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Create Secure Consent Forms with 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder is a versatile form builder that allows researchers, doctors, lawyers, university staff, and others to obtain consent from patients, students, parents, and customers through online forms. With its drag-and-drop functionality and form features, 123FormBuilder is the go-to tool for obtaining consent for waivers and informed consent agreements.

Browse the consent form collection on 123FormBuilder, find the template that fits your needs, customize it without using code, and publish the form where you need it with only a copy & paste effort. And because we take special care of the confidentiality that goes on in each consent agreement, 123FormBuilder takes the necessary measures to secure, protect, and ensure you process the form data without risks.

What are the Benefits of Using the 123FormBuilder Tool?

If you need to run a delicate medical procedure and need permission from the patient to proceed, you can a 123FormBuilder online form to inform the patient about the procedure and have them agree by signing the document from a smartphone or tablet. And you don’t need more than a few minutes to set up the form and share it with each new patient.

If you’re a small company owner in need of protecting your business from potential lawsuits from customers, you can use one of 123FormBuilder’s general consent form templates to generate a liability waiver that all customers need to sign before doing business with you.

If you’re a researcher, an informed consent form given to your participants at the right time prevents unwanted events, especially in clinical trials. And you know what? 123FormBuilder helps researchers generate and obtain consent as easily as in any other scenario mentioned above.

Among the many perks 123FormBuilder has to offer, you will find:

  • 30+ form elements like Terms of Service, PDF embed, E-signature, File Upload, and Multiple Choice
  • Form designer that allows you to brand your consent form
  • Built-in connections with other platforms
  • Payment processors
  • Multiple publishing methods

Last but not least, you can try 123FormBuilder for free and start obtaining consent at super-duper speed.

How do I Create a Consent Form Template?

Start by signing up to 123FormBuilder and choosing a template or creating a form from blank. 123FormBuilder is filled with specific and general consent form templates, and we are constantly looking to expand our collection.

Once you’ve got into the editor, drag and drop form fields the way you want them on the form, and go to the Notifications section to configure who receives the forms signed. Here, take a look at our product tour to learn more about creating a web form.

How Can I Customize my Form Template?

You can customize the 123FormBuilder templates in the 123FormBuilder tool by using the import button that will duplicate the form in the Form Editor section.

Who Needs a Consent Form Template?

Researchers, doctors, schools, companies – about everyone needs a consent form when dealing with sensitive information or providing treatment where confidentiality, children, and life are at risk. It’s a prime responsibility governed by laws in most countries.

Do you need a consent agreement template?

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

Do you want to send the data to another online tool when obtaining consent? How about sending it to multiple tools at the same time? Easy-peasy! You can connect your consent forms on 123FormBuilder with other tools like Google sheets, Salesforce, or PayPal without needing coding skills. Moreover, you can use Zapier to connect 123FormBuilder with over 4,000 apps on the market.

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Consent Forms – Frequently Asked Questions

A consent form is a signed document meant to show the explicit consent of a party to be part of a research project, medical study, or similar activity. Consent forms are legally binding and they are extremely important for companies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations because having these signatures enables them to proceed with their activities in full certainty that the other party has been informed of everything involved.

A consent form is a document in which someone (a person or entity) is legally submitting their consent for them (or the person/ entity in their care) to be part of a specific activity (such as medical research, marketing research, a school activity, and so on).

You can create a consent form in 123FormBuilder. You can either choose a consent form template from the wide range we have in our collection or you can create one from scratch using our drag-and-drop form builder.

Creating a consent form with our form builder is extremely easy:

  1. Choose a template from the consent form templates collection or create your own online consent form from scratch (just drag and drop fields into your form)
  2. Personalize it with your fields, names, design, conditional logic, and email notifications.
  3. Publish it anywhere: on your site, on social media, or just send it via email.

Consent forms are used when you need a legally binding contract between you and another party, in which they express their explicit consent to be part of an activity. This document is important in protecting your rights, as well as those of the other party.

What to include in a consent form depends on your situation. However, a signature field, a name field, as well as details about the activity, a release of activity, and terms and conditions (where applicable) are all quite standard in consent forms of all kinds.

A consent form should always include:

Terms and conditions (where this is the case, such as in the case of a data collection consent form for GDPR)

Yes, they are legally binding. However, you are advised to check with the legislation where you live and make sure eSignatures are accepted as legally binding (they are in the United States of America, for example).