Customize template

Build a variety of online surveys with 123FormBuilder. Use drag-and-drop, styling options, and other perks to customize your survey. Next, choose from a list of fields, including radio buttons, checkboxes, Likert scales, and dropdowns. See our full list of features.

Publish template

Publish this online survey template on any website or social media platform. You can even send the online survey by email to other people. And you don’t need to work on coding it for mobile devices. Moreover, this online survey, like many others created with 123FormBuilder, is mobile-friendly from the start. Of course, no coding needed.

Colelct & manage data

Collect responses in a built-in repository that comes with the template and aggregate them in real-time reports with visual representations. Besides, you can create a custom report with several graphs and widgets, such as pie charts, vertical bars or lines.

Optimize processes

Build online surveys quickly and easily with the questions and answers that you want. No programming knowledge needed, just a 123FormBuilder account. To get started, get the online survey template now!

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