The Best Shopify Forms with 123FormBuilder

Bridge the gap between your Shopify store and the versatile form-building capabilities of 123FormBuilder and create a seamless experience for e-commerce entrepreneurs. 
Shopify forms, surveys, custom registration forms, lead generation forms, custom forms – you can find them all in our Shopify form builder. And it only takes 1-2-3 steps to build a custom form perfectly integrated into your Shopify store.

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Build Shopify Forms for Any Need

Do you want to add an easy contact form to your Shopify site? Maybe you’re looking for a Shopify order form app that will allow you to collect payments for your eCommerce needs.

Another option would be to create a quick survey to learn what goes through your customers’ minds. 

You may want a Shopify registration form to help you collect attendees to your online or offline events. Maybe you’re looking for a Shopify form builder with file upload options so you can collect bespoke orders.

No worries. 123FormBuilder is the best Shopify form builder precisely because it enables you to build any form you want on your Shopify in minutes.

Use Our Form Templates for Your Shopify

You don’t have to waste time learning how to create mobile responsive forms in Shopify with 123FormBuilder. For example, if you’ve been racking your brains on making a custom order form on Shopify, you might want to look at our order form templates.

We have more than 3,000 form templates ready for you to use. If you want to create forms on Shopify, you can grab one of our templates, customize it, and let your forms on Shopify collect the data, payments, and answers you need!

Some examples include:

We’re the Shopify form builder app that can provide you with any form you need. And it can all happen with just a few simple clicks. Surveys, order forms, quizzes, newsletter sign-up forms — you name it, we have it.

Browse 2,000+ form templates

The Ultimate Shopify Contact Form Builder, Code-free

Do you know what the best part about 123FormBuilder is?

When you use your Shopify to create an easy contact form, you don’t have to code a single line to create unique forms your visitors will love to fill out.

You can have a beautiful code-free contact form in minutes. Simply pick the form template that works for your needs. 

Customize your contact forms to make it easier for your customers to find the right person on your support team to help them out.

Add your branding and display contact form designs that attract, entice, and loyalize.

Collect accurate data from real people because that’s precisely what a good contact form does, and 123FormBuilder is ready to help you build it.

Collect Payments in Minutes

With 123FormBuilder, you can use Shopify payment forms to collect orders and payments on your Shopify site. 

All you have to do is pick a custom order form for Shopify template or build your order form from scratch and integrate it with one of the many payment processors we integrate with:

…and more!

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Register Customers on Your Shopify Site

Registering customers on your Shopify site with 123FormBuilder is a straightforward and efficient process that enhances your e-commerce operations. 

You can seamlessly collect essential customer information by embedding custom registration forms created with 123FormBuilder into your Shopify store

These forms can be designed to capture details like names, email addresses, contact numbers, and even specific preferences or interests. 

The data collected is securely stored and can be easily integrated into your Shopify customer database for a comprehensive view of your customer base. 

With 123FormBuilder, you can create a user-friendly registration experience, enabling you to build stronger customer relationships, personalize marketing efforts, and provide a more tailored shopping experience on your Shopify site.

Optimize Data Collection with Beloved Features

One of the key advantages of the 123FormBuilder Shopify integration is its user-friendly interface and robust feature set. Online forms are a fundamental part of any e-commerce operation, and with this integration, creating and managing them becomes a breeze. 

You can easily design customized forms for purposes like collecting customer feedback, processing orders, managing subscriptions, and more. These forms can be embedded directly into your Shopify store, ensuring a seamless user experience. 

This Shopify form builder integration allows real-time data synchronization, ensuring that all form submissions are promptly processed and stored. This level of automation frees up your time to focus on growing your business and improving customer satisfaction. 

Here are more helpful features worth testing out:

  • Conditional logic – Personalize user experience by changing form field contents based on previous user input
  • Calculations – Quickly input data to generate calculated results
  • File upload – Allow your customers to upload documents, PDF files, and pictures and send them to you
  • Email notifications – Set up payment confirmations and registration requests, send responder copies and thank you emails
  • Product Field – Allow clients to choose and pay for goods and services without leaving the form
  • Form Insights – Analyze your form activity and make form field changes to improve conversions
  • E-signature – Improve efficiency and speed up document signing processes
  • Automatic translations – Our Shopify form builder app enables you to speak the language of your customers

Connect Shopify Forms to Your Favorite Tools

With 123FormBuilder and Shopify, your data goes where you need it in a few seconds, allowing you to do more meaningful and productive things in the meantime. 

We’re integrated with more than 45 other popular tools in CRM, CMS, project management, development, social media, email marketing, help desk, and more. You can automatically add form submissions to your email marketing list, process payments, or create detailed spreadsheets for data analysis.

Plus, you can connect your custom form with more than 3,000 tools via Zapier, which makes us one of the best form builder apps on the market.

Connect the tools you’re using on your Shopify with your forms and let data flow seamlessly between your form fields and your other tools automatically. No copy-pasting, no human errors.

We are integrated with many popular apps and software, including:

Harness these forms with Shopify integrations to supercharge your e-commerce operations, gain deeper insights into customer behavior, and enhance your overall business efficiency. 

The endless possibilities make 123FormBuilder an indispensable tool and one of the best form builders for Shopify store owners looking to optimize their workflow and grow their online presence.

Collect Data from Your Shopify Forms, Securely

Data collection is important, but securing your form data is crucial. With 123FormBuilder, you can trust that your customer’s data is safe and that you operate under the latest security standards. When it comes to our form-building tool on Shopify, you can rest assured we’re:

  • HIPAA-compliant
  • GDPR-compliant
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • CCPA-compliant
  • COPPA-compliant

HIPAA compliance means our custom forms can legally handle patient information in medical institutions in the US. 

With GDPR compliance, we are ensuring we’re putting all necessary organizational and technological security measures in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and safety of any data collected and processed through our forms.

Data encryption, secure data centers, and access controls are in place to protect sensitive information. Additionally, features like DKIM and SPF enhance email security, preventing phishing and unauthorized access. Captcha integration further improves security by deterring bots and spam submissions. 

How it works

Create a Shopify custom form in three steps.

Step 1

Log into your 123FormBuilder account, select a template, or build a new form.

Step 2

Customize your form with your desired fields, rules, design, or email notifications.

Step 3

Publish your new form on your Shopify site and let the submissions roll in. That’s it!

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Use 123FormBuilder and Shopify forms integration to quickly collect form data on your Shopify store.

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