Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit this Wholesale Order Form template?

You can customize this form template on 123 Form Builder without needing any programming skills. Use our drag-and-drop form editor to add or remove form fields, customize the layout with our form designer, personalize email notifications & auto-replies, write a unique thank-you confirmation message, and more. Learn more about our online order forms and how they can assist your business.

How do I publish this form?

Publish the wholesale order form anywhere online with simple copy & paste. Choose between multiple publishing options, from simple embed to popup lightboxes that blend in with your website’s design.

Can I track my orders and collect payments online?

Yes, you can track your orders in a dedicated database of your form. As for collecting payments, you’ll find several payment gateway integrations on 123 Form Builder that will help you charge your customers directly on your wholesale order form.