Still looking for a Jotform alternative, huh?

Stop searching, you’ve found it: the best Jotform alternative.

123FormBuilder is an alternative to Jotform that provides you with all the features of Jotform…and more.
Here’s a quick comparison of paid 123FormBuilder vs Jotform plans:

Unlimited FormsOnly on Enterprise planAvailable from $37.99/ month
# of Submissions on Lowest-tier Paid Plan1,0005,000
# of Submissions on Highest-tier Paid Plan10,00020,000
# of Monthly form ViewsUp to 1,000,000 on highest-tier paid planNo limit
Unlimited Fields per Form250 on Bronze ($34/ month),
500 on Silver ($39/ month),
1,000 on Gold ($99/ month)
Available from $37.99/ month
Link to Product on FormYes, you can remove the
Jotform link for $24/ month
Yes, but you can remove the
123FormBuilder link for $19.99/ month
Multiple Payment Gateways per FormNoYes
Lowest PricingBronze, at $24/ monthGold, at $19.99/month
Highest PricingGold, at $99/ monthDiamond, at $69.99/ month
SalesforceOnly on Enterprise (starting at $199.99/ month)Diamond, at $69.99/ month
Salesforce IntegrationUnidirectional integration
(you can only send data in Salesforce)
Native app with bidirectional data sync
(you can send and receive data to and
from Salesforce)
Pricing100/ month on lowest-tier
1,000/ month on highest-tier
No limit on all paid plans
Customer SupportEmailEmail and live chat (with humans 🙂 )
Custom DomainOnly on Enterprise (starting at $199.99/ month)Diamond, at $69.00/ month
Advanced Features
Enterprise Level Security & SSOYesYes
Custom Contract & SLAYesYes
Dedicated Account ManagerNoYes
Certified HIPAA Compliance & BAAYesYes + data insurance
Database Manager & Dynamic PrefillOnly dynamic prefillYes

No credit card require (which, by the way, Jotform does require)

Stellar customer support. Actually human, actually there for you.

Need help with anything? Our Customer Care team is here for you, every day of the week. We have a million great things to say about our Customer Care team, but we’ll let our customers say it better:

Stellar customer support. Actually human, actually there for you.
  • I really like the dynamic aspect of these forms. We can set them up so that when a user clicks a radio button, a new section of the form opens up for them to see. The support people that I’ve dealt with are really just first class. I am genuinely impressed.

    Peter Rudd CRM Admin at European PGA Tour
  • The product is easy to use, has advanced functionality, while the dedicated team communicated constantly with us and made all the necessary tweaks to meet our needs.

    Jyoti Agrawal. Project Manager at DC Fire
  • I've been using 123FormBuilder for my HR needs and it has helped me a lot. It's not perfect, but it produces great results and makes life so much easier. I was looking for a solution to manage all of my employees' records, and 123FormBuilder is the best I've seen in this category

    User in the Automotive industry

Full GDPR compliance & security

In the data privacy era, nothing’s more important than making sure every bit of information you collect is securely stored and handled. As a Jotform alternative, 123FormBuilder offers you full GDPR compliance (including EU servers). On top of that, we are ISO 9001 and 27001-compliant and can provide you with advanced security features too.

Full GDPR compliance & security

Unlimited fields per form on any paid plan

Want to create timed quizzes for your students or employees? Nothing easier in 123FormBuilder. Oh, and you can show different pages depending on the quizz result too!

Unlimited fields per form on any paid plan

Get all your form responses

Speaking of limits, tired of not getting to actually see all your form submissions? Here’s the thing: 123FormBuilder is the Jotform alternative that will allow you to get 5,000 form submissions on the lowest-tier paid plan (yes, the $19.99 one.) You can jot that down in ink, it’s an unbeatable number for the price!

Get all your form responses

Unlimited forms for as low as $37.99

Need to create a lot of forms? We got you. Our Platinum Plan starts at less than $38 and it will give you unlimited forms (and many other cool features.)

Unlimited forms for as low as $37.99

For less than $20/ month, you can make your forms really yours. No 123FormBuilder branding or link to get in the way: just a pretty form you can personalize to fit your brand, your needs, and your target audience.

Remove form builder link from form
Enrich contact lists on the Free Plan

Enrich contact lists on the Free Plan

Want to pull contacts from your forms into NationBuilder, WixContacts, or Shopify Customers? It’s the easiest thing to do. In 123FormBuilder, you can do it on the free plan (and it takes 3 seconds to set up the integration & roll with it.)

4,000+ integrations

123FormBuilder integrates with more than 45 tools natively (like Dropbox, Mailchimp, and HubSpot, Wix, PayPal and others). This means you can use our form integrations to connect your forms with your favorite tools to forever break the chains of infinite copy/pasting & avoid potential human error.

4,000+ integrations

Salesforce, done well

Want to connect your forms and surveys to any object in Salesforce?

123FormBuilder is your best Jotform alternative for Salesforce. From now on, your CRM and your forms can work together to save you time, help you build better workflows, and support you in making sure your collected data is always clean. On 123FormBuilder, you can push or pull data to unlimited objects, URL prefill, real-time prefill, and more.

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