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Step by step guide on PayPal integration

123FormBuilder provides a very simple way to receive PayPal payments with your own PayPal payment form. You will be able to accept donations, orders and subscription fees in no time. Just follow the steps below to set up the PayPal integration for your form.

1. Create your payment form in the editor.

You can use choice fields (single/multiple choice and dropdown lists) to display the products on sale. If you wish to let submitters specify the amount they want to pay, use a Price field or a Number field (numeric validation is necessary and it’s predefined for these two fields). With 123FormBuilder you can also create subscription forms for newsletters and other services.

2. In Form Settings go to Payments section. Under Payment Processors, select PayPal from the Payment gateway dropdown list and hit the Add payment gateway button. Next, you have to enter your PayPal email address and choose your preferred language from the dropdown list. Before saving your settings, enable the payment gateway on the top right corner of the box.

If you want to enable recurrent payment on your PayPal payment form, tick the option Use recurrent payment. If you want to create a donation form, tick the second checkbox – payment represents a donation. Furthermore, the payment summary from your form is sent to PayPal’s order summary page. If you want to remove it from the page, simply uncheck the Detailed invoice box from the PayPal gateway box in Payments. The feature is not available if you use recurrent payment on the form.

Donation forms cannot be set as recurrent, therefore the two options are incompatible and cannot be used together.

paypal forms

3. Set the payment details – choose currency, assign prices and perform calculations taking into account taxes or discounts, if applied. You can opt for notifications to be sent to the submitter once the transaction is completed.

4. Don’t forget to tick Enable payments for this form.

5. You are set!

Once form users select their preferred products and/or services from the PayPal payment form and submit it, they are redirected to PayPal to perform the transaction. After that, they receive the confirmation message you have created.

Easy as 1-2-3!

If you want to send additional information to the transaction page, hit the Customize button and match form fields with PayPal fields in the lightbox that appears on screen. So if your buyers do not own a PayPal account, they will not need to type in their information again. The fields will be pre-filled with the data they submitted on the PayPal payment form.

123FormBuilder PayPal Integration

PayPal accepts and converts the following currencies:

Canadian Dollar Euro
British pound U.S. Dollar
Japanese Yen Australian Dollar
New Zealand Dollar Swiss Franc
Hong Kong Dollar Singapore Dollar
Swedish Krona Danish Krone
Polish Zloty Norwegian Krone
Hungarian Forint Czech Koruna
Israeli New Shekel Mexican Peso
Brazilian Real Malaysian Ringgit
Philipine Pesso New Taiwan Dollar
Thai Baht Turkish Lira
Russian Ruble

PayPal forms

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