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Take your business to the next level using online forms with product field. 123FormBuilder allows users to design personalized forms that let clients choose and pay for goods and services without having to leave the form, thus simplifying the purchasing process and increasing sales.

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Product field feature benefits

The product field is one of 123FormBuilder’s many helpful features for users. It is especially useful for customers who sell goods or services. They can add their products or services directly onto the online form.

Add images and details to help customers choose their desired products or services. After you add a product field on a form, set up description, prices or discounts so customers can easily buy what they want without leaving the form.

Let’s see how a form with product field can help your business:

  • Streamline the buying process – Reduce the number of steps customers usually have to take by using our form builder with the product field feature. They can buy the desired product or service without leaving the online form. 
  • Customize your forms – Use the custom product field feature to design forms with product images, enticing descriptions, and transparent prices, enriching customers’ buying experiences. 
  • Simplify order management – Your online forms with product field are automatically organized in a table to make it easier for businesses to track sales and orders. 
  • Integrate with payment processors – Add easy ways for customers to pay for their orders. Your business can quickly process payments and manage orders with the product field feature added to online forms. 123FormBuilder’s product field is compatible with payment processors like PayPalStripe, and Square.
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Keep customer data safe

123FormBuilder’s online forms builder with product field allows businesses to make more sales directly from their forms. And, because they work with payment integrations, security becomes an essential aspect to consider. Luckily, our form builder has all the security options you need.

Customer personal data from product form field templates is protected in transit (SSL encryption) and at rest (data encryption). Enable reCaptcha, SPF, DKIM, IP limitation, or filtering by location to get the quality visitors you want and avoid spam.

123FormBuilder online forms with product field are:

With the payment processor of your choice, create secure order forms that accept payments from customers all around the world and keep their data safe. No coding skills are necessary. 123FormBuilder is hosted by Amazon Web Services servers, which are among the most well-liked, reliable, and secure cloud computing options today.

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Templates you can start with

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic and question branching.

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Why customers choose us


The program is straightforward to use and features a lot of great data points. The submissions are easy to read, and we like that the program emails us for each request…

Billy M.,Customer Success Specialist

Easiest form builder I have used. What I like best about 123FormBuilder is the intuitive design. It is easy to dive right in and begin building forms.

Vince M,Salesforce Administrator

123FormBuilder excelled on this one. It really confirmed my faith in my decision to choose this solution.

Ron Finegan,HSE

How it works

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Log into your 123FormBuilder account and choose a template or build a form from scratch.

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Drag and drop the Product Field on your form, then add your products or services and their details.

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Review your online form, publish it, and wait for new order submissions to arrive. That’s it!

Use online forms with product field to increase sales and grow your business!