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Create and embed web forms in your Wix site as quickly as 1-2-3! Collect contact data, registrations, payments, sell products, make surveys, polls, and questionnaires, and more with 123FormBuilder. 
Build a form from scratch with our Wix forms builder solution, or use a form template to streamline your operations and automate tedious tasks, improving your business in the process.

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Create Human-Friendly Contact Forms on Wix

123FormBuilder is seamlessly integrated with Wix, so it will take seconds to install our app into your Wix and then create and publish all the forms you need. The entire process is straightforward so that you won’t waste time. 

When setting up a contact, survey, or order form for Wix, chances are you’re doing it for the humans on the other end of your website.

That means you’ll need forms that allow people to interact with your brand. And that’s precisely what our Wix forms builder does. There’s an endless array of possibilities when it comes to making your forms human:

  • Single-page questions – show one question per page and make your forms feel like a human conversation
  • Conditional logic – show certain fields only when specific conditions are met, like after the user ticks a box or chooses a specific answer
  • Brand your form with your company’s colors and logo, add fun and engaging images to your forms, and style it according to your branding
  • Add e-signature fields you can implement in seconds on your Wix contact form
  • Set up an email notification system to keep the discussion going
  • Attach PDF files to your form submission notification email when you need to provide your users with a certificate, invoice, or any other kind of document
  • Add calculations to quickly sell your goods and services
  • Implement product field, allowing customers to pick the items they want to buy
  • Use Form Insights to gauge form performance, make changes, and optimize your data collection
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Questionnaires and Surveys for Your Wix Website

Want to know more about what your customers think of your product?

123FormBuilder offers a versatile platform for creating polls and questionnaires that can revolutionize your data collection and decision-making processes. 

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences, employee satisfaction, or any other area you’re interested in, and make informed decisions. 

Our user-friendly interface ensures that creating, sharing, and analyzing polls and questionnaires is effortless, saving you time and resources. 

Customization options enable you to tailor surveys to your needs, fostering engagement and yielding more accurate responses. 

With advanced reporting and analytics tools, you can transform raw data into actionable insights, facilitating data-driven strategies that propel your organization forward. 

Embrace the power of 123FormBuilder’s polls and questionnaires to enhance decision-making, improve user engagement, and drive success across your projects and initiatives.

Use Forms with Payment Integration

Are you running your event website or eCommerce store on Wix? Then, you must be looking for a solution with payment integration. Payment forms allow you to quickly collect cash from your customers and donors. 

Our Wix form builder solution has all the registration and order forms you’ll ever need, with all the required payment integrations. 123 web forms integrate natively with payment processors like:

… and others.

Simply create your form using drag and drop in our editor – or pick a form template from our lists, add your chosen payment processor, and publish the form. Clients and donors can quickly pay for goods and services or make donations, and your payment collection can be simplified when using our forms.

Add Job Application Forms in Wix

Do you need help crafting job application forms that successfully attract top-notch talent? 

123FormBuilder allows you to create interactive Wix job application forms that effortlessly feature a convenient Apply/Autofill field. 

These forms are designed to easily capture the most promising candidates’ attention and draw them to your company. 

With our user-friendly interface, you can quickly create engaging and efficient forms. Give 123FormBuilder a try today and create irresistible job application forms for Wix.

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Pick from a Variety of Form Templates

The 123FormBuilder Wix integration gives you access to over 3,000 ready-to-use form templates in case you don’t feel inspired to create your own. Publishing a web form on your website can be easy when using the right tool, such as the best form builder for Wix – 123FormBuilder, of course. 

We have 3,000+ form templates you can use whenever you need:

Pick your Wix order form template, job application form template, or any other template you need, customize it, and publish it directly on your Wix website.

Connect Your Wix Form to the Tools You Use

We know just how important it is for our customers to easily click and connect their data to their existing tools. No one wants to import lists into anything. As such, we are fully integrated with the most popular tools used by marketers, HR pros, project managers, and other just as cool people all over the world.

Our Wix form integration allows users to fully integrate with other tools. You can drag the data collected through Wix to other apps you like, such as Google Sheets or Salesforce, or connect to thousands of 3rd party apps via Zapier. 

123FormBuilder is natively integrated with tools like:

And for everything else, you have Zapier. It connects you with thousands of tools ready to collect and manage data according to your needs. Use the tools you want in combination with Wix integrations to streamline your data management processes. 

Keep Data Safe from Threats

Building forms with 123FormBuilder is easy and fun, as is collecting information from your users. The data includes shipping details, addresses, payment information, and so on. Since you’re collecting data from subscribers, visitors, clients, and donors, knowing the information is safe is essential. With 123FormBuilder, you don’t have to worry. We employ SSL encryption and ensure data safety throughout the collection process.

We are:

  • GDPR compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified

Moreover, we use advanced security measures, such as SPF and DKIM, to safeguard email communications related to web forms. With Captcha integration, you enjoy additional protection against spam, ensuring that the data collected through our form builder for Wix is secure and accurate.  

More than 3 million Wix users have trusted 123FormBuilder with their data. You can be one of them!

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How it works

Create a Shopify custom form in three steps.

Step 1

Install the 123FormBuilder app on your Wix account on the webpage where you want the form to be embedded.

Step 2

Select from the thousands of form templates or create one from scratch and customize it to your needs.

Step 3

Publish the form and let the data roll in. That’s it; you just used your first web form on your Wix website!

Why customers choose us


I love 123FormBuilder, it makes customizing applications for rental applications or job applications easy and its very user friendly!


I love that any doubts I have I can just chat with the customer service or send a quick email and they are so friendly and helpful!! Thank you!!


The service rep, go me out of a pickle in less that 10 minutes with no runaround. I really appreciated the effectiveness of the service.

Use Wix forms integration to quickly collect data, grow your subscriber base, and generate leads with 123FormBuilder.

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