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How to Create A Request Form with 123FormBuilder

Collect request details and process them easily using 123FormBuilder’s request form templates. Our form templates make it easier than ever to receive requests online from your customers, students, or employees.

Whether you collect time off requests, change requests, or leave requests, the process is the same:

  1. Browse our request form templates and choose the template you like
  2. Duplicate the form on 123FormBuilder and customize it
  3. Select the publish method and share your request form with the world via its embed code or link

Moreover, if you cannot find the exact template you need, you can always create it from scratch using 123FormBuilder’s drag-and-drop (and code-free) form builder.

What are the Benefits of Using the 123FormBuilder Tool?

It’s difficult to collect information and keep track of requests in a fast-paced world. Our request form templates provide the support and resources you need to gather requests, process them, and manage them efficiently in your company.

123FormBuilder is a versatile online form builder that makes it easy to build forms, no matter your services or industry. Simply select the request template and configure it from beginning to end without needing coding skills.

Our request form templates are not just simple form examples that you are required to download and waste hours finding a way to use them. Not only can you collect request details remotely from your website or by email, but you can also create complex workflows that start tasks and projects within your company. It’s cost-effective for any limited budget in today’s economy.

Here’s where 123FormBuilder can meet your expectations:

  • You can approve or reject internal requests in your company with 123FormBuilder’s Approval feature
  • You can connect several integrations like Salesforce or Mailchimp to streamline the request data from 123FormBuilder to another platform
  • You can keep track of supplies and limit the number of times an option (or item) is selected on the form
  • You can view, edit, print, and export requests in a secure data manager
  • You can send email notifications to a specific department via form branching and logic
  • You can opt between 30+ form fields including radio buttons, check boxes, Likert scale, and text inputs that allow users to submit requests quickly and fill them with valuable comments
  • You can change the form design in any way you need with custom themes and CSS.

How do I create a Request Form Template?

To create a request form template, take the following action:

  • Select a request form template on 123FormBuilder
  • Duplicate it in your 123FormBuilder account using the “Use this template” button
  • Use the drag-and-drop editor to customize the form as you see fit
  • Select the publishing method: embed, link, or popup

How Can I Customize my Form Template?

You can customize any of 123FormBuilder’s request form templates using the drag-and-drop form editor within the platform. Here’s how you can customize your template:

  • Drag and drop fields in the layout (name, email, date, etc.)
  • Type in your form title and field labels
  • Choose a form theme or create a new one with your branding colors and logo
  • Configure email notifications and auto-reply messages
  • Connect to a third-party platform
  • Enable approvals

If you want to learn more about 123FormBuilder’s customization options, check our Features Matrix.

Who Needs a Request Form Template?

There’s a request form for each industry and department. No matter your business, these forms help you request information or get asked for specific tasks or services.

A request form template can be used for processing:

  • Business orders
  • Employee vacations
  • Student loans
  • Project developments

Stop wasting time processing requests on paper or tracking them through endless spreadsheets. Get a request form template on 123FormBuilder!

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

Connect your forms with your preferred tools using 123FormBuilder’s available integrations through the form builder or Zapier.

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Request Forms – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the request form?

A request form is a document that captures detailed information about a request. It enables the recipient to track, evaluate, and implement the request in an organized and structured way.

How do I make a request form?

You can easily create a request form using one of 123FormBuilder’s free form templates or by creating it from scratch within our online form builder. Get started for free!

What should be included in a request form?

Ensure the following items (fields) in your request form:

  • Describe the purpose of the form and how to use it with a descriptive headline and introduction
  • Ask for the requestor’s contact information like name and email
  • Use choice fields like dropdowns that contain request-type options
  • Add a comments field to describe the request
  • Optionally, add the desired timeframe of the request
  • If the request is pay-to-deliver, add the payment method

Furthermore, you can include your company’s logo to gain the trust of your customers.