Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely recognized customer satisfaction metric. To get the score, you need to subtract the percentage of your detractors from the percentage of your promoters.

What are the Net Promoter Score survey questions?

The Net Promoter Score survey is a two-part questionnaire. The first part asks your customers to rate your business, product or service on a scale from 0 to 10. The second question is a follow-up, open-ended question as to why the specific score was given.

How to customize the template?

Find out who your biggest supporters are with this net promoter score survey template. The intuitive editor makes it easy for anyone to tailor the customer survey, regardless of technical know-how. Make use of Likert scales, dropdowns, text areas, Captcha and much more. Also, be sure to adjust the design so that your form reflects your brand! Then configure multiple automatic responses or a Thank You page to redirect customers on after completing the form.

How to publish the template?

With a net promoter score survey, it’s important to distribute the form as widely as possible. That’s why you have many options for providing access to your form. If you use it on your website, you can insert it into a web page or have it pop up. Just copy and paste the short snippet of code we provide. In addition, you’ll certainly want to email the form to customers as well as share on social media. Just paste the link or use the handy share buttons. Anywhere it goes, your customer score survey’s responsive design adapts to any size screen for easy use.

How to collect and manage data?

All net promoter score survey results go straight to a secure database, which you can review in your 123FormBuilder dashboard. There you’ll find many ways to maximize the value of customer feedback. First, you can create attractive, insightful charts and graphs that explain the bigger picture. Second, all data can be exported to Excel, CSV, and PDF. Finally, you can set up form integrations that link the data to other apps.

How to optimize processes?

Get instant alerts each time someone fills out your form. Try integrating coupons or prizes for even more responses. With this net promoter score survey, you can find out what products are most important to your audience, whether they would recommend you to a friend (or have already done so) and learn what new products or innovations they are hoping for. Armed with this information, you can focus your efforts toward even greater success.

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