Kiss your paper forms goodbye.

Safely automate data workflows across all departments, even in the most demanding enterprises.
HIPAA certified. GDPR, CCPA & COPPA ready.

Data collection tool for enterprises


For organizations that require advanced, secure data collection

  • Advanced form builder
  • Virtual database & dynamic prefill
  • Connect to ANY Salesforce object
  • Custom user roles
  • Conditional logic and approval chains
  • Multiple security layers
  • Data residency US/EU
  • Custom contract & SLA
  • Dedicated account manager &  support
Compliant data collection tool


Up to $5 million liability insurance.
Enterprise-grade security controls included

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Signed Business Agreement – BAA
  • HIPAA Security Protocols
  • Authenticated access and audit trail
  • Custom data retention policy
  • Optional liability insurance $5 million

*All Enterprise plan features are included

Resellers & Technology Partners

White Label

Build your industry-specific forms and resell them under your own brand. Grant access for your customers to the collected data

*All Enterprise plan features are included

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"More than 60% of organizations have started, or are planning for company-wide digitalization. Most digital interactions rely on forms that enable data collection, an improved experience & process automation."

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Complex organizational structures and large amounts of data are a real, painful reality for large enterprises and institutions — and yours probably doesn’t make an exception from the rule. Streamline your data collection, curation, and management processes with enterprise forms built for your specific industry.

person working in healthcare is using a tablet to submit PHI data in a HIPAA compliant form


Stop worrying about compliance and liability. Collect sensitive information securely using digital forms and surveys built specifically for the healthcare and clinical research sectors. Easy, smooth, HIPAA-compliant.

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Financial Services

Streamline internal business workflows, offer your team a bird’s eye view, and boost inter-departmental communication with workflow forms that talk real money. No time waste. No coding needed. Data collection & management made simple & efficient.

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Data collection tool for manufacturing


Your factory, production line, warehouse, or distribution & logistics center knows the importance of clean-cut processes and well-organized data. These manufacturing forms were created for your needs, so you can increase efficiency and production volumes.

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Our Clients

Here are some of the Enterprise partners that have trusted us with their data:

Use Case

A large multinational manufacturing company with over 20,000 employees transitioned from manually processing paper order forms to a more efficient, fully digital solution.



Healthcare organizations need a HIPAA-compliant data-gathering solution to receive, store and transfer Protected Health Information (PHI) securely, in line with legislation.


Case Study Government
D.C. Fire Department

Employees of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department needed a way to digitize workflows, generate reports and provide an easily accessible way to manage data.