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Human dialogue has never been more important. Fact.

Contact forms create bridges of communication between the humans of your business and the humans buying from your business. Also a fact.

123FormBuilder helps you create beautiful, efficient, and flawlessly integrated contact forms for your website. This page is fact city.

contact form generator
contact form generator

Build Responsive Contact Forms

If you’re looking for a free contact form creator that has it all, you’re in the right place. The rightest place, because 123FormBuilder will allow you to create smart, human-centric contact forms in minutes:

create contact forms

Create your contact form from scratch or pick from one of the thousands of form templates we’ve created.

drag and drop contact page generator

Customize your contact form template to your needs.

generate contact forms without code

Publish it.
Ta-da! We’re not called 123FormBuilder for nothing (yes, that’s one-two-three, not one hundred twenty-three, thank you, Google).

  • Powerful tool at a reasonable price for everything it offers

    123FormBuilder is the perfect tool for those of us who are in charge of managing a ton of contact information. It's an invaluable resource for us to have on our side and I'm so happy that it's available. It does exactly what we need, at a price point that makes it manageable for us to do our jobs without breaking the bank 😀

    User in Computer Software Enterprise
contact form generator with multiple field options

Choose from a variety of question fields

contact form generator with multiple field options

Our contact form generator has it all: text boxes, multiple-choice fields, single-choice fields, address fields, email fields, drop-down fields… (gasps for air)… need we go on?

No matter how you want your online contact form to look, we got your back. Oh, and you just need to drag-and-drop these fields into your form. Bye, bye painstaking HTML, CSS, and PHP contact form generators, hello anyone-can-do-this-no-coding-needed!

Add sweet conditional logic to your forms

contact forms with conditional logic settings

OK, we know forms are not rocket science, but when it comes to (conditional) logic, we nail it.

More importantly, we make sure our custom contact forms have all the conditional logic you need. This means you can make fields appear and disappear as you want — and also results in ultra-responsive forms.

Your contact form fillers will only see what they want and need to see, and you will be able to segment their submissions and assign them to the right people in your company.

It’s a kind of 123 magic!

contact forms with conditional logic settings
happy person filling an employee satisfaction survey

Get ultra-human with your forms

happy person filling an employee satisfaction survey

Do you know how people talk and only ask one question at a time?

Yeah, that very human thing.

Our form builder enables you to do the same thing with our page break field. Break your forms into as many pages as you need and let your form submitters take it step by step.

Because no one blurts out all the questions at the same time, right?

Integrate tools with your online contact form

contact forms with integrations

123FormBuilder is fully integrated with more than 80 of your favorite tools, software applications, and platforms. It takes just a couple of clicks to connect your forms with your email marketing list, CRM, online store, or social media account.

Our integrations will give you access to a myriad of tool integrations that make your life simpler (and your data flow smoother).

Just some of our integrations:

contact forms with integrations

Go mobile with your custom contact forms

Our free contact form generator makes sure all your forms are mobile-friendly, from the very beginning. Because humans are always on the go (when there’s not a pandemic on), and they contact you from their smartphones and tablets. So you need to make sure their experience is seamless whatever their device.

We take care of that with online forms that are 100% mobile-responsive.

mobile-responsive 360 degree form
mobile-responsive 360 degree form
human contact form

Connect with actual people

human contact form

No matter what you want to generate a Contact Us page for, you know that those on the other end of your form submissions are, well, people.

That means that your Contact page and Contact Form should adapt to peopleness and their diversity.

Which is precisely what 123FormBuilder does.

Speak your customers’ language

multilingual contact form generator

Hey, nobody can blame you for forgetting all your French and never fulfilling your goal of learning German. Thankfully, these days, you have little automated robots who can deal with quick translations for you.

We spoke to these robots to work on our contact form plugin, and they do a pretty awesome job. This means you can now translate your contact forms into a variety of languages in minutes.

Say Bonjour to your team in France and Dankeschön to your German customers!

multilingual contact form generator
custom designable contact forms

Brand and style your online forms

custom designable contact forms

We bet you want your free Contact Us page generator to allow you to brand and style your forms.

Did we guess it?

You can absolutely do this. Add beautiful contact form designs and your branding to your forms and let them connect to the people who look for you!

Ask all the questions you need to answer

form samples

Did we mention 123FormBuilder will not limit your form building to strictly Contact Us forms?

There’s so much more you can do with our free online contact form builder!

Popular choices include:

form samples
form notifications

Create notification systems

form notifications

Want to make sure both your team and your form submitters stay in touch?

Our free Contact Us form creator enables you to create notification systems in 1,2,3 steps. Pick from one of the email templates or make your own, customize it, add PDF attachments, and set it up to be sent whenever you need. It can be anything from a “Thank You” message to a fully-fledged communication structure.

Because communication is a continuous action, and email notifications help you stay connected.

Collect the information you need

happy contacts

What’s all this fuss about?

Data collection, of course.

Your contact forms are more than just a must on your website, they’re amazing tools that help you collect information and use it to make your life better.

In other words, contact forms help you connect with your customers and team members and gather the data that helps you make better business decisions.

happy contacts

Not only that, but our free contact forms will help you gather information:

generate contact form code for any platform

Where you need it

generate contact form code for any platform

Our contact forms can be published anywhere you need them. You can:

  • Grab the link and share your form
  • Embed the form on your site
  • Streamline the form data into Salesforce
  • Publish the form on your Facebook page

Wherever you want us to be, we will be right there for you. Like we’ve been there before.

For any purpose you need it

contact form examples

Our contact form builder goes where you go, for any purpose you might have. Use 123FormBuilder to create:

contact form examples

Secure. Like, REALLY secure contact forms

We have security tattooed on our skin (no really, send us an email for a pic).

We have taken every possible measure to make sure the data you collect through our forms is securely stored and processed. And we’re not just saying this, we have certifications we can hold up, proudly, in the air.

We are:

GDPR-compliant contact forms
GDPR compliant
HIPAA contact forms
HIPAA compliant
ISO 27001
ISO 27001 certified
ISO 9001
ISO 9001 certified

All these mean that we take our data security ultra-seriously. Like, we make absolutely no compromises.

Hundreds of customers have already trusted us with more than 200 million submitters.

man raising arm
man raising arm