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Introducing the All-New Fields Insights on 123FormBuilder

Delve Deeper into Form Analytics with the Latest Addition to Our Insights Feature

In the digital era, gathering user information through online forms has become a quintessential part of many businesses. But what’s more crucial is understanding the effectiveness of these forms, and that’s where form analytics comes into play.

At 123FormBuilder, our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation remains strong. We’re excited to introduce our newest update to the Insights feature: Fields Insights. This advanced addition empowers you to analyze and refine each question on your forms thoroughly.

fields insights

About Fields Insights

Fields Insights offers a granular perspective on the efficacy and impact of each form question. This feature allows users to unearth meaningful data patterns, track trends, and spot correlations. The insights gained will empower users to make data-driven decisions, ensuring their forms are optimally effective and user-friendly.

What to Expect from Fields Insights

Here’s a snapshot of what the Fields Insights section includes:

  • Field Count: A straightforward count of all the fields in the form.
  • Field Name: A representative logo showcases the type of field (like a short answer or multiple-choice) accompanied by the exact question text.
  • Views: Track the number of unique respondents who engage with each question.
  • Drop-off: Gauge respondent engagement by noting those who interacted but refrained from answering. Crucial metrics include the drop-off number and the drop-off rate. Notably, the 3 questions witnessing the highest drop-off rates are highlighted to guide swift form refinements.
  • Time on Field: Get insights on how long, on average, respondents spend on each question.

Moreover, there’s good news for users requiring these stats while moving! You can download the entire Fields Insights page in a handy PDF format directly from our platform…read more

Form Analytics

Plans and Access

While the Basic Insights feature is available even for our Free Plan users, encompassing four crucial form stats, the extended Insights metadata, and Fields Insights are reserved exclusively for our Platinum users.

We’re here to assist if you’re curious about using the Insights feature or need guidance on form analytics. Contact us at or engage with our responsive browser chat on our website.

At 123FormBuilder, we cherish our users and consistently strive to deliver excellence. The introduction of Fields Insights is yet another testament to our dedication. Dive in, explore, and let data guide your forms to unprecedented success. Cheers to a more insightful form-building experience!

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