Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my cakes online?

The easiest way to sell your cakes and pastries would be to create an online order form with 123 Form Builder and share it with your customers through your website or social media page. You can start with a template and continue with the visual code-free editor (no technical skills required, by the way). You can also add payment options to your cake order form and collect payments for each incoming order.

How can I edit this cake order form template?

Once you’ve created an account and imported the form in the editor, you can drag and drop fields, customize the layout, and add your bakery’s logo on the form. This way, not only does the form look better, but customers will trust it more when sending their orders. If you have photographs of your bakery goods, you can add them to the order form through a file upload. Other options include a payment summary, calculations, a discount system, personalized confirmation messages, and theme colors. However you want your cake order form to look, you can easily do it on 123 Form Builder.