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Government Agencies that Count on 123FormBuilder

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Connect with citizens online

Allow citizens to request documents and send in their applications online without having to visit you, drop piles of paperwork, or wait days for a response. Start building your digital capabilities by using 123FormBuilder to create custom government forms that your citizens can fill out, sign on their devices, and send them online.

Connect your online forms to your CRM (e.g., Salesforce) and use the information you already have about citizens and companies to prefill forms with existing data to reduce manual work and boost productivity.

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Switch from paper-based to digital-first

With data stored on paper registers, government employees perform repetitive, manual tasks. With 123FormBuilder, you can build an automated government workflow that allows your staff to collect, track, store, and analyze data – all on one digital platform.

Upon new entries, the staff can be notified, export data into PDFExcel, or CSV files, quickly send confirmation emails, and trigger a highly-functional data management process that can span the entire organization rather than work in siloes. It saves time, ensures data accuracy, and helps your government agency become more responsive to client requests.

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Stay compliant and digitally secure

Every time a citizen leaves a half-completed paper form in your agency’s lobby or spells their name and home address at the counter, it becomes a security vulnerability. With 123FormBuilder’s digital forms, we’re constantly tackling evolving security threats through advanced data security measures. Here are a few:

  • GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and COPPA compliance
  • 256-bit SSL data encryption
  • Data hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • User permissions management

With some of the most rigorous industry-recognized compliances under our belt, your data benefits from constant care and supervision while you worry less about the privacy of your citizens’ data.

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Popular Government Workflows

Collect eSignatures icon

Collect eSignatures

Our form builder lets you include a signature field on your form where citizens can digitally sign documents. Quickly collect authorization and issue legal documents in minutes.

Release public records icon

Release public records

Connect your forms to Salesforce or Dropbox and store your data digitally to quickly pull any record from your system, be it a marriage license, tax record, or a police report.

Run assistance programs icon

Run assistance programs

Use online forms to give citizens a convenient way to request public assistance, such as applying for child support or disability benefits. Analyze data to establish eligibility and offer help.

Process permit requests icon

Process permit requests

Whether it’s for handicap parking or a public gathering, citizens can send in their online applications, allowing you to process requests efficiently, send confirmations, and issue permits.

Involve citizens icon

Involve citizens

Make it easy for your community to report issues that you could solve. Set up an online form where citizens can detail the problem and upload documents to support their plea.

workflow icon

Create approval flows

Trigger an approval flow across departments by notifying the assigned staff anytime there’s a new submission. Accurately track the evolution of the request and its status at any time.

Integrate with 3K + Popular Tools to Handle Data without Interruptions

Effortlessly link your online forms to popular platforms, enhancing your workflow and data management.

Whether it’s integrating with email marketing services, CRM systems, or project management tools, our intuitive setup ensures a hassle-free experience.

Elevate your form’s functionality and gather valuable data efficiently by harnessing the power of 123FormBuilder’s extensive third-party tool integrations.

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Ready-to-Use Form Templates for Government Agencies

An extensive gallery of pre-built government form templates to help you get started. Choose yours.

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