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🚀 New Form Analytics Product Feature: Insights: 123FormBuilder Insights

Posted on July 25, 2022

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🚀 New Form Analytics Product Feature: Insights: 123FormBuilder Insights

Ever published an online form and then eagerly waited for it to start collecting responses? 

And you waited?

And then you waited some more, but something didn’t feel right and you couldn’t put your finger on it? 

From now on, you don’t have to play the guessing game ever again. Not in 123FormBuilder. 


Because we have just launched our form analytics feature called Insights, a brand new addition to the 123FormBuilder Dashboard (woohoo!)

Here’s what this means, more exactly: 

Visual Data = Data That’s Easier to Digest & Analyze & Use 

We know your time is valuable. So we made it very easy for you to see the essential form analytics and insights in a visual and comprehensive way. Just go to your Editor or My Forms and click on Results to see a visual representation of your:

  • Form views, 
  • Submission number, 
  • Submission rate,
  • Average time to complete. 

Insights form analytics feature on 123formbuilder

Try the Forrm Analytics on 123FormBuilder

No More Guesswork, No More Wasted Time 

All of these form analytics data will help you figure out if something might need adjusting on your form, so you can receive more (and better) responses on it, regardless of whether it’s an order form, a lead gen form, or simply a contact form that you’re analyzing. 

Let’s say your form is getting plenty of views, but the submission rate isn’t what you’re aiming for. Is your response time high? That might be an indication that your form should be shorter or more interactive (pro tip: question branching/ conditional logic will help you get there.) 

How to Use the New Insights Feature in 123FormBuilder

There are numerous use cases for the new Insights feature in 123FormBuilder. You can use it for: 

  • Customer feedback (e.g, if you are not getting enough customer feedback, the new Insights feature might help you determine if there’s an issue on your form.)
  • Event registration (e.g. if not enough people are registering for your event, you can, again, use the new feature to visually analyze the data and see if there’s anything you can adjust.)
  • Contact forms (e.g. if your customer support team is getting odd contact forms, the Insights section might help you determine if there’s something about the form that could be improved.)
  • Surveys and quizzes (e.g. if you are running a survey for your business or using quizzes to test students, the average response time, as well as the submission rate might help you figure out if the form isn’t up to par with your goals.)
  • Order forms (e.g. if you are getting a lot of views, but the submission rate is low, it might mean you need to make your form more user-friendly or shorter.) 

What Else Is There to Know about the New 123FormBuilder Insights? 

The new Insights feature is only available on all plans (including the Free one) for forms created after 13 July 2022 (which is the moment the platform was set up to collect the right data to provide you with this type of reports.) Also, it is worth noting that the feature is currently available only for forms built on US servers. 

The good news? 

We’re not done with this yet. We will add more types of reports and form analytics for the Insights section (such as form submission location-based data, for example.) We will keep you updated on everything new we add to Insights! 

If you have any questions on how to use Insights for your form analytics, please let us know at or via the browser chat on our website. As always, we are more than happy to help! 😊

Get Form Analytics

Form Insights: FAQs

What are form analytics?

Form analytics is a feature of form builders, which is meant to help you better understand how respondents interact with your forms. 

What is Insights on 123FormBuilder?

123FormBuilder Insights is a feature in 123FormBuilder that enables you to look at your form data in a visual way, to better understand how form respondents interact with you forms. 

How do you see form analytics?

To check form analytics on 123FormBuilder, either go to Editor or MyForms, and then to Reports. Click on the “Insights” tab to learn more about how respondents interact with your form. 

Is the Insights feature available on the Free plan?

Yes, Insights is a feature available on all 123FormBuilder plans, including the Free one.

Originally published on July 25, 2022

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