Create PayPal Forms with 123FormBuilder


Strangely enough, there’s this new thing in the world where you need money to pay for stuff. As an eCommerce owner, NGO administrator, charity chairman, or event planner, you know this whole money-paying-for-stuff thing is very important.

Well, thankfully, you can now collect payments easily if you build a PayPal order form or a PayPal registration form. And it takes literally minutes to make one with our PayPal-integrated form builder.

paypal form builder
paypal form builder

Build PayPal Forms in 3 Simple Steps

Wondering how to create a PayPal order form?

Don’t subscribe to that programming course just yet, we have a much better solution for you!

Creating a PayPal payment form has never, ever been easier. Never. Ever. It literally takes three steps to create a PayPal form that brings sweet cash to your bank account:

forms graphic

Choose from one of the many PayPal payment form template options available in our library (or just create your own PayPal order form from scratch using our order form generator by setting up a new blank form and then adding a PayPal payment field to it).

drag and drop fields

Customize your PayPal form to fit your needs. Drag, drop, and ca-ching!

generate paypal order form code

Publish your PayPal order form wherever you need.

Bam! Form out, cash in!

Choose a PayPal Form Template

paypal form templates

Working with any of our PayPal form template is so easy even a baby with a laptop could do it. Pick your form template from the library, add, remove, and adjust fields to fit your specific needs, and that’s pretty much it. That’s all ya need to do to create your perfect PayPal payment form.

As an example, here are some lovely PayPal form templates waiting for you:

(…and many more)

All you need to know is how to use a mouse (and probably a keyboard in case you want to rename fields ‘n stuff like that). Buh-bye, nerve-wrecking HTML form coding, hello forms in minutes!

paypal form templates
paypal form with conditional logic

Customize Your PayPal Forms

paypal form with conditional logic

Not that we’re bragging about this, but our HTML form generator allows you to customize your PayPal forms and form templates in a million ways.

For starters, you can add conditional logic to your PayPal forms. This means that you can make your form fields show only when the customer takes specific actions. For instance, if you sell clothes and don’t want an overly complex order form, you can add a field with shoelaces that will only be displayed if your customer buys shoes.

You can brand your forms with our online form designer and CSS editor, add as many fields as you need, and you can create easy-to-follow buying processes.

Smart, right?

Collect Registration Fees and Donations with Your PayPal Forms

registration form with paypal integration

Are you an event planner looking to create an event registration form with payment integration?

Yeah you are! You can absolutely do this with our form builder in a couple of minutes!

Create a form, add your PayPal form details, and publish. Three steps, infinite form customization possibilities. 123FormBuilder has the registration form with PayPal integration you always needed.

NGO or charity looking to collect donations using PayPal forms?

Same: pick a template, customize it, publish it, and then let the money for good causes roll in. It really doesn’t get easier than this!

Wan! t to make sure the math adds up as well?

Yep, our forms can calculate the value of the goods your customers are ordering. Automatically. Because it’s the 21st century, yay!

registration form with paypal integration
123 form builder integrations

Connect Your PayPal Forms with… well… Everything

123 form builder integrations

We’re connected.

No, we’re not in the mafia, we’re just connected with pretty much every popular tool on the interwebs. Check out our form integrations for the full list.

Like, payment processors or email marketing platforms or the almighty Google Drive. You name it, and we’ll most likely have a form integration for it. So, you’ll be able to connect PayPal to your order form on Wix or a Facebook order form.

Because we’re cool kids like that, we like to make sure our customers’ data can easily flow from their forms to any other tool they might use.

Send Automatic Payment Confirmations

person using automatic payment confirmations on mobile

Money is serious business, so you surely want to make sure your payments are getting through. Your customers and donors want the same too.

Well, good news, with our PayPal form builder you can send automatic payment confirmations via email or SMS. Just set up a notification system in your form and both you and your customer can receive payment confirmations, order placement confirmations, and cute little thank you messages that show you care.

person using automatic payment confirmations on mobile
sign up to newsletter in laptop screen

Help Customers Subscribe to Your Newsletter

sign up to newsletter in laptop screen

Want to keep customers hooked by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter?

Totally, our PayPal form generator can do that! Just add an email field to your form and watch ‘em subscribe to all the goodies you’ll send their way. GDPR-friendly of course.

Embrace Multiple PayPal Integrations

123 form builder paypal integration

We love PayPal — so much so that we have not one, but multiple PayPal integrations:

Worried your customers don’t have PayPal? In the 123FormBuilder tool, there’s a solution for that!

In short, if you want a PayPal button to add to your PayPal checkout page, you’ll have multiple PayPal options to choose from. Because 123FormBuilder + PayPal = Love

123 form builder paypal integration
happy person with money in hand

Want to include payment options other than PayPal? Sure, we have plenty of form payment integration options!

happy person with money in hand

Collect Customer Information in One Place

123 form builder data exports

Whether it’s customer data or payments you want to collect with your PayPal order form template, you got it.

More than that, you got it quickly, easily, and smoothly in the place you want (because of all the awesome integrations we’ve just mentioned above).

Google sheets? Yep, get all your data there if you need to. Your email marketing platform? Totally, we’re connected, remember?

Your information can go anywhere you need it to go. Because our PayPal form creator is real awesome like that.

123 form builder data exports
paypal forms with multiple confirmation pages

Redirect Customers to Your Custom Checkout Page

paypal forms with multiple confirmation pages

You can’t just ask and never give.

That’s why a sincere Thank You message on your checkout page can go a long way.

Customize your checkout page in just a few minutes. Make it truly part of the buying experience for your customers. It’s a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

Keep Your Customers’ Information in a Safe Place

123 form builder is compliant with GDPR and HIPAA

We are nearly religious about data security. It doesn’t get better or safer than 123FormBuilder, really. We are:

  • GDPR compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified

What does all of this mean?

It means that all the information flowing through our forms is properly and securely collected, stored, and handled. Nothing gets out, everything is just between you and your customers or donors.

123 form builder is compliant with GDPR and HIPAA
advanced data management and reports

More than 200 million submiters have trusted us with their data.
Just sayin’.

advanced data management and reports

Report Your Sales

Need to report how many sales you’ve done and all the data that goes with that??

It’s a piece of cake with our PayPal form builder! With our reporting function, gathering the data and pulling it into reports that are easy to understand is a matter of one, two, three steps.

Just click on Reports and choose the type of report you want to generate, then customize it. Endless spreadsheets and copy paste are a thing of the past. Clicking is the future.