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Leverage the power of data-driven manufacturing processes to perform better, connect more, and grow faster, ensuring efficiency and innovation at every step of your production journey.

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Improve operations with actionable data

When you rely on accurate, real-time data to make critical decisions, it boosts productivity and makes you more responsive to customer requests. Use 123FormBuilder’s forms to gain visibility into all areas of your factory floor, inventory, and logistics to better monitor and control costsshorten time to market, and ace operational efficiency.

Let your engineers, plant managers, and back-office workers quickly collect, track and analyze personnel, machine, and production data (right on their mobile devices) so you can optimize the supply chain for peak performance. Our forms are easy to build (no code, drag & drop), friendly with other tools (e.g., Salesforce), and can adapt to your level of complexity.

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Rely on industry-recognized compliances

With a near-perfect uptime record protection guaranteed by McAfee, and AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers guarding your data, we’re ensuring the security and integrity of your manufacturing processes. We are 100% GDPR compliantHIPAA compliantISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified, which allow you to collect sensitive information or sign confidential agreements securely.

You have full control over your submissions through authenticated user access and password protection. Plus, every form you create and use benefits from Network & Server protection, Virus & Malware protection, and Data Backup & Recovery to prevent unexpected downtime and ensure the smooth operation of your production line.

Be guided with premium support

Effective data collection in manufacturing is a great competitive advantage. And we want to set you up for success. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager from the very start that will help you become familiar with the platform’s features and choose the ones that work in your favor.

Whether you need a quick fix or assistance integrating 123FormBuilder with your CRM or HelpDesk, our responsive customer care team is always only a click away from your preferred channel. We also provide SLAs, guaranteeing that our team will always prioritize quality and a fast response time.

Ready-to-Use Form Templates for Manufacturing

An extensive gallery of pre-built inventory, production, and quality assurance form templates to help you get started. Choose yours.

Browse 2,000+ form templates

Integrate with 3K + Popular Tools to Handle Data without Interruptions

Effortlessly link your online forms to popular platforms, enhancing your workflow and data management.

Whether it’s integrating with email marketing services, CRM systems, or project management tools, our intuitive setup ensures a hassle-free experience.

Elevate your form’s functionality and gather valuable data efficiently by harnessing the power of 123FormBuilder’s extensive third-party tool integrations.

Discover All the Integrations

Production & Manufacturing Workflows

Create Timesheets

Track employees’ productivity and optimize scheduling by building an interactive timesheet that automatically prefills with your workers’ data while letting you monitor capacity and reduce labor costs.

Accept Orders

Create forms that capture all the information you need to fulfill an order right away. Create custom rules such as limiting the number of requests per item to ensure the transaction’s accuracy.

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Set up Approval Flows

Prevent non-conforming products by setting up an automated approval workflow, which can notify the right person each time a step in the production process has been completed and move to the next one.

Perform Inspections

Create a digital checklist to assess the production floor’s compliance with specific regulations or the product’s quality. Keep a straight record of the data and create insightful reports that help you mitigate future risks.

Automate HR Processes

Ensure a high level of coordination of your HR processes. From onboarding to tracking KPI, collecting feedback, and granting authorized access, create an automated data collection workflow that documents everything.

Run Marketing Projects

Plan and organize events and trade show participation. Cover everything from registration to lead data collection and post-event database access through Salesforce, MailChimp, or other digital tools.

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The interface is comprehensive and user-friendly; I like that changes to the form fields are saved without clicking a button. We capture essential information from both internal and external users, which helps us provide a more consistent level of service and make better business decisions.

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