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Must-Have Business Automations for a Seamless Customer Experience

Customer experience automation is a necessity in most companies. It has become standard practice to automate as many processes as possible and many things that were once done by humans are now performed by technologies. 

Most of the tasks that get automated are repetitive and manual. You can find these types of tasks in every area of the company, and that includes customer experience management. Setting up different workflows for various customer-related activities can eventually help you improve your customer’s experience when interacting with your product and team. 

If you want to know how to improve customer experience with automation, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Is CX Automation Important?

In today’s market, most companies have similar products and services. One of the rare things that can set a business apart is how they approach managing the customer experience (or CX for short). 

But what is CX and why is automation such an important part of it?

CX is a term that comes from “Customer Experience”, or in other words, the totality of actions a business takes in the relationship they create with their customers, at every step of their buying journey. . Companies that focus on improving customer experience see an 80% increase in revenue

Automation can take customer experience to the next level by doing the following:

  • Providing quick and high-quality responses. A big part of great customer care is providing quick responses and resolving issues effortlessly. And with the help of automation, you can implement solutions that improve the speed and quality of responses.
  • Self-service. You can provide 24/7 customer support and improve CX with the use of chatbots, which are among the most popular tools for problem resolution among customers.
  • Omnichannel. With the right tools and technologies, you can provide your customers with a seamless omnichannel experience, no matter how they decide to engage with you. This way, every conversation, and request will be recorded for a better customer experience in the future.

The Essential Types of CX Automation You Should Put in Place

Sometimes, caring for customers and their needs seems like a full-time job on its own. But with smart customer experience automation, you can make the customer’s journey easier. 

Let’s go through some types of business automation that’ll help you improve customer experience.

Payment automation

When you automate payments, you’ll greatly increase customer satisfaction. With a system in place, customers won’t have to deal with issues such as errors and delays. Every payment is processed quickly and safely, but better CX isn’t the only benefit of payment automation.

Some other benefits include:

  • Completing all AP processes quicker
  • Reducing accounting errors and improving accuracy
  • Optimizing the company’s cash flow
  • Gaining a competitive advantage and increasing your chances for growth
  • Creating a personalized process for your customers

You can get all of these benefits only if you use a safe and reputable payment provider such as PayPal or Square, both of which can be integrated with our form builder tool, 123FormBuilder.

Productivity automation

Manufacturing productivity has increased significantly thanks to automation. Automating repetitive tasks frees up the employees’ time, reduces stress, and ensures all important tasks get completed.

There are a lot of productivity tools that integrate with 123FormBuilder, including (but not limited to) Google Sheets and this can significantly benefit your employees. When productivity increases, so do employee happiness and satisfaction, as well as their well-being.

And when you have happy and productive employees, you also have a team of employees who are willing to put in the effort to keep all customers happy and offer them a great experience. It’s an easy, win-win equation. 

Email automation

When it comes to automating customer experience, email automation is definitely one of the most common examples. 

A proven email provider can bring you a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Better personalization that’ll make all of your prospects feel special (and your communication with them more human)
  • More accurate targeting and segmentation that ensures every recipient gets content they’re interested in
  • Retention and loyalty strategies are enabled through automated requests for feedback and re-engagement campaigns that keep customers interested
  • A better understanding of your customers comes from in-depth analytics and reporting tools

With email automation, you also get access to an autoresponder. This gets recipients to open emails, visit websites, and convert them into customers. Autoresponders allow you to turn new visitors into subscribers, offer immediate follow-ups, ensure better delivery of marketing emails, and more.

For instance, Mailchimp is one of the most popular email tools and it also integrates with 123FormBuilder, allowing you to easily transfer the data you collect in your online forms to your email marketing provider. And, by the way, we integrate with a multitude of email marketing solutions, not just Mailchimp. 

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable resources your clients can provide. It tells you what you’re doing right and what needs to be fixed or done differently.

You can use automation to send feedback surveys and automatic follow-ups depending on whether the feedback was positive or negative. This helps you get valuable information and shows customers that you care about their feedback and satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you get good feedback or bad feedback from your customers, make sure you always thank them for their feedback submission. Also, make sure to follow up and address all their concerns, complaints, or questions. 

Want to make sure your Thank You message is on point? We have some ideas for you: 

Inspiring Thank You messages your forms should have

Onboarding automation

First impressions are very important. When a customer chooses you over all of your competitors, you need to create an onboarding process that makes your business shine.

With the right CX automation processes, you can ensure everything goes according to plan by sending out notifications to your employees, who then take over customers from there. You can also reach out to customers automatically to welcome them and tell them all the steps they need to take.

CX automation uses various systems and technology to improve all aspects of customer service and can be implemented during any part of the customer journey. If done right, it can boost retention rates, increase engagement and satisfaction, and improve the overall customer experience you offer.

The benefits of automation are seemingly countless, but all of them lead to one goal, and that is improved quality of services. We can see that businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of CX automation and if you want to keep up with your competitors, it’s time to put your customers first.

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