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Check out the full list of what’s included in all our plans to find the one that’s right for you.Basic
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Submissions / monthunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Uploads storageX10 GB10 GB10 GB10 GB+
User licenses1113+3+
24/5 Technical supportVVVVV
Dedicated account manager. Custom contract SLA/BAA.XXXXV
Form Builder features
Remove 123 branding from your formsXVVVV
Get pixel perfect forms with our advanced theme editing feature or by using CSSVVVVV
Add extra functionality with JS editingVVVVV
Present questions one at a time with multi-page formsVVVVV
Embed images, videos, PDFs, Google MapsVVVVV
Set up forms in multiple languagesVVVVV
Choose from over 30 field types including repeatable containers, formulas, e-signatures, and more10 fields per form20 fields per formunlimited fields per formunlimited fields per formunlimited fields per form
File upload field to help you collect JPG, PDF, and documents right from your formXVVVV
Randomized choices, rating scales, likert scales, countdown timer and grading for quizzes, surveys and pollsVVVVV
Collect money with 15+ different popular payment gateways, automatica calculations, discount and coupon codes, fixed fees, and payment summariesXVVVV
Show respondents only the relevant information with conditional logic and branchingXVV up to 3 rulesVV unlimited rulesVV unlimited rulesVV unlimited rules
Post-Submission features
Redirect to any webpage, based on conditional logicXVVVV
Customizable confirmation messagesVVVVV
Optional redirect with custom variables for personalized experiencesVVVVV
Customizable email notificationsVV up to 3 notificationsVV up to 3 notificationsVV up to 3 notificationsVV up to 15 notificationsVV up to 15 notifications
Email recipientsVV up to 3 recipients VV up to 3 recipients VV up to 3 recipients VV up to 10 recipients VV up to 10 recipients
Conditional logic, custom variablesXVV up to 3 VV unlimitedVV unlimitedVV unlimited
Send email notifications from your own domain (messages won’t come from 123 Form Builder)XVVVV
Customizable SMS notificationsXVV up to 3 notificationsVV up to 3 notificationsVV up to 15 notificationsVV up to 15 notifications
Data security and accuracy
Password protected formsVVVVV
Blocked IPs, country filters, Captcha, customizable submission limitsVVVVV
Data encryptionXXXVV
HIPAA complianceXXXXContact Sales
Form completion
Prefill forms in real-time with data from external databases or Salesforce CRMXXXXV
Data collection
Shareable form linksVVVVV
Custom domain and faviconXXVVV
Embeddable forms (JS, link, iFrame, Lightbox)VVVVV
Easily access your collected data from 9+ platforms (eCommerce, website builders, social media channels, and more)VVVVV
Forms accessible from Salesforce Marketing CloudXXXXV
Forms accessible from Salesforce CommunitiesXXXXV
Team collaboration
Collaborate with others to build your forms and analyze resultsXXXVV
Set levels of access for individuals (Editor/Viewer)XXXVV
Organize your team members in groupsXXXXV
Tool integrations
Enrich contact lists with NationBuilder, Wix Contacts or Shopify CustomersVVVVV
Increase productivity with apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Smartsheet or moreVVVVV
Fuel your email campaigns by sending data to MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Unbounce and moreVVVVV
Connect your forms to ZohoCRM, Pipeline Deals and moreVVVVV
Prefill forms and connect data to Marketo, Webhooks, Vertical ResponseVVVVV
Link your forms to your Salesforce CRMXXXXV
Prefill forms with data from SalesForceXXXXV
Data management
Import and export submissionsXVVVV
Edit submissionsVVVVV
Approve submissionsXXXVV
Generate PDF documentsVVVVV
Assign reference IDs, track Google Analytics, allow respondents to save for later or edit laterVVVVV
Visualize data with custom reports, export them to PDF or share themXXXVV
Store data on single-tenant serversXXXXadd-on
Account customization
White Label form builderXXXXadd-on

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