With the online maintenance request form, you receive requests from your guests, customers, or tenants directly in your email. By simplifying your operations you’ll increase the performance of your team, be more responsive to requests, and reduce the time spent on paperwork.

Use our super-simple drag and drop tool to create a maintenance request form that relates to your services. And then just take the link and share it with your customers. Embed it on your webpage or send it by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a maintenance request form?

A maintenance request form is a way to collect maintenance requests from customers that require work to be done either in their home, office, vehicle, or anything else.

How do I use a maintenance request form?

You can use a maintenance request form to receive work requests on any channel that’s close to your business. Once you’ve created a form you can share it with your target audience and use it as a primary point of contact with your services. Whether it’s on Social Media, your website, or your newsletter, provide your customers an easy way to request your maintenance services. Connect the form to your other tools, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and have a complete overview of your customer and your team’s availability.

Customize template

Stay organized and on top of your maintenance request list with this 123FormBuilder template. It works as-is—no programming required—or you can personalize any maintenance work order form with the theme of your choice. Drag-and-drop advanced fields, set multiple recipients, custom autoresponders, and much more.

Publish template

You can implement your facilities request form available any way you like. Simply copy and paste to embed into a website, email a link, or post to Facebook and Twitter. Because these maintenance forms are mobile responsive, it’s easy for tenants to report their service and maintenance needs from a phone or tablet.

Collect & manage data

Hang on to your maintenance work history! All responses are securely stored in a secure database for convenient access for as long as you need them. Or process maintenance forms through integrated apps, including Dropbox, Google Sheets, and Evernote.

Optimize processes

Streamline your maintenance procedure, reduce stress, and get happier tenants. Managing building maintenance online opens up many ways to make your life easier. Set multiple recipients who are notified instantly via email, even set conditions to notify the appropriate people according to category (e.g., plumber, electrician, HVAC).

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