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Build online surveys as easy as 1-2-3! With our free survey maker, you can create

online questionnaires and surveys quickly, beautifully, and with no coding skills.

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  • We loved how easy it was to access and modify the surveys or apply any kind of change. We are delighted with the collaboration of 123FormBuilder and the outcome of this project and, unquestionably, we would like to repeat the experience for future projects.

    Simona Siminiceanu, Via Rumania Cultura
  • Great tool for surveys and application forms. I liked the variety of templates, starting from your own that can be scanned, to quizzes and customer surveys.

    Ann Petrova iTechArt
  • Very well designed form builder. The form builder is filled with great features that allow you to create rich form, especially to gather feedback from users in forms such as surveys.

    G2 Verified User Small - Business
  • Great Form Building Tool! It is very easy to use and has great flexibility. The forms drop seamlessly into my website.

    Jamie M, IT Director Small - Business
customer satisfaction survey

Create engaging online surveys with our drag & drop editor

customer satisfaction survey

123FormBuilder is both very easy to use and extremely versatile. Whether you need to gather some quick feedback or to conduct more complex market research, you will have all the tools that you need at your fingertips.

Our extensive list of online survey templates include:

And many more. All questionnaires and surveys are fully mobile-responsive, so that your audience can fill them even on the go.

Smart surveys with question branching and conditional logic

survey maker with logic jumps

Create a beautiful experience for your respondents and boost response rates by using conditional logic.

Your survey will self-customize based on the answers provided by respondents and show only the relevant questions. As a simple example, if a respondent states that he/she likes ice-cream in a multiple-choice question, you can proceed to asking what is his/her favorite flavor. If they don’t like it, then the next question will be skipped.

This personalized experience will stimulate a high completion rate, which means more good data for you! Conditional logic goes beyond question branching. You can use it for showing custom Thank You pages and for triggering tailored confirmation messages to your respondents after survey completion.

survey maker with logic jumps

survey maker with results tracking

Automated reports to make the most out of your data

survey maker with results tracking

The data that you collect through your survey can be automatically presented in various ways, depending on what you need.

Visual charts are the easiest and friendliest way to display survey results. Our free survey builder contains pie charts, bar charts and other widgets that allow for a quick visual representation of your data.

Collected survey data can also be displayed in a table format, with sorting and filtering options. This approach goes deeper than the highlights and provides access to all of the collected information.

Reports can also be shared automatically with the respondents after they have finished filling out the survey. Your data can also flow automatically in your Google spreadsheet, Excel file or other apps that you use.

Pick your free online survey template

Check out some of the most popular survey templates:

Secure surveys, protected data

privacy compliant survey maker

Running surveys comes with a great deal of responsibility. With 123FormBuilder, you can rest assured that all of the personal information and other types of data that you collect are safe and sound.

Our online survey maker is:

123FormBuilder runs on Amazon Web Services servers, which are among the most popular, secure and reputable cloud computing solutions nowadays.

In what spam is concerned, what you as a survey owner can do is enable reCAPTCHA, IP limitation, filtering by location, and other such features that ensure you receive only quality data.

privacy compliant survey maker
survey maker with email notifications

Email notifications

survey maker with email notifications

With the 123FormBuilder online survey tool, you can enable automated email messages that will reach your survey respondents. You can use these to:

  • Properly thank respondents for taking the time to answer your questions.
  • Give them a voucher to use, as a sign of gratitude for submitting their response.
  • Send them an e-book or a white paper related to the survey.
  • Send them a copy of their responses.
  • Remind them of an unfinished survey (using the save & resume functionality).
  • Send them the survey results once the survey is completed.
  • Attach a document, such as a course completion certificate.

Branded online surveys and questionnaires

branded surveys

Customize your survey so that it fits your brand 100%. Start with a theme from our gallery or design your own theme from scratch, with no coding skills.

The 123FormBuilder survey maker comes with a real-time theme designer that contains tens of customizable properties.

The survey designer makes it very easy to personalize your surveys, by adding your own logo and brand elements, such as colors or fonts. Images can also be used for a greater impact. If you prefer, you can add your own CSS code or import your stylesheet.

branded surveys
multilingual surveys

Multi-language support for a diverse target audience

multilingual surveys

When your target audience comprises speakers of different languages, you can serve the online survey in each of these languages.

Respondents will select their preferred language in a picklist, and the entire survey will load in that specific language, from the survey statements and possible responses to the system messages indicating filling errors or guidelines for completion.

In order to obtain quality data that you can rely on, it is important to speak the same language as your respondents – and, with the 123FormBuilder online survey creator, you can do just that, quickly and easily.

survey builder with integrations

Connect your survey to your favorite apps

survey builder with integrations

You probably already use a set of apps for your day-to-day business processes. The data that you collect through surveys can automatically be pushed into your existing tool stack, making life much easier.

Our online survey builder integrates directly with the most popular apps in email marketing, customer relationship management, help desk and customer service, project management, content management, and social media. Additionally, we integrate with Zapier, which means that you can connect your online survey with 5,000+ apps.

The most popular forms integrations include:

How to make a survey in 3 steps

survey templates

1. Pick one of the free survey templates or create a survey from scratch. With our free online survey tool, both options are very easy to work with.

drag and drop editor

2. Customize your survey by adding the questions and statements that you need, with our drag & drop editor. Style the survey with your brand elements.

generate embed code

3. Publish the survey anywhere online: on your website, on your social media channels, or by simply sharing your link with respondents.

5 tips on how to create an engaging survey

be clear

1. Be clear about what you want to achieve

Creating surveys should not be random. Before you start creating your survey, take a step back and think about what you want to achieve with it. What are your goals? What do you want to find out? Once you have a clear idea of your goals, it will be easier to create questions that will help you achieve them.

keep it short

2. Keep it short and sweet

No one likes filling out a long, tedious survey. The key is to keep your survey as short and concise as possible while still gathering the information you need. Try to limit your questions to 1-2 sentences each and avoid overly complicated question types. And this is where that question branching feature on 123FormBuilder comes in handy.

visual appealing

3. Make it visually appealing

With 123FormBuilder surveys, you can change the look and feel of your surveys in a matter of minutes. You can use your brand colors, pictures, the fonts that make your survey more appealing — in short, you can design your survey to fit your needs and your audience.

engaging question types

4. Use engaging question types

Not all question types are created equal. Some are more engaging than others and can help you get better results. For example, use matrix/rating questions to ask your respondents to rate multiple options on the same scale.


5. Incentivize your respondents

Last but not least, don’t forget to incentivize your respondents. Whether you offer them a discount on their next purchase or enter them in a contest, make sure they have something to gain by taking your survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the 123FormBuilder online survey maker? Find some of the answers below.

Is the survey service free?

Yes, the 123FormBuilder survey service comes with a free account option. You can create an account and start building your surveys without having to pay a dime. You can try the free version for as long as you want to and upgrade to paid versions for unlimited responses, unlimited questions, unlimited surveys, various advanced question types, and other features when you want to. No rush. The free version will always be free.

Do I need to sign up?

Yes, you need to sign up for a 123FormBuilder account in order to create and publish surveys. Creating an account is quick and easy, though.

Can I create multiple choice questions?

Yes, you can create multiple-choice questions with 123FormBuilder. Simply add the desired question type from the left sidebar and start adding your options.

Can I customize the survey theme?

Yes, you can customize the survey theme to match your brand colors and style (no coding is needed to do this, by the way.)

Can I collect anonymous answers?

Yes, you can allow respondents to submit their surveys anonymously if you wish.

Can I add pictures and videos to my survey?

Yes,  you can add pictures and videos to your survey or add them by URL within the 123FormBuilder survey maker.

Can I create image questions?

Yes, you can create image questions for your survey in the 123FormBuilder survey tool. You can also create multiple-choice questions with an image representing each answer.

How can I analyze my survey data?

Analyzing your survey data in 123FormBuilder is super-easy because you have an automated Reports section right in the 123FormBuilder dashboard. Our survey maker makes it possible to analyze your survey data in pie charts, vertical bars, and lines. You can also integrate your survey data with a third-party tool of your choice to analyze it further.

Can I integrate my survey results with other tools?

Yes, our free survey tool can integrate your online surveys with other tools. We integrate with more than 30 tools natively, as well as with Zapier (which gives you access to more than 4,000 apps you can connect to 123FormBuilder.)

Can I start with a survey form template?

Yes, we have ready-made survey templates for any need you may have.

Can I create a survey from blank?

Yes, you can create your survey from blank too. On 123FormBuilder, you can set up the questions and design of your survey with drag-and-drop and clicks.

How secure is my survey data?

VERY secure. We are ISO-certified, 100% GDPR compliant, and even have HIPAA-compliance features available on request. Our data is stored on AWS servers, and we maintain a very high degree of cybersecurity within the company as well. 

Can I see results in real-time?

Yes, you can see results in real-time as respondents take your survey in the Submissions section on 123FormBuilder. You can also check your Reports or the emails that arrive in your inbox after each response.

Can I email my survey to others?

Yes, you can email your survey to others directly from the 123FormBuilder platform. Each questionnaire that you build with our free survey maker generates a link that you can copy in your emails when sending them out to your target audience to fill in.

Can I randomize questions?

Yes,  you can randomize questions in our free survey maker. You can automatically change the order of available answers within a question after each new response. 

Can I add Likert scales to my survey?

Yes, we even have Likert scales ready-made survey templates you can choose from and a Likert scale field for collecting ratings of different statements in your survey.

How can I export responses? 

You can export responses by connecting your 123FormBuilder surveys with any tool you like, such as Google Sheets, for example. You can also export your responses to a CSV or PDF file with a click of a button within 123FormBuilder.

Can I add skip logic to my survey?

Yes, we have free skip logic features available for our surveys! You can show or hide specific questions based on what answer your respondent provides to a previous question, as well as redirect your respondents to a specific web page upon completion. 

Can I generate pie charts?

Not only can you do that, but 123FormBuilder can do it automatically for you! You can customize the colors of your pie chart in any way you want and share it with your audience within minutes.

Can I A/B test my survey?

Yes, you can A/B test your survey. You can create two or more variants of your survey questionnaire and use a platform like Unbounce that includes AB testing to measure their performance.

Can I limit the number of responses?

Yes, you can limit the number of responses you get on your 123FormBuilder surveys. You can limit the number of responses by total or by IP address. You can also make the survey available in certain countries or create a list of countries the survey is not available on.

Can I personalize the thank you message of my survey?

Absolutely! Our free survey tool offers you multiple Thank You page options you can choose from and customize as you wish. On 123FormBuilder, you can personalize your survey thank you page with text, pictures, videos, or redirect respondents to your website.

Can I brand my survey?

Yes, you can brand your survey with your own brand colors, fonts, and designs with 123FormBuilder’s survey tool options. 

Can I filter my survey data?

Yes, you can filter your survey data in our free online survey tool on

Can I translate my survey into multiple languages?

Yes, our free survey maker allows you to automatically translate your surveys into multiple languages. 

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