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Collect your customers’ feedback with 123FormBuilder

Nobody can read minds, that’s what feedback forms are for. Feedback forms are documents you can use to ask for feedback from customers, employees, managers, stakeholders, and pretty much anyone whose opinion helps you understand their needs, concerns, and wants.

Creating a feedback form is extremely easy with 123FormBuilder. You just: 

  1. Grab one of the feedback form templates we have in our database or create your own feedback form from scratch by dragging and dropping fields (yes, THAT easy!)
  2. Customize it with conditional logic (so that respondents only see the fields they need to see), email notifications, and your own customized design (to make it match your brand). 
  3. Publish it anywhere: on your site, on social media, or just send it over via email

Once published, your feedback form will start collecting data — and you can easily transfer it to your preferred tools by using one of the 80+ tools 123FormBuilder is integrated with: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feedback form?

A feedback form is an easy way to collect opinions about a product, service, or individual with the purpose of improving your business, products, services, or overall employee experience, for example. 

Basically, you have all the reasons in the world to create a feedback form: 

  • To provide people (customers or employees, for example) with an easy way to submit their feedback 
  • To generate quick reports that allow you to understand where your business can improve 
  • To understand your customers better, as well as their issues, why they are not converting, or why they are on the brink of leaving your business
  • To build trust among your customers, stakeholders, or employees 
  • To measure the customer/ employee experience and correlate it with real-time data 
  • To see how user-friendly a page, service, or product is 
  • To make it easy to share collected information among the different stakeholders in your company or business

… and more (many more!)

What should a feedback form include?

Feedback forms should be short and sweet because nobody wants to fill out endless forms. Generally, people just want to be heard — but they don’t want to feel like they are being asked too many questions and that their time is not valuable. 

As such, a feedback form should only include the essentials. For example, some of the most popular elements included in feedback forms include:

  • Targeted questions (e.g. “How would you evaluate your experience in our store?”)
  • Comments or suggestion boxes (basically, open-ended questions that allow people to state their opinions) 
  • Contact information (to help you run a more in-depth analysis of your results)
  • Satisfaction ratings (like NPS surveys, customer questionnaires, and Likert scales surveys, which specifically request customers/ employees to rate their service/ product/ work experience)

How to create a feedback form?

With 123FormBuilder, it is easier than ever to create a compelling and engaging feedback form. You just need to grab a feedback form template (or create a form from scratch, by dragging and dropping), personalize it to your needs, and then publish it. 

Furthermore, you might also want to keep the following tips in mind when creating your feedback forms: 

  • Make sure it looks uncluttered and easy to follow 
  • Label your form fields
  • Make sure your questions are crystal-clear
  • Don’t force respondents to answer all the questions (just make them all optional) 
  • Try to make your questions flow logically (and definitely use conditional logic to display fields only when the respondent has checked or answered related questions) 
  • Make sure your forms are available on desktop and mobile devices (all 123FormBuilder feedback forms are fully responsive on mobile screens, just sayin’). 
  • Don’t forget to add a personalized Thank You page too! You should definitely show your customers/ employees you are grateful for their feedback (and in 123FormBuilder, setting up a custom Thank You page takes less than one minute!)