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Transform property maintenance inspections into paperless, automated processes with our solution! 123FormBuilder’s cutting-edge online forms cater specifically to property management companies, offering a seamless and streamlined experience. Revolutionize your operations with customizable forms tailored to your unique needs.

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Digitize Property Management Data

Online property management forms streamline operations through automation. They simplify tenant applications, automate lease agreements, and facilitate maintenance requests for quick problem-solving. Inspection checklists digitize property assessments, while rent payment records and notice forms automate administrative tasks, ensuring smoother transitions and reducing manual work. These online forms serve as the backbone of efficient property management, minimizing manual tasks, reducing errors, and fostering a more streamlined, automated workflow for enhanced productivity.

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Keep Data Secure and Compliant with Us

We take data security and compliance seriously as we understand the complexity of handling sensitive information. We minimize your risk and allow you to focus on more critical activities without worrying about your data being unsafe.

Protect your real estate property management forms data with a comprehensible web form solution. 123FormBuilder provides the ultimate shield for your form data, keeping it safe from prying eyes. GDPR compliance, SSL encryption, DKIM, SPF, and Captcha are just a few safety measures we took to keep your data secure.

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Ease of Use for Staff and Clients

123FormBuilder provides an intuitive interface enabling you to quickly build simple or highly complex data collection forms in minutes, track them, and analyze the data for better insights, all done under one roof.

We understand the need to have your apps communicate with each other. Take advantage of our robust export capabilities and/or integrate via APIs, Zapier, Salesforce, and other out-of-the-box integrations available, enabling you to connect your entire it ecosystem and automate workflows.

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Applications & Workflows in Real Estate Property Management

Tailored Tenant Applications icon

Tailored Tenant Applications

Simplify the tenant screening process with comprehensive and customizable application forms. Collect essential details efficiently, making tenant selection a breeze.

Automated Lease Agreements icon

Automated Lease Agreements

Generate legally binding lease agreements effortlessly. Customize terms, automate signing processes with e-signature, and ensure compliance with ease.

Maintenance Made Simple icon

Maintenance Made Simple

Expedite maintenance requests with user-friendly forms. Streamline communication between tenants and maintenance teams for quick issue resolution.

Comprehensive Inspection Checklists icon

Comprehensive Inspection Checklists

Ensure property condition transparency with detailed inspection forms. Capture and document property conditions accurately during move-in, move-out, or routine checks.

Seamless Rent Payment Record icon

Seamless Rent Payment Record

Keep accurate rent payment records effortlessly. Simplify payment tracking and avoid discrepancies, keeping tenants and owners happy.

Intuitive Notice Forms

Intuitive Notice Forms

Effortlessly handle lease terminations or notices to vacate. Standardize processes and timelines for smooth transitions between tenants.

Dedicated Property Management Form Templates

An extensive gallery of pre-built property management online form templates to help you get started. Choose yours.

Browse 2,000+ form templates

Integrate with 3K + Popular Tools to Handle Data without Interruptions

Effortlessly link your online forms to popular platforms, enhancing your workflow and data management.

Whether it’s integrating with email marketing services, CRM systems, or project management tools, our intuitive setup ensures a hassle-free experience.

Elevate your form’s functionality and gather valuable data efficiently by harnessing the power of 123FormBuilder’s extensive third-party tool integrations.

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