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13 Awesome Things 123FormBuilder Did in 13 Years

It’s been 13 years since we landed our first customer and now, tens of thousands of customers later, we are just as excited as we were on our first day. Excited to be part of this industry, excited to help, excited to make lives easier with a data collection tool that works and is easy to work with. 

What have we done in 13 years? 

Hundreds, thousands of amazing things, but here are the top 13 we hold dear to our hearts: 

Landed a Strong Partnership with Wix in 2012

To the date, Wix and 123FormBuilder help businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes create seamless websites and forms, completely code-free. Since then, the form builder app has been installed more than 3 million times by Wix users! 👏

Landed Our First Enterprise Client (Hilti) in 2014

…And they’re still with us, so many years later. As we were saying in the beginning, we are very grateful for having customers that stuck with us — and new customers who come to us every day 🤗

Landed Our First Investment in 2015 

When 3TS chose 123FormBuilder for their $1M investment, we stepped into a new era of growth — and we’ve been on our way to the stars ever since! 

Moved into an ACTUAL Palace in 2016 

What, you didn’t expect vampires to work from tall office buildings, did you? 😲

Flavia Palace has been our HQ since 2016. Every month since then, more than 22 pounds of coffee grounds were consumed here, more than 400 bottles of soft drinks were enjoyed, and more than 400 pounds of fruit have energized our days at the Flavia Palace. All in the name of form buildin’, of course! 

Released Our Salesforce Product in 2017 

As we grew up and started working with more and more companies, we realized integrating 123FormBuilder with Salesforce is a necessary, helpful step we have to make. And we did it! In 2017, our Salesforce product became officially available — and it has been ever since! 

Launched Our Save the Children Campaign in 2019

When we launched on this journey, we promised we would always strive to give back to the community. So, in 2019, we rallied with the Save the Children association in Romania to donate them 20% off of our income tax. It was, by far, one of the most emotional and beautiful moments of our story — and not the last one of this kind, for certain! 

Implemented Our First 123 Ambassador Program in 2020 

We believe in our people. They are the brick and mortar of each and every line of code, customer interaction, and long-term partnership we have ever built. As such, we created a special Ambassador program to show off how great it is to work at 123FormBuilder — and why our results speak for themselves (spoiler alert: it’s ‘cause we care about each and every member of the 123FormBuilder family). 

Maintained Our Focus, Sanity, and Positive Mindset through the Pandemic 

To say the COVID-19 pandemic altered our lives would be a severe understatement. But, thanks to our amazing customers and a Leadership team that worked relentlessly to make the transition from the “old normal” to the “new normal” as smooth as possible, we managed to make it through 2020. 

We were just as anxious as everyone when this started. But, as the Beatles put it, you get by with a little help from your friends, and 123FormBuilder has been our “remote home”: the place we all turned our focus on to maintain our sanity and positive mindset throughout one of the hardest years our generation has lived through. 

Thank you for sticking with us through this! ❤

Had Our First Virtual Christmas Party in 2020

Yes, our lives changed drastically in 2020. But we didn’t let that ruin Christmas (we might be vampires, but we ain’t no Grinch!). We went on and had a virtual Christmas party with drinks, jokes, laughter, and games. It was a blast! 

Landed Our Second Investor at the End of 2020

At the end of 2020, 212 chose to support 123FormBuilder’s journey. Somehow, in the midst of the craze that year was, we were more than grateful for ending the year in a very good place.

Started Working from Home, Unlimitedly in 2021 

If 2020 was an odd year full of changes, shifts, and turns, by 2021 we all accommodated ourselves into this new lifestyle. And since we realized many of us are even more efficient working from home, we gave everyone unlimited remote work to use as they see fit. 

Pajama productivity FTW! 😂

Reached a Total of 90 Employees for the First Time in 2021

90 employees might not sound like much for some of you, but for us, it was a big milestone. And, again, we couldn’t have done it without you, our customers. 💕

Big ONE-OH-OH, here we come! 

Gave Away Unlimited Submissions on All Plans 

Not to brag, but this is pretty awesome. 😁

Together, we have shared laughter and tears, frustration and peace of mind, we have faced problems and found solutions. It’s been an awesome 13 years — and we’re looking forward to the next 130 when our forms will be used by businesses operating in space ! 🚀

People think thirteen brings bad luck. But we are fortunate and grateful enough to see that our 13th has only brought us lots and lots of accomplishments and things to be proud of. We have come a long way from being just a handful of vampires (ahem, cough, humans) outside of Transylvania — and we have a long way ahead of us too, making sure we provide the best(est!) form building experience in the Galaxy (and beyond!). 

Thank you for being a part of our journey! 

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