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Collect Customer Feedback with 123FormBuilder’s Templates

Nobody can read minds; that’s what feedback forms are for. Feedback forms are documents you can use to ask for feedback from customers, employees, managers, stakeholders, and pretty much anyone whose opinion helps you understand their needs, concerns, and wants.

Creating a great feedback form is extremely easy with 123FormBuilder. You just:

  1. Grab one of the feedback form examples we have in our database or create your own feedback form from scratch by dragging and dropping fields (yes, THAT easy!)
  2. Customize it with conditional logic (so that respondents only see the fields they need to see), email notifications, and your own customized design (to make it match your brand).
  3. Publish it anywhere: on your site, on social media, or just send it over via email

What are the Benefits of Using 123FormBuilder for Gathering Feedback?

123FormBuilder is a versatile form builder that allows any non-tech savvy to build forms and online surveys without coding. If you’re looking to gather feedback remotely, better understand your customers, make informed decisions for your business, and automate processes on the go, 123FormBuilder’s feedback forms templates are what you need.

Select a template or create mobile-friendly forms from scratch using drag-and-drop, your keyboard, and your mouse.

Here are some of the feedback forms you can edit or create on 123FormBuilder:

Create feedback surveys as easy as 1-2-3 using a visual editor with design options that let you control specific aspects of the form, helping your respondents answer questions and leaving additional comments where applicable in minutes.

Uncover pain points through real-time reports with custom charts and graphs that you can edit for each feedback form on 123FormBuilder. Gauge overall satisfaction with consistent rating scales like Likert or rating stars.

Collect customer feedback with customer satisfaction forms that are easy to edit and use in customer satisfaction surveys. For real! Submitting feedback in a logical flow has never been easier. Your customers will be able to provide feedback with minimum effort.

If you need to gauge event feedback, no problem! Create a customer survey and share it with the people that attended your event. You will be able to gather information online and generate valuable insights about your event and how your customers enjoyed it.

How do I Create a Feedback Form Template?

Simply customize one of the available feedback form templates or create a new form within your 123FormBuilder account. Click the “use this template” button to duplicate the form in the form editor and start editing it with the question types you need, including:

  • Likert scales
  • Radio buttons
  • Multiple choice checkmarks
  • Rating stars
  • Text fields
  • Name
  • Email

123FormBuilder provides several publishing options for your feedback form:

  • Shareable link
  • Embed code
  • Lightbox/popup window

No matter what publishing option you choose, all you need to do is copy and paste the link or code wherever you want to publish your form.

Use the design options within 123FormBuilder’s visual editor to create great-looking feedback forms that match your branding colors and logo.

How Can I Customize my Form Template?

Simply select one of the available feedback form templates on 123FormBuilder and customize it using the drag-and-drop visual editor. Here’s what you can do:

  • You can edit the feedback questions
  • You can change the order of the questions and even randomize them for each respondent
  • You can resize the width of the form
  • You can opt for other font styles and character encodings
  • You can add multiple translations
  • You can use your own CSS to style the feedback form
  • You can add custom Javascript to enhance the form’s behavior
  • You can limit the total number of responses
  • You can reject responses by geolocation
  • You can get more responses using a paid subscription on 123FormBuilder

And these are just to name a few. Learn more about our features on our pricing page.

Who Needs a Feedback Form Template?

Feedback is a powerful tool for growing your organization, whether you collect feedback from your employees, customers, or the general public, for your events, or from partners.

Feedback forms help gather relevant information about your products and services, working environment, customer experience, and brand experience that you can use to increase the efficiency of your business, provide a valuable service, build an awesome company culture, and improve customer loyalty.

Basically, you have all the reasons in the world to create a feedback form:

  • To provide customers and employees with an easy way to submit feedback
  • To generate quick reports that allow you to understand where your business can improve
  • For a better understanding of your customers, as well as their issues, why they are not converting, or why they are on the brink of leaving your business
  • To build trust among your customers, stakeholders, or employees
  • To measure employee and customer experience and correlate it with real-time data
  • To see how user-friendly a page, service, or product is
  • To make it easy to share collected information among the different stakeholders in your company or business

… and more (many more!)

But what defines proper feedback requires using an adequate feedback form template with pre-made feedback questions that turn feedback data into valuable insights. Whether it’s customer feedback, employee feedback, or student feedback, our collection of online feedback form templates covers them all.

Browse our feedback form samples & examples and customize the form you need, or build your basic feedback form from scratch using our feedback form builder. Manage responses in one place, identify business differentiators, and get an overview of what you need to improve to succeed.

We’ve got great examples of feedback forms and surveys that will help you get started. Get your free online feedback form template now!

Tips on How to Create a Good Feedback Form

Keep the following tips in mind when creating your feedback forms:

  • Make sure it looks uncluttered and easy to follow
  • Label your form fields
  • Make sure your questions are crystal-clear
  • Don’t force respondents to answer all the questions unless they are mandatory
  • Create a logical flow for your questions and use conditional logic to display fields only when the respondent checks or answers related questions
  • Make your feedback forms responsive on desktop and mobile devices (all 123FormBuilder feedback forms are fully responsive on mobile screens, just sayin’).
  • Add a personalized Thank You page. You should definitely show your customers and employees you are grateful for their feedback. In 123FormBuilder, setting up a custom Thank You page takes less than a minute.

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

Once published, your feedback form will start collecting data — and you can easily transfer it to your preferred tools by using one of the 80+ tools 123FormBuilder is integrated with, including:

Moreover, there are 4,000+ zaps available in Zapier that allow you to gather customer feedback through 123FormBuilder and send it to any tool you are currently using.

Feedback Forms – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feedback form?

A feedback form is an easy way to collect opinions about a product, service, or individual to improve your business, products, services, or overall employee experience, for example.

What should a feedback form include?

Feedback forms should be short and sweet because nobody wants to fill out endless forms. Generally, people just want to be heard — but they don’t want to feel like they are being asked too many questions and that their time is not valuable.

As such, a feedback form should only include the essentials. For example, some of the most popular elements included in feedback forms include:

  • Targeted feedback questions (e.g., “How would you evaluate your experience in our store?”)
  • Comments or suggestion boxes (basically, open-ended questions that allow people to state their opinions)
  • Contact information (to help you run a more in-depth analysis of your results)
  • Satisfaction ratings (like NPS surveys, customer questionnaires, and Likert scales surveys, which specifically request customers/ employees to rate their service/ product/ work experience)

How do I create a feedback form?

With 123FormBuilder, creating a compelling and engaging feedback form is easier than ever. You just need to grab a feedback form template from our collection or create a form from scratch, personalize it to your needs with drag and drop, and then publish it using its shareable link or embed code.