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How to submit customer profiles in your Authorize.net CIM?

With the 123FormBuilder – Authorize.net payment gateway integration you can create customer profiles in your Customer Information Manager from Authorize.net through form submissions, besides just having your form users pay the current order that they have submitted. You can later manage these customer profiles in your CIM as you want.

authorize.net cim

If not accustomed with the 123FormBuilder – Authorize.net payment gateway integration, feel free to read our complete step-by-step Authorize.net documentation. By default, the CIM option is not enabled, but this can be easily done by ticking the Create a Customer Information Profile (CIM) option within the Authorize.net application box in Form SettingsPayments.

CIM profiles include details such as payment, billing and shipping information. When a form user submits your order form for the first time, a customer profile is created in your Authorize.net CIM. A customer profile contains payment and billing profiles. Whenever the same form user submits a new order, a new payment and shipping profile are created under the same customer profile.

If you’ve enabled the CIM option, you’ll find all of your customer profiles that have been submitted through your order form in the ToolsCustomer Information Manager section of your Authorize.net account.

authorize.net cim

Select a customer profile and use the View Profile link on top of the table to view the payment and shipping profiles of the respective customer.

authorize.net cim

Note: The billing address cannot be changed through form submissions, only manually within your CIM.

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