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Build any type of online form as easy as 1-2-3. Use our free online form builder to create registration forms, application forms, order forms, and other forms fully integrated with your digital tools.

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Free Online Form Builder

smart form builder

Create secure contact forms, free online forms, custom forms, and powerful forms, surveys, or questionnaires using our easy-to-use, no-code, drag & drop free form builder tool. 2000+ form templates are available to get you started. Or you can build a new form from scratch if that’s what you prefer. Build beautiful forms, collect form entries securely, and improve your productivity — all with just a few clicks.

There is no limit to the number of use cases you can handle with 123FormBuilder: 

From basic forms to conditional logic/ question branching forms, the sky is the limit to what you can do with our platform.

smart form builder
form builder with integration

Integration with your digital tools

form builder with integration

Automate the flow of data within your organization with the 123FormBuilder form maker. Prefill online forms with Salesforce data, get paid through PayPal order forms or add new contacts to your Mailchimp mailing list, instead of manually importing and exporting data.

Create forms and benefit from 45 advanced integrations and extra 4,000 tools you can connect via Zapier. It’s never been easier to integrate your online digital forms and form responses with Wix, Shopify, Dropbox, Marketo, HubSpot, Google Sheets and Google Docs, and many more.

Secure Online Forms

secure gdpr and hipaa compliant form builder

Whoever said beautiful forms can’t be safe too? Use our online form builder and create GDPR-ready forms and HIPAA compliant forms. We help you build secure online forms that have multiple layers of security, various levels of compliance, all to make sure you collect data in a safe and protected way.

You can choose to store your online forms and all the information you collect only in the US or in the EU. We then make sure that your choice is respected all the way and your data will stay there.

Building forms that are secure and compliant has never been easier!

secure gdpr and hipaa compliant form builder

Discover our Form Maker Capabilities

Form builders can help you collect information and boost business growth by driving your internal & external workflows, maximizing your productivity, and future-proofing your organization with the help of secure digitization.


Secure Payments

Accept payments on your forms by integrating them with any of the payment providers we’re integrated with, like PayPal or, for example.


Document Collection

Collect documents, pictures, and videos files using file uploads fields. Just drag & drop them wherever in the form you need them.

mobile responsive

Responsive Forms

Create highly responsive forms Create highly responsive forms that can be used on any mobile device


Dynamic Forms

Use conditional logic to create dynamic, Use conditional logic to create dynamic, powerful forms that generate questions automatically, based on user answers.


Form Templates

More than 2,000 form templates are available for you. Just grab and use any of them when creating forms, so you can save time and effort.


Customizable Forms

Customize your form down to the smallest details, so it matches your site pages, your target audience, and your brand.

All with an easy interface your team will love to use when collecting data, leads, and form responses. No need to code, no need to endure the hassle. Create beautiful forms and edit them in minutes with a user friendly interface built by humans, for humans. Smart, powerful forms. A data collection tool, an order form generator, a survey maker, and an event registration software — all rolled into an easy interface. As easy as 1-2-3.

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5 stars review

I don’t know of a company like this that is willing to spend over 30 minutes making a client happy!

5 stars review

Our website stayed up. The form stayed up. And everything worked. It was absolutely dreamy.

4 stars review

Very solid tool for leveraging digital applications to integrate with Salesforce.


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