123FormBuilder’s Job Application Form Template is available for FREE in the form builder and includes the following benefits: 

  • It helps you build an employment application in virtually no time
  • Enables you to automate workflows in your company and reduce interdepartmental friction
  • Allows you to collect valuable information about your candidates
  • Enables you to connect your applications with your tools in seconds
  • Allows you to print, download, and share job applications
  • Extremely easy to use in your HR department and by your candidates

Automate your company’s hiring process with 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder helps streamline HR processes in job recruitment through online job applications that you can edit with drag and drop and share on your company’s website and job posting sites. Our form builder includes an email notification system, a database to store applications, an upload manager, approval chains, and an advanced designer that requires no technical skills.

What does the 123FormBuilder job application form do?

A good job application form will help you collect all the information you need from candidates — from names and email addresses to their Word document resumes and any other details. 123FormBuilder’s employment job template allows you to collect any kind of information you require from candidates, and setting up the job questions takes only a few minutes of your time.

What is the benefit of using the 123FormBuilder job application form template?

The main benefit of a job application form compared to collecting CVs is the ease of use: an online job application form will allow you to collect, filter, and manage data more rapidly and accurately, while a simple CV document (or resume) will require a lot more manual work. 

Creating an application form for your job openings with 123FormBuilder will make it easier for candidates to apply — increasing your chances of finding the employee who fits the role.

Creating job application forms is not difficult when using 123FormBuilder. Our simple drag and drop form builder requires NO coding at all. All you need to do to create a job application form is:

  1. Duplicate our job application form template or browse our sample job application forms available. You can also create your employment form from scratch on 123FormBuilder.
  2. Set up your email notifications, personalize your thank-you message, connect your tools, and design the layout
  3. Select the publishing method, copy the code (or link) and paste it where you need it online (e.g., website, social media feed)

How can people fill in the 123FormBuilder job application form template?

Our employment job application includes the following field questions:

  • Name (First, Last)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Position the applicant is applying for
  • Available start date
  • Current employment status
  • Input for copying the URL of an online resume or cover letter
  • References
  • A hidden field that allows candidates to mention references if they want to

Your job candidates can fill in the job application using a mobile, tablet, or desktop device that has an Internet connection. You can customize this job form template on 123FormBuilder and remove or add new fields. Also, you can change the resume input with an upload field that enables candidates to upload their resume files.

Is the 123FormBuilder job application template printable?

Yes, you can add a print button to the job application template within the form’s editor that enables any person who has access to view the form to print it, with or without having to fill it in. 123FormBuilder also provides an option to attach a PDF of the candidate’s application in the email you receive right after the candidate completes the application.

Tips for Using an Employment Application Template

Here are 9 tips that will help you build an excellent hiring process through application forms:

1. Allow candidates to fill it in online

Allow candidates to fill in the application for employment from the comfort of their homes using a job application form online. Or from any other location, in that matter. Of course, some businesses might require candidates to fill in the employment application in the presence of an HR recruiter. But most of the time, recruiters and employers will find a better time to focus on other aspects of the recruitment process involving interviews with the candidates whose applications are deemed acceptable. So, whenever possible, opt for an online version of the job application.

2. Promote it on job posting sites

Link your employment job application form at the bottom of each job posting you advertise on the Web. Job posting sites help promote your company and job opportunities to a larger audience. Most job seekers visit top job posting sites in search of a new career opportunity. Make sure you are present on those sites and don’t forget to link your job application form to your job listing.

3. Run ads for your job opening

Not all professionals are looking for a career change, but some of them might find your career opportunity intriguing. So, how do you connect with them? By running ads on the platforms they spend most of their time outside working hours. You can use your business accounts on Facebook and Linkedin to create profiles of your ideal job candidates that you may target with ads. On 123FormBuilder, you can enable the Google Analytics integration to monitor the performance of your job application form.

4. Keep records of your candidates on file

Even though not all candidates fit in your organization, you could keep their resumes on file and contact them when a new employment opportunity comes. On 123FormBuilder, you can keep employment applications in the Reports section of the form and print them using your printer.

5. Allow candidates to update their information over time

Give access to rejected candidates to append additional work experiences or update contact details to their employment applications. It will help you when considering them for a new job opportunity in the future or in case they omitted some information. 123FormBuilder includes an option that allows respondents to edit delivered applications later. You can use this feature on your job application form.

6. Compare your candidate’s answers with your job description

Read your candidate’s answers carefully and compare them with your job description before deciding whom you will hire. The best candidates will answer your employment questions using your job description as the benchmark. Also, make sure that their answers are not copied word with word from your job listing, as this may prove they do not have the skills or understand the requirements and responsibilities of the job.

7. Use your company’s branding

A good job application form attracts attention with a beautiful design. 23FormBuilder lets you personalize your application for employment as you see fit using custom design themes, your logo, preferred font styling, and more. Also, applying your company’s brand on the application form builds more trust with your job seekers.

8. Trigger a personalized thank-you message

Communication is vital in the hiring process. A personalized message that candidates receive when filling in their employment application helps build a positive impression about your organization. With our Form Builder, you can create engaging thank-you messages with text, images, videos, and the candidate’s name that your applicants can see immediately after sending their application through the online job application form.

9. Follow GDPR best practices in Europe

If you are hiring in Europe, you will need to follow best practices to stay GDPR compliant during the hiring process. These include adding a disclaimer to your application for employment form, allowing candidates to update their information, sending a copy of the application, and asking your candidates’ consent to process their personal data. Read more about making your job application forms GDPR compliant with 123FormBuilder.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a job application form?

You can easily create a job application form with 123FormBuilder. Grab our free job application template or build an application from scratch using our no-code form builder, customize its fields, and publish it online.

What should I include in a job application form?

A basic job application form should contain the applicant’s full name, contact details, the role they are applying for employment, education, work experience history, a signature placeholder, and a placeholder to add the date. For a basic online job application form, make sure you collect the applicant’s name, contact information (email, phone), role, education, and work experience. Also, add an upload button that candidates can use to send their Word resumes and cover letters through the form. If you need it, you can also add an electronic signature. All of it is possible on 123FormBuilder.

Why do employers use application forms?

Employers use application forms because it’s the easiest way to collect and manage information about their applicants. Online forms are easy to fill in for candidates too, and recruiters find it easier to sift through multiple submissions as forms collect all the applications in one place.

What types of questions should I use in a job application?

Begin by asking for the candidate’s contact details like name, email, location, and phone number. Next, ask for the candidate’s education, available certifications, work experience, and employment history. If you are hiring for a specific role, consider asking for detailed information that helps you evaluate the candidate’s skill set and how it fits the job. For example, in web design or photography, you can ask your candidates to send a portfolio of their work, besides their resume and cover letter, through the same job application form.

What is a job application form?

An online job application form is a digital online method of collecting job seekers’ official applications to a company’s open position. This form will usually include information about the candidate (name, contact details, past experience, resume, cover letter, etc.), as well as information about the job and specific position they are applying for.

What is the difference between a CV and a job application form?

A CV will only collect detailed information about your candidates, whereas application forms can help you collect both detailed and high-level information about them. The main difference between a CV and an application form is that a CV includes extensive information about a candidate’s experience and skills, while application forms collect high-level information first, with the option to upload a CV to capture that deeper level of info on a candidate. Simply collecting CVs alone makes it difficult to manage your hiring process. This is because there is more manual work involved. If you use an application form, you can easily organize candidates into pools, and collect their detailed information. If you would like to collect resumes and cover letters in a job application form, you can easily do this by adding a “File Upload” field in your 123FormBuilder form. It takes one second to drag and drop it into the form!

Do online job applications work?

Of course, they do. Online job applications are the most common and efficient way to apply for jobs. They save everyone time, resources, and trees. 🌳

How long should a job application take to complete?

If you are asking how long a job application should take in terms of process, it probably shouldn’t take more than two to four weeks. If you are asking how long should it take for a candidate to apply for a job, we’d say about 30 minutes to one hour (and apparently that’s what most people think).

When should I use a job application form?

Whenever you need to simplify the application process, collect additional information that resumes don’t cover, compare applicants, or hire remotely (outside of your workplace).

Why should I use a job application form?

Job application forms have various advantages in the hiring process that helps you bring in the best talent to your organization. Here’s why you should use employment job application forms:

Job applications are easier to follow and review

– Allows you to gather relevant information about your candidate’s experience in the respective employment role

– It enables you to filter out the good job candidates from the bad 

– You can scale your hiring process as your company grows

– You have better control over the job application process

– It enables you to create a clean database of job applicants in a nickel of time

Can employees fill out the job application on their computer?

Yes, our job application form and every template you can find on 123FormBuilder are fillable from any computer, smartphone, or tablet that has an Internet connection.

Is it appropriate to use a general job application when hiring managers?

It’s customary in just a few industries to use the same job application form when hiring for management. It depends on the management position and the skills the candidate has to disclose when applying for employment. However, you could build a separate job application template for each open role in your company, whether in management or not. This way, you can ask specific questions about the skills you require to fill in the job.

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