Let’s design a paperless future together.

We are a friendly international team constantly looking for talented and ambitious colleagues to continue the 123FormBuilder story.

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More than form builders

At 123FormBuilder we help users collect data with the aim of improving and automating business processes, also helping companies work smarter and make informed decisions. We have developed a powerful online form builder that allows users to do just that in a simple and secure way. Our forms are a vital puzzle piece in the flow of data collection within any organization, and we currently have over 2 million active users spread across 180+ countries.


Our forms are a vital puzzle piece in the flow of data collection within larger organizations


We exist to help customers save time, optimize workflows & get actionable data


 We work together to design a paperless future


The bedrock of why we exist and what bonds us a team with a shared sense of purpose for achieving common goals

Customer Centric

The foundation of our company was our approach to customer success.  Having a friendly attitude and going the extra mile are key ingredients in order to provide a positive experience and build long-term relationships.


Everything we do here at 123FormBuilder we do it with passion. We are passionate about our work, our product, our projects and we love to celebrate our successes. As passion drives excellence, we are positive that our people have the power to change the world.


We know how hard it is to build trust, and how it’s even harder to maintain it, that’s why we foster a culture of  honesty and mutual respect. We strive to keep our people motivated, build  long-lasting relations, stand by our promises and integrity in order to be successful together.

Our offices

At 123FormBuilder you have the flexibility to choose a fully remote work setup, but you can also work from one of our two offices

Timișoara, Romania

Our main office is located in downtown Timișoara, with access to many public means of transportation, shops, and several important venues. We work in a superb building with a great history behind it. Right across the street, you’ll see the Bega River and parks where you can take a short break, relax and enjoy the view.

Bucharest, Romania

Our Bucharest office is in an eclectic co-working space, Impact Hub Universitate, right in the heart of the city and walking distance to the Old Town. We appreciate the flexibility so you can find here shared office space with quiet areas, comfy couches, conference rooms and parking spaces (including bike racks).

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  • Timișoara
  • Bucharest
Gheorghe Lazar no. 24, Fructus PlazaSecond Floor(SAD 13), 300081Timișoara, Romania, EU
Impact Hub Bucharest Universitate, Strada Tudor Arghezi 8-10, București 020945

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