The Easiest Wix Form Builder Ever

The Best Form Builder for Wix (Forever ever? Forever ever!)

It’s hard not to love Wix. So we made a really easy-to-use, comprehensive form building software especially for Wix. Exactly what you would expect us to do.

123FormBuilder has everything you can find with our web version, and it all plugs directly into your Wix website.

Build Any Forms You Need in Wix

It’s hard not to love Wix. So we do love Wix. And, we made a really easy-to-use, comprehensive form building software especially for Wix. Exactly what you would expect us to do.

123FormBuilder has everything you can find with our web version, and it all plugs directly into your Wix website.

As simple as 1, 2, 3.

123FormBuilder, the Dedicated Form App for Wix

There’s a reason we’re called “123FormBuilder”, and that reason is that our form builder is crazy easy to use. We are seamlessly integrated with Wix, so it will take seconds for you to install our app into your Wix and then create and publish all the forms you need. The entire process is so pain-free, it literally takes 1-2-3 steps to set up a form on your Wix website.

So, How to Create a Form in Wix?

Well, this is how:

Install the 123FormBuilder app on your Wix account.

Select from the thousands of form templates or create one from scratch and customize it to your needs.

Publish and let that sweet data roll in!

That. Is. It.

Three steps. Drag and drop. Unlimited possibilities.

Create Human-Friendly Contact Forms on Wix

It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a survey or order forms for Wix, chances are you’re doing it for the humans on the other end of your website. Meaning, you’re doing it for real people visitors, not Austrian robot visitors who’ve come back from the future to kill or protect John Connor.

That means you’ll need forms that allow people to interact with your brand. And that’s exactly what our Wix Form Builder does. There’s an endless array of possibilities when it comes to making your forms human:

  • Single-page questions (to show one question per page and make your forms feel like a human chit-chat)
  • Conditional logic (to show certain fields only when specific conditions are met, like the user ticking a box)
  • Brand your form with your company’s colors and logo
  • Add fun and engaging images to your forms
  • Add e-Signature fields you can implement in seconds
  • Set up an email and SMS notification system to keep the discussion going
  • Attach PDF files to your form submission notification email, just in case you need to provide your users with a certificate, invoice, or any other kind of document

Bye-bye boring forms that feel like a job interview! Hello, actual human discussions with your website users!

Questionnaires and Surveys for Your Wix Website

Want to know more about what your customers think of your product?

Unfortunately, we do not provide crystal ball and/or telepathy services at the moment. #2120goals

We can, however, help you set up a smart questionnaire or a survey on Wix form in literally minutes, which is pretty much the closest thing to magic.

Registration and Order Forms on Wix with Payment Integration

Running your event website or eCommerce store on Wix?

Wondering how to create a registration form with payment integration or just any other type of Wix payment form that allows you to collect cash from your users?

Wonder no further, our Wix 123 online Form Builder has all the registration forms and order forms you’ll ever need, with all the payment integrations you will ever need as well. Like, for example:

… And others.

Add Job Application Forms in Wix

Let’s face it: recruitment is a battlefield.

If you’re struggling to create forms that actually recruit people, 123FormBuilder can help you out. Create easy, fast, and interactive Wix job application forms with a quick-access Apply/ Autofill field integrated into it — forms that attract the best candidates on the market and bring them to your yard with just a couple of clicks. Just like Kelis’ and her milkshake (OK, enough catchy old music for one page).

Pick from a Variety of Form Templates

We have 1,900+ form templates you can use whenever you need:

Pick your Wix order form template, job application form template, or any other template you need, customize it, and publish it directly on your Wix website.

Connect Your Wix form to the Tools You Use

We’re connected with every software we could find.

Why? Because we know just how important it is for our customers to easily click and connect their data to their existing tools. No one wants to import lists into anything. It’s so annoying. As such, we are fully integrated with the most popular tools used by marketers, HR pros, project managers, and other just as cool people all over the world:

…And more (like 80 more, just in case you’re wondering)

Collect Form Submissions in Your Wix Dashboard and More

Building forms is fun ‘n all, but you’re not building them just for the sake of building them, right?

You’re building them to collect information from your users. Like their shipping details, their email addresses, or their payment information, for example.

Now you can easily collect all that data your forms are bringing in directly to your Wix dashboard. No more copy-pasting across 40 open tabs. Simple data collection. As simple as 123.

Oh, and by the way, since we’re fully integrated with 80+ other tools, you can always drag your data into any other tool you’d like to as well, like Google Sheets or Salesforce, or connect it to Hubspot via Zapier, for example.

And since you’re probably wondering, is this stuff all secure?

Don’t worry, it totally is! We’re so secure you can trust us with your house keys while you’re out on vacay. We are:

GDPR compliant
HIPAA compliant
ISO 27001 certified
ISO 9001 certified

More than 3 million Wix users have trusted 123FormBuilder with their data.

More than 3 million Wix users have trusted 123FormBuilder with their data.

I love 123FormBuilder, it makes customizing applications for rental applications or job applications easy and its very user friendly!

I love that any doubts I have I can just chat with the customer service or send a quick email and they are so friendly and helpful!! Thank you!!

I need my site forms to be super user friendly when i fond out i cant embed PDFs with editable boxes on wix i turned to 123FormBuilder and it made my life so simple THANK YOOU!

Made a rookie mistake and used the chat service. The service rep, go me out of a pickle in less that 10 minutes with no runaround. I really appreciated the effectiveness of the service and the team member!

I have been looking for a way to integrate Events and tickets into my website for all of the art events we host every week. Every place I have looked either requires me to use their website instead of my own, or doesn’t have all the features I want, or has broken aspects to them. I first didn’t look at 123FormBuilder because I thought it wouldn’t fit my needs. But I started looking into it, and lo and behold, I can customize things to make my own Events pages and ticketing system. And the Premium account I have to have to do this costs less per month than I would be paying on all of the ticket fees. We have hundreds of customers every month, which means at least $1, if not more, for ticket fees per person. That means I am paying hundreds of dollars a month for a ticketing system.

But with this software, I can get it done for a flat fee of about $45 per month. And I have more customization options. Very pleased.

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