Salesforce and the tools you love. HIPAA compliant & GDPR ready. Stellar support.

123FormBuilder is Trusted by Forward-Thinking Enterprises

Intuitive, easy to use, extensive functionality

Create, edit, connect and scale any form

Use 123FormBuilder for any data collection scenario you can imagine. Drag & drop to build complex and rich online forms (with no code) that you can use across large teams for a long time. Automate your workflows by connecting the forms to tools like Salesforce and simply access it through the Single Sign-On

Notify customers, collect fees, sign documents or approve requests through powerful features like email automation, integration with payment providers, eSignature, conditional logic, or file upload. Have it all in 123FormBuilder’s platform that helps you digitize your processes, raising the level of service, quality of products, and your customers’ satisfaction.

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Advanced built-in security

Make security a must, not an option

Ensure no spam gets through your forms and prevent the slightest hacking attempt with 123FormBuilder’s advanced encryption, antispam protection, 256 bit SSL connection, and Backup & Recovery. Keep sensitive data secure with HIPAA and GDPR compliance and never lose track of data access with customized user permissions.

By hosting our data on AWS (Amazon Web Services) in centers across the EU and the US, we ensure the platform’s geo-redundancy. In addition, we’re ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees our commitment to superior security and quality management systems. 

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Dedicated, caring, premium support

Always have someone in your corner

Rely on our continuous support for anything you need, from ensuring we’re compatible, walking you through the product to quickly solving requests. Whether you choose to contact our Support Team or turn to your dedicated (Technical) Account Manager, you’ll find experienced and friendly folks committed to sitting down with you and offering the best solutions.

We regularly train our people to uphold data security standards, which means you’ll always have access to a knowledgeable team that has your best interest at heart (live chat, tickets, knowledge base). We take our time to help you out and even discover unexpected ways to use 123FormBuilder specifically for your business needs.

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Your Industry. Our Focus.

  • Healthcare

    Securely build and manage a modern patient experience.
    Digitize healthcare workflows with online HIPAA-compliant forms that cover paperless data capture, eSignature, or document generation for fast patient onboarding, screening,appointments, or collecting consent.

    Keep your medical records updated with 123FormBuilder’s integration with Salesforce by removing repetitive tasks and boosting staff productivity. Count on yourdedicated Account Manager to custom-build your digital healthcare workflow.

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  • Manufacturing

    Remove bottlenecks by collecting, tracking, and analyzing
    real-time data to optimize manufacturing processes and keep your production floor efficient.

    Use our dedicated forms for your key supply chain management processes, such as performing quality control, tracking inventory, orconnecting with partners, suppliers and distributors. Keep production lines working smoothly with digital data collection capabilities built on robust security measures, SLAs, dedicated support,and powerful features.

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    manufacturing forms
  • Financial Services

    Build flexible and secure financial workflows with solid data collection capabilities that cover anything from financial documents, broker management, and vendor contracts.

    Accept payments through PayPal or Stripe, collect authorizations with eSignatures, and create custom quotes and tailor-made proposals with GDPR-ready digitalfinancial forms. Choose from 2000+ pre-built templates or build your own: drag & drop, no-code, feature-rich.

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    financial forms
  • Education

    From administrative work to student communication, rely on digital education forms and surveys to boost student engagement and empower teachers to collaborate.

    Schedule and run online classes, enroll new students, or approve scholarships with online forms that replace repetitive, manual tasks with secure automated education workflows. Start by buildinga customized form, connect it to one of the 3K + available apps, and share or store student data in just a few clicks.

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    education forms
  • Government

    Get more done by replacing paperwork with highly-secure digital data collection. Become more responsive to citizens’ needs and exceed their expectations.

    Collect citizen data through online forms that spare them a visit and help you easily store and pull out data from your system or a 3rd party app like Salesforce. Protect theintegrity and privacy of your data by using 123FormBuilder’s GDPR and HIPAA-compliant forms.

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  • Non Profit

    Streamline key operations of your nonprofit organization and scale your social impact. Integrate with your favorite tools like Mailchimp, Salesforce, orZapier to raise awareness for your cause and reach more volunteers and supporters.

    Easily collect funds with donation forms or fundraising registration forms that connect to online payments tools (PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net)and let you raise money for your nonprofit directly in the form.

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    non profit forms

What It’s Like to Work with Us

123FormBuilder has many great features! The key features for my companies include Salesforce integration, submission notifications, and antispam protection. Allow each team member to have access to 123FormBuilder is great, but what’s better is the permission options and the ability to share forms with other team members, allowing them to edit something existing instead of starting from scratch. It is a time saver!

Austen Williams

Product Optimization Manager at Hilton

What It’s Like to Work with Us

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Don’t Interrupt Your Workflow Connect to 3K + Apps

salesforce logo


Create forms and collect leads to any object in Salesforce.

wix logo


Create and publish forms directly on your Wix site.

wordpress logo


Build forms, surveys or quizzes for your WordPress site.

zapier logo


Integrate the web applications you use and automate workflows.

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Build awesome forms for your eCommerce directly on Shopify.

square logo


Receive payments in your Square account through form submissions.

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Streamline payments from your order form to your PayPal account.

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Send file uploads to your Dropbox account after each form submission.

Want more details?
We’d love to show you what 123FormBuilder can do for you.

Got questions? Check our FAQ.

What is the difference between 123FormBuilder Enterprise and other paid plans?

The 123FormBuilder Enterprise plan gives you access to a more extensive range of features customized to your specific needs. The other paid plans are off-the-shelf and have some limitations compared to the Enterprise package. Among some of the most advanced features of the Enterprise plan, you can find:

  • Full Salesforce capability, database manager, white-label, storage space, SSO (Single Sign-on);
  • Dedicated support (Account Manager and Technical Account Manager);
  • Access to 14+ years of experience implementing over 10.000+ workflows for our clients;
  • Compliance & security protocols, user management, custom contracts, SLAs, and access to implementation services.

Please check our pricing page to see the complete list of features for each plan and compare them.

What are the benefits of “Dedicated Support” in the Enterprise plan?

In the Enterprise plan, dedicated support means you’ll have an Account Manager and a Technical Account Manager right from the start. They’ll help you figure out your needs, walk you through the platform, solve your requests, and answer any questions you may have. Our designated colleagues will be with you every step of the way.

Can I move my existing forms from a Standard account to an Enterprise account on 123FormBuilder?

Yes. In most cases, we just upgrade your Standard account to the Enterprise plan without a migration process. If you need to start a separate Enterprise subscription for any reason, we will simply move your forms and data to the new account on the same server.

I have specific contractual requirements for the 123FormBuilder Enterprise plan. Do you offer custom contracts?

Yes. The first step in our collaboration is to determine your specific needs and accommodate your change requests in the contract. Please, contact our Sales team to find out more details and talk about your particular requirements.

Do you offer a trial of the 123FormBuilder Enterprise?

Yes, we can offer a trial of up to 2 weeks for the Enterprise plan. Reach out to one of our consultants to discuss your particular case and define the trial period.

Can I get a refund on my Enterprise plan?

Considering the costs that go into setting up an Enterprise plan and the onboarding & training processes, we are unable to offer a refund for any of the Enterprise packages.