Frequently Asked Questions

What is a membership application form?

A membership application form is used by clubs and organizations to register, evaluate and accept new members.

How do I create a membership application form?

You want to make it easy and convenient for new members to apply for membership at your club. Using an online membership application form can be a great way to impress your potential members. Here are some tips on creating a clear and user-friendly membership application form.
1. Start by describing shortly your club and what you have to offer.
2. Collect personal data, such as name, date of birth (for future celebrations), email, phone number, address.
3. List membership options and their fees
4. Gather information about their reason to join and how they heard about your organization
5. Offer payment options, if applicable
6. Include a digital signature field
7. Include your club’s contact information

Customize template

Simplify your membership application form starting today. In other words, use this ready-to-go template and modify it in any way you want. For instance, you can drag and drop additional fields to require more information. Similarly, add a logo, configure autoresponders and establish multiple email recipients. Indeed, you can do it all without calling a software developer.

Publish template

This form is adaptable to any device, so aspiring members can apply directly from their smartphones. Share your membership registration form anywhere online with a simple copy-paste. Specifically, publish your form on web pages, social media platforms or share the direct form link via email if you want to.

Collect & manage data

123FormBuilder is an intuitive form builder that helps gather and manage data in a safe and easy manner. Our membership application form is doubled by a secure database that allows data exports in various formats. Moreover, you can even sync your data collection with various third-party systems, thanks to our multiple integrations.

Optimize processes

Forget paper mess! Besides, our digitized forms save a lot of time and offer many advanced form options and integrations, data security protection, as well as stellar customer support. Therefore start creating beautiful and functional registration forms using our pre-made templates.

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