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Frequently Asked Questions

Informed consent is a principle in medical treatment and research where the medical staff is obligated to give the patient sufficient information about the treatment’s consequences. An informed consent form is a document that outlines this information and that the patient has to sign to agree. The practice of using informed consent forms is common in many countries regarding medical studies and clinical trials.

You can customize our informed consent form template using our form builder. Duplicate the template in your 123 Form Builder account and edit the form with your knowledgeable consent version and other features you see fit. 123 Form Builder makes it easy to create online forms using a user-friendly designer with drag-and-drop functionality.

The purpose of this form is to inform your potential participants what you plan to ask them to do during your study so that they can decide if they want to participate. Your should detail the following areas: participation time requirement, participant tasks, communication, risks, compensation, confidentiality, freedom to withdraw, dissemination of results, and contact information for the Principal Investigator.

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