Easy education forms in minutes

Literally, just drag and drop fields for the perfect school form

education forms for teachers and students
education forms for teachers and students

Creating Education Forms has never been easier

scholarship form

Whether we like it or not, the digitalization of education is here. From online school forms to online classes and even online classrooms, we’ve fast-forwarded into a future where the digitization of education and information are rapidly replacing the traditional past.

streamline online applications

Education forms are a big part of this (and no, we’re not just saying this because, we’re 123FormBuilder, a data collection app for teachers). We’re saying it because student and teacher forms streamline communication and the flow of information between the two most important participants in the act of education.

streamline online applications

Searching for ways to easily create school forms in minutes?

You’re in the best place. Like a book perfectly placed on an alphabetically ordered and color-coded bookshelf with one of those neat little library stickers on it.

And because we value your work, we’re more than happy to offer you 20% off on any paid plan too! Apply for your discount.

Build Forms that Build the Future

smiling child in space suit raising fist into the air

As a teacher, you hold the future of mankind in your hands — and we are all super thankful. You are the reason people have landed on the Moon and will land on Mars.

Here at 123FormBuilder we don’t shape the minds of the young, and we don’t build rockets, we build forms. What we can do, with our forms, is help you make the amazing work you do smoother.

In other words, let the forms do the work and allow yourself the time to focus on the things that truly matter. It’s easier than ever to build data collection forms for teachers and integrate them into educational workflows.

In other words, let the forms do the work and allow yourself the time to focus on the things that truly matter. It’s easier than ever to build data collection forms for teachers and integrate them into educational workflows.

create education form


Go to your 123FormBuilder Dashboard and either choose from the thousands of templates, or create your form from scratch.

edit education form


Customize your school form / form template to suit your specific needs. Just drag and drop new fields, delete what you don’t need, and personalize everything how you want it.

publish education form


Publish your forms and share them with your students, their parents, your school administrators, or whoever else needs to see them.

All the education template forms you need

education form templates

We mean it. We have more than 1900+ form templates, including a very wide variety of education form templates that you can just start using right now. In minutes. Right after you click one of the big sign-up buttons we’ve added on this page (don’t worry, you can’t miss them, they’re like, really big).

It doesn’t matter if you teach K-12, college, or provide online classes for individuals and companies. From internal school workflows to collecting info from students and forms that just make school life easier (for students, administrators, parents, and teachers alike), we aim to make education a little smoother. One form at a time.

education form templates

Easy to make school quizzes

citrus online quiz

Did you know you can create a fun, interactive, smart, and engaging school quiz, poll, or survey form for K-12 or college students in literally minutes?

Like, really, we have the templates, you just need to have the questions.

Grab a quiz template, add your own test or survey questions, personalize the form with images, and then send it to your students.

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Click, click, drag, drop, and done!

citrus online quiz
online school admission form

Administrative forms for students and teachers

online school admission form

If you need to collect administrative or classroom-related information from your students, you can do that easier than ever. Pull a template (or create a form from scratch by dragging and dropping your desired fields), customize it, and publish it.

Online school admission form? School registration forms online? Surveying K-12 students about your classes?

Education forms have moved completely online, and they’re even fun to build (if you use the right form builder, that is, cough-cough, 123FormBuilder)!

Click, click, drag, drop, and done. As easy as 123.

Conditional logic to create a custom experience

conditional logic setup example on 123 Form Builder

You know what else we really love, aside from education and forms?

Conditional logic.

It literally breathes a whole new life into your forms because it makes them interactive.

Conditional logic is the stuff you add to your forms when you want certain fields to only be visible when your respondents perform specific actions (like tick a box or answer a question with “yes”, for example).

Isn’t that really cool?

You got it here. With 123FormBuilder. it takes seconds to set up conditional logic rules.

conditional logic setup example on 123 Form Builder
school forms with online fundraiser gateways

Organize online fundraisers

school forms with online fundraiser gateways

Want to organize a fundraiser online?

Well, an order form template for fundraisers from 123FormBuilder’s order form creator will surely help. You know the drill: you just grab it, personalize it, and use it. And then all those sweet donations can flow right into your PayPal, Stripe, or Square account (or any of the other payment processors we’re fully integrated with).

Run educational events and classes online

online event registration form for schools

If you’re organizing an educational event or an online class / course, you’ll need an event registration form.

Which you can find in our template collection. Or you can create it from scratch if you want to (because it’s fun and easy, so why not?).

And if you want to collect payments for your educational events and classes, yes, you can do that. Just add a payment field to your form and voila!

online event registration form for schools
convert student progress reports from paper to online forms

From PDF to online forms and back again

convert student progress reports from paper to online forms

If you’re looking at a scruffy old paper form and you’re not sure how to bring it to the 21st century, we can help.

We have a simple PDF-to-online-form solution just for you.

Scan it, upload it into 123FormBuilder, and get your old school forms online in just a couple of clicks.

Technology is amazing, right? 🤩

Oh, and by the way, if you want to send form submissions in a PDF format or if you just want to attach certificates to your emails, you can do that in 123FormBuilder. Just set up a Notification system in two minutes and your respondents will automatically receive the notification email you want them to receive, with the attachment they need.


As simple as 123.

Connect your student data and your tools

student data

When we created 123FormBuilder more than a decade ago, we made a pledge: we want to make online forms so easy for our users that they’ll grow addicted to our tool.

We really did, our CEO made a campfire and everything, we all chanted, it was so much fun.

Not only is it easy to build online forms with 123FormBuilder, but it is also incredibly easy to collect data where you want it. In seconds.

student data
student data export

Export quiz and survey results easily

student data export

Whatever type of data your online form for students might be collecting, you can export it in whatever format you need (CSV, Excel, or PDF) in just seconds. Online teacher application forms, teacher appointment forms, or teacher appreciation forms couldn’t be any easier to build, manage, and use.

Or, if you need to make a presentation in front of the parents’ association or administrative board, you can always use our Reports section and pull all your form data together in pretty pie charts and smart tables.

Again, all this takes minutes.

Because as a teacher, you’ve got better things to do with your time than mindless copy-pasting and dragging tables around.

123 Form Builder integrations for online school forms

Do you use an app or database to collect information for your classes?

Or maybe you have an email newsletter your school sends parents every month?

Or perhaps you have a website you created to help your students?

We’re fully integrated with 80+ tools, including (but not limited to):

123 Form Builder integrations for online school forms

Collect information from your students — securely

We’re ultra-mega-uber secure.
Secure in every language on Earth, secure everywhere on the planet.

We are proud to be:

Gdpr compliant
HIPAA compliant
ISO 9001
ISO 27001 certified
ISO 27001
ISO 9001 certified

Double-authentication, regular employee training in security, safe servers – we got ‘em all.

Because we know how absolutely crucial data security is nowadays and we want to provide you with nothing less than absolute safety.

Our customers have trusted us with 200+ million submissions.

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  • Outstanding app and customer support

    With every app installed, we encounter implementation issues. For this reason, having an outstanding support team is essential. 123FormBuilder not only offers a marvelous solution for salesforce-integrated forms, but also, provides the support team to ensure the implementation is excellent. They were relentless in helping us ensure outstanding results. We highly recommend this app and the company behind it.

    Claudine Vainrub, Principal at EduPlan, LLC