You can build any type of online event registration form for your events with our Event Registration Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an event registration form?

Event planners actively utilize online event registration forms to gather information from prospective attendees. These forms serve as digital gateways through which event organizers can collect vital details about participants and facilitate seamless registration processes. Additionally, for events that require payment, these forms offer convenient payment processing options, allowing attendees to complete transactions securely and efficiently.

How do I create an online registration form for an event?

The easiest way to create an online registration form is to get this template here, customize it to your specific needs (just drag and drop, no coding needed), and then share it online on your site or social media.

How to customize the online event registration form?

This template is here to help take a big chunk of effort of the party planner’s plate. Free to all, you can customize this template as you see fit, yet there’s no need for code. Just drag and drop checkboxes, dates and times, text fields, radio buttons, and numerous other field types. Then, set up custom email notifications to inform the hosts and organizers of guest list updates.

How to publish the template?

This event registration form can be shared in seconds. If it’s going on your website, simply copy and paste the provided embed code to incorporate the form into a page. Another option is to use the Share buttons to email the form or create a social media post. One thing is certain: this form remains attractive and usable everywhere it goes—from smartphones to large monitors.

How can I collect & manage data?

Online event registration form submissions are not only emailed but also archived in a secure database. This database is yours to explore or export and comes with useful analysis tools, including instant charts and graphs and the ability to integrate with apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Constant Contact, and payment gateways such as, Stripe, PayPal and many others.

How can I optimize processes?

Time spent organizing a paper-, email- or phone-based RSVP list is time you could be spending perfecting your upcoming event. With an online event registration form in place, it’s no longer your duty to update the guest list and communicate it to the venue, caterers, and other collaborators. Real-time SMS and email alerts keep the entire committee in the know.

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